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Petition to file charges against officers who beat Kelly Thomas

Fullerton - A new petition has surfaced on the White House's "We The People" website asking for federal charges to be filed against the officers who beat Kelly Thomas to death.

Spanish mother-of-two starts petition for free school textbooks

Elena Alfaro has already collected almost 210,000 signatures on a petition which she hopes will make the Spanish government introduce "book banks" for school textbooks.

Shocking video: Americans sign petition to 'give people cancer'

A new shocking video proves that the average American is either purely evil, completely ignorant, or simply not paying attention most of the time.

Petition to pardon Edward Snowden reaches threshold

An online petition to pardon whistleblower Edward Snowden has reached the threshold for an official response from the White House.

Petition in support of Snowden surpasses 100,000 signatures

A White House petition created in support of Edward Snowden has received well over 100,000 signatures in just over two weeks since its launch.

New petition against federal reserve, quantitative easing

A new petition has been released on the White House's "We the People" website, calling for an end to the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing and its monopoly over currency in the United States.

Philippines: 'Our environment is worth more than palm oil'

The rainforest land and ancestral homes of small farmers and indigenous peoples of the Philippines are under threat, as the Philippine government plans to promote oil palm plantations on a vast scale.

Watch college students sign a petition to ban pressure cookers

A YouTube video with a pro-gun message in sight pokes fun at "zany leftists" by getting undergraduate students at a university to sign a petition to ban pressure cookers.

Users created a petition against the end of the Google Reader

Google has announced that Google Reader is going to be closed in July 2013. Users of this service created a petition in order to stop that to happen.

Petition against hunting delivered to NSW State Parliament Special

Sydney - Campaigners against hunting in national parks handed in a petition at the NSW parliament today with over 10,000 signatures.

Newtown massacre made-for-TV movie sparks outrage, and petition

Ridgefield - Outraged residents in Newtown have started a petition to stop a made-for-TV movie tied to the Newtown school shootings from being filmed in their community.

White House responds to petition to deport Piers Morgan

The White House has given an official response to the online petition calling for CNN host Piers Morgan to be deported back to the UK for what the petition describes as his "hostile attack against the US Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment."

A Joe Biden reality show? There's a petition for that

With all of the petitions recently hitting the White House such as requesting for Westboro Baptist Church to be deemed a hate group and for the secession of Texas, there have been some pretty crazy petitions as well.

Op-Ed: Gerritsen Beach residents ask for winterized FEMA trailers

New York - A petition is being addressed to Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg and FEMA Coordinator Mike Byrne, asking them to please send unused and winterized trailers to the residents of Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, who are still homeless from Hurricane Sandy.

Tax exempt status of Westboro Baptist Church may be in question

Washington - A petition drive to have Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) labeled as a hate group continues to gain steam, as well as a petition calling for the group to be stripped of their non-profit status.

Infowars writer petitions White House to deport Piers Morgan

Washington - writer Kurt Nimmo has launched a petition on the White House website in order to deport CNN host Piers Morgan because he is accused of being an enemy of the United States constitution and Bill of Rights.

Impeachment, Electoral College on latest White House petitions

Washington - The White House is starting to be petitioned for several changes in Washington. Thousands of individuals have already signed on to support impeachment of President Barack Obama, eliminate the Electoral College and allow Austin to secede from Texas.

Secession petitions draw calls for deportation

As petitions by state residents wanting to secede from the United States pour in, so do petitions in opposition of those who want to withdraw from the Union, some going so far as calling for loss of citizenship and deportation.

Petition to regulate Ontario zoos and aquariums goes to Premier

Toronto - Former workers at Marineland are presenting a petition to Ontario's Premier today demanding a response to allegations of neglect at the Niagara Falls attraction. They want new laws to regulate aquariums and zoos.

Petition against Enbridge for misleading tar sands pipeline ads

Oil and gas giant Enbridge is fighting to build a 700 mile tar sands pipeline from Alberta to the British Columbia coast, despite massive public opposition. In their ads promoting the pipeline, they have removed islands from the map.

Canadian Taxpayer Fed. launches campaign against MP pensions

Ottawa - The Canadian Taxpayer Federation (CTF) launched a new campaign attacking the pensions of Canadian Members of Parliament, who are eligible for the pension plan after only six years in office at a rate of approximately $5,930 per month.

Ont. convenience stores petition Queen's Park to sell beer, wine

Toronto - Ontario convenience stores in 20 cities are petitioning Queen's Park to be allowed to sell beer and wine in their stores. The Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA) has collected 112,500 names from more than 200 communities.

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney wants you to thank him

Calgary - Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is receiving flack in the political sphere Tuesday after a petition appeared on his constituency website that asks you to thank him for making changes to the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP).

Trayvon Martin hoodie shooting target spurs online petition

A Virginia resident has created an online petition calling on Virginia's Attorney General to investigate the company responsible for selling Trayvon Martin shooting targets, whose slaying and delayed justice sparked international outrage.

School tortures autistic boy with electric shocks, staff laughs

He didn't take off his coat in class. To punish him, staff at a U.S. school for mentally handicapped children shocked the autistic boy 31 times, leaving him brain damaged.

Coalition demands probe on Dow & Monsanto GMOs & pesticides

Farmers and food industry representatives are demanding a probe into the potential outcome of a new genetically modified crop in combination with the usage of the 2,4-D pesticide.

Petitions launched to save future Toronto subways, Gary Webster

Toronto - The debate over the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) hasn't been as intense as it has been in the month of February. After numerous reports and meetings over transit, two petitions have been launched: one to save subways, the other to save Gary Webster.

Toronto could lose Canadian Air & Space Museum Special

Toronto - The Canadian Air & Space Museum (formerly the Toronto Aerospace Museum) is one of the favorite spots within Downsview Park but it's days may be numbered.

Petition to White House on Scientology receives enough signatures

A petition to the White House, created on September 24, 2011, calling for an investigation into the Church of Scientology for "crime, fraud and abuses" has received enough signatures for the White House to consider it.

British teen launches petition to defend wearing of poppies

Stratford-upon-avon - A British teenager, who convinced a shop she was working at to allow staff to wear poppies last year, has launched an online petition in an effort to prevent other firms from banning the poppy.
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Rodrigo Samayoa in Vancouver B.C.
Rodrigo Samayoa in Vancouver B.C.
Petition by Jimmy Wales to try and stop extradition of Richard O Dwyer
Petition by Jimmy Wales to try and stop extradition of Richard O'Dwyer
Screen capture
We the People website
We the People website
White House/United States Government
Texas Nationalist Movement
Put bankers behind bars
Put bankers behind bars
Thousands of Spaniards are demanding a real black King Balthazar this year in the Three Kings proces...
Thousands of Spaniards are demanding a real black King Balthazar this year in the Three Kings processions.
L-R: Kevin Evans CEO of the National Parks Association NSW  Alex Greenwich  Member for Sydney (Indep...
L-R: Kevin Evans CEO of the National Parks Association NSW, Alex Greenwich, Member for Sydney (Independent), Cate Faehrmann, MLC for the Greens and Luke Foley, Shadow Minister for the Environment (ALP) with the petition against hunting in NSW national parks, containing over 10,000 signatures.
Avaaz is running a petition against Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
Avaaz is running a petition against Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act