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Op-Ed: The friends Iran does not need

London - A left wing organisation in London is campaigning to remove Western sanctions against Iran, but the people behind it also have ambitions for Iran that most Iranians don't share.

Op-Ed: Immanuel Jakobovits v OutRage! twenty years on

London - Twenty years ago today, the 'Jewish Chronicle' newspaper reported an halachic pronouncement by the Chief Rabbi Emeritus that caused outrage.

Rights campaigner Tatchell slams Manning Pride honour reversal

Britain’s best-known human-rights campaigner has issued a damning criticism of the organisers of San Francisco Gay Pride, who have revoked the nomination military whistleblower Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal of this year’s Pride parade in June.

Free Speech: Devout Christian wins Facebook post ruling in court

A devout Christian who expressed opposition to legalising gay marriage on his Facebook page has won a court case brought for breach of contract against his employers after losing his post as a housing manager and being forced to take a 40% pay cut.

Free Speech in UK: Rowan Atkinson and the right to insult people

British actor and comedian, Rowan Atkinson has given his full support to a newly launched campaign aimed at reforming the UK’s controversial insults law. The campaign relates to Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.

Veteran campaigner slams new body that opposes same-sex marriage

One of the UK’s best-known equality campaigners is hitting out at a right-wing group that campaigns for what it calls traditional marriage.

Op-Ed: After the tributes comes the dirt on Whitney Houston

The tragic Whitney Houston had not even been buried before she became the subject of lurid and sensationalist speculation about her private life by a notorious homosexual activist.

Rights activist alleges Whitney Houston was gay

A gay rights activist says Whitney Houston was gay. She binged on drugs and alcohol because she agonized privately over living a lie in public, he claims. Even her marriage to Bobby Brown was a smokescreen to defuse rumors in the 1990s that she was gay.

Tatchell says Commonwealth meeting was a mixed bag on gay rights

One of the UK’s best-known human-rights campaigners, Peter Tatchell, has condemned last month’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Australia as a mixed bag in terms of gay equality.

Far-right political leader will be mocked, ridiculed at Gay Pride

A British political leader will be mocked at London’s Gay Pride march tomorrow, as a placard carried by a leading human-rights activist shows him with blue eye shadow, red lipstick and pink swastika earrings.

Ex-homophobe walks 160 miles as ‘repentance’ for his intolerance

A Christian activist is about to complete a 160-mile walk as repentance for his former homophobia. Symon Hill says he also wants to encourage the church to support equality.

Gay campaigners say London mosque is breaking homophobia promise

Gay campaigners are up in arms over a London mosque’s decision to host what they call homophobic speakers at a conference to be held there tomorrow.

Bradley Manning hailed a gay hero by human-rights campaigner

Bradley Manning, the US military intelligence operative arrested for allegedly leaking secret documents, has been hailed a “gay hero” by the British-based human-rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

Royal wedding could cost as much as $70 million – and counting

It’s emerged that Britain’s royal wedding will cost about $70 million. And the cost to companies, because the day has been declared a public holiday, is put at $6 billion.

Campaigner lambasts British royal family over gay equality

With Friday’s royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton only hours away, one of Britain’s best-known human-rights campaigners has launched a scathing attack on the British royal family.

Appeal to William and Kate: Support marriage for gays

Prince William and Catherine Middleton can marry on April 29, but same-sex couples aren’t allowed to. This is the message from the Equal Love Campaign in the UK, who have produced a giant wedding card for the couple.

Hundreds protest outside John Snow pub with 'gay kiss-in'

Several hundred people have staged a protest and "gay kiss-in" outside the London pub that ejected two men for showing affection towards each other.

Gandhi’s great-grandson enters book-ban row over gay claims

The great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi has entered the row over the banning in the Indian state of Gujarat of a book claiming that the father of Indian independence had a gay relationship.

Embassy vigil planned in London for whistleblower Bradley Manning

A protest is to be held in London this weekend over the treatment being meted out to whistleblower Private Bradley Manning, who is being held in solitary confinement in Quantico.

Fate of Uganda lesbian asylum seeker will be heard tomorrow

The case of a Ugandan lesbian seeking asylum in the UK because she fears returning to her home country will be heard in the British Court of Appeal tomorrow.

Couples to challenge UK twin marriage bans in European Court

Eight couples from the UK will launch a historic attempt in the European Court of Human Rights later this week to overturn the twin bans on gay civil marriages and heterosexual civil partnerships.

Couples to mount European legal challenge to UK partnership laws

Eight couples from the UK will file a joint application to the European Court of Human Rights next week to try to overturn the twin bans on gay civil marriages and heterosexual civil partnerships.

Gay campaigners join fight to help straight pair get civil union

A gay campaigning group in the UK has joined the fight to get civil partnerships for straight couples. At the moment, they are available only to gay ones.

Sir Ian McKellen: 'Peter Tatchell is my hero'

London - In a new video, the Shakesperean and Hollywood actor, Sir Ian McKellen, has spoken of his strong support for Peter Tatchell, the UK-based Australian-born human-rights campaigner.

Actor McKellen to unveil blue plaque to honour Peter Tatchell

Actor Ian McKellen will unveil a blue plaque in London this week honouring the British gay human-rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

Anti-stoning campaigners call for halt to barbaric executions

A London press conference will tomorrow present new information on the threatened execution of a 43-year-old Iranian woman who has been sentenced to death by stoning.

Gay rights group claims Cameron closed Pope petition to save face

A leading human-rights campainger in the UK is furious after Prime Minister David Cameron allegedly shut down a Downing Street petition rather than cause embarrassment ahead of Pope Benedict’s planned visit to the country in two months’ time.

Downing Street snubs UK gay-rights campaigner Peter Tatchell

London - Despite working tirelessly for equality for more that four decades, Peter Tatchell has not been invited to a government reception being held for representatives of the UK LGBT community.

Prominent Catholics slam Pope documentary ahead of production

Catholics are angry that the UK broadcaster Channel 4 has chosen a noted gay human-rights campaigner to present an hour-long documentary about Pope Benedict’s visit to the country in September.

Malawi gay couple’s release brings praise from Obama

The release of a gay Malawian couple given 14 years’ hard labour for “unnatural acts” and “gross indecency” has brought praise from US President Barack Obama.
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Bradley Manning campaigns for lesbian and gay rights in 2011
Bradley Manning campaigns for lesbian and gay rights in 2011
Peter Tatchell Foundation, used with permission
Blue plaque in honour of Peter Tatchell  unveiled 29 September  2010  by Sir Ian McKellen
Blue plaque in honour of Peter Tatchell, unveiled 29 September, 2010, by Sir Ian McKellen
Chris Houston
Peter Tatchell (right) pictured on a demonstration against homophobia in Uganda
Peter Tatchell (right) pictured on a demonstration against homophobia in Uganda
Picture: Brett Lock
Last year’s Greenbelt Festival
Last year’s Greenbelt Festival
Wikimedia Commons
Protestors demonstrated in support of the couple in London recently
Protestors demonstrated in support of the couple in London recently
Picture: Brett Lock, OutRage!
A previous London Pride march
A previous London Pride march
Creative Commons

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