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Paws for thought: Macron's dog in video plea for sensible pet adoption

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron's dog has starred in a video urging people to adopt pets sensibly over the holidays.Nemo, a black Labrador-Griffin mix, was a rescue dog who Macron and his wife Brigitte reportedly adopted in 2017.

Nathan Adrian reveals that his PET scans came back 'clean'

Eight-time Olympia medalist swimmer Nathan Adrian is on the road to recovery from testicular cancer. He announced that his PET scans came back clean, so he is refocusing on training.

Teen amputee saves, bonds with three-legged stray dog

Gainesville - A Florida teenager who lost his leg due to an ATV accident has found a new best friend, a Dachshund who also happens to be an amputee due to a vehicle accident.

Pet parrot returns after 4 years and now speaks Spanish

Torrance - Four years ago a pet parrot disappeared, but the owner has been reunited with him. However, the parrot now speaks Spanish.

Review: Pet Express defines bad service by not following order slip Special

Manila - Animal lovers bring their pets to animal groomers because they believe that their pets would get superb service. Find out how Pet Express measured up to one pet owner's standards.

Op-Ed: Pet expenses from wedding to grave to awe you

Pet owners view their dogs and cats as part of their extended family. The patterns of overspending in US households are therefore more evident in homes that have domesticated animals.

Video: Elderly lady reunited with her dog after Oklahoma tornado

Oklahoma City - Among so much devastation from the horrendous mile-wide tornado that has ripped through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, there is, at least, some good news as an elderly lady and her dog have survived the storm. Updated.

Stray dog saves 2 British soldiers from bomb, up for Crufts award

Hailsham - A nearly starved stray dog has a new home and is a finalist for an award at the prestigious Crufts Dog Show after saving two British soldiers stationed in Afghanistan from hidden bombs.

Kayaker saves Chicago dog stranded in Lake Michigan

Chicago - A dog in Chicago owes his life to a winter kayaker who ventured out into the frigid waters of Lake Michigan to rescue to the stranded dog.

Woman who reunited dog with owner threatened with lawsuit

San Bernardino - Going out of your way to help someone, especially someone you have never even met, is a trait most of us admire, however as one Good Samaritan has found out "no good deed goes unpunished."

Norman the biking dog makes his television debut

Atlanta - The internet is full of skateboarding and surfing pooches, but it is not everyday that you see a 70 pound dog riding through the neighborhood on a bicycle.

Dog scheduled to be euthanized because 'he is gay'

Jackson - A dog in Jackson, Tennessee is scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday after the owner surrendered the animal because it was "gay".

'Super-Mayor' Corey Booker saves dog from freezing

Newark - Newark, New Jersey's "Super-Mayor", Cory Booker, has saved yet another life, this time saving a freezing dog stranded in front of its home.

Vodka IV saves puppy from renal failure

Melbourne - A bottle of vodka turned out to be a puppy's best friend after the inquisitive pup drank antifreeze and began to go into kidney failure.

Op-Ed: Photo Essay — Fun, frolic and friends at Centennial Dog Park Special

Nashville - To paraphrase Cyndi Lauper, dogs just want to have fun, and there is no better place for pooches to have a great time than a nice dog park.

Video: Bo steals the spotlight from First Lady Michelle Obama

Washington - First Lady Michelle Obama carried on a 60-year tradition, reading to children at the Children's National Medical Center, but First Dog Bo ended up upstaging Mrs. Obama.

Video: Dog less than pleased with new fashion statement

In this day in age, it is not unusual to see pets sporting fashionable apparel, in fact the pet fashion industry has become big business in some areas.

Drowning dog rescued by Corpus Christi police officer

Corpus Christi - A Corpus Christi police officer is being hailed as a hero, risking his own life to save the life of a dog who had fallen into the water at a local marina.

Couple forgoes 'dream wedding' to save beloved dog

Port Orange - A Port Orange, Florida couple spent their entire wedding fund to pay for treatment for their beloved pit bull, Koda. Koda, whom the couple adopted from a local shelter, was diagnosed with a liver shunt during a veterinary check-up.

Photos of dog protecting puppies from house fire go viral

Temuco - One of the latest aww-worthy photos to go viral online focus on a German Shepherd reportedly saving her puppies from a house fire in Chile. The photos show Amanda gripping her pups in her jaws and placing them on a fire truck.

Your dog or cat may be good for your baby's health

A new study from Finland suggests babies who grow up with pets, especially dogs, are not as likely to develop colds and other respiratory infections by the time they reach one year old.

Dog rescued the family Of four in Littleton house fire

Denver - Man's best friend has proven to be best friend indeed when his barking awoke the family of four saving them from a house fire.

PepsiCo reveals a bottle made completely of plant materials

PepsiCo announced it's new bottle on Tuesday, made of a 100 percent of plant-based material, reducing the company's carbon footprint and putting them ahead of their competitors.

Pet crematorium woman jailed for dumping bodies in field

A woman in the UK has been sentenced to eight months in jail for dumping the bodies of pets in a field while their owners were charged for cremation.

Pet seller convicted of animal cruelty has more dogs seized

A man who sold pets in Prince Edward Island for many years had 17 dogs seized from his property, just four days after he was convicted of cruelty to animals.

Pet deer seized by officials

A pet deer which was living on an island off the southern coast of Nova Scotia has been seized by natural resources officers. Although the deer was healthy and tame, it is illegal to keep them as pets.

Man falls in doggie doo doo and blames Pet Smart

Robert Holloway, was 69 in January 2009 when he innocently ventured to the Pet Smart in Newport News, Virginia to get some bird seed and dog food. Before he left he was severely and multiply injured.

A 'Dillie' of a deer is Ohio family's house pet

Dillie the deer is five years old now, but when she was brought to an Ohio veterinarian her after being abandoned by her mother, she was near death.

Giant Snakehead Pet Investigated By DEC

In 1999, Chris Deverso bought a giant snakehead fish for a pet. Since 2004, it has been illegal to own such fish in the US, and although Deverso was given the option to find a new home for it but was unable to do so.

Pet dog saves woman from kangaroo

An Australian woman was attacked by a large kangaroo, but luckily her pet dog fought off the kangaroo. She had minor cuts to her face, hands and legs.
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Pet Image

Melanie Cannon  Eddie Hanna and Koda
Melanie Cannon, Eddie Hanna and Koda
Screen Capture
Mayor Cory Booker saves freezing dog.
Mayor Cory Booker saves freezing dog.
Screen Capture
Ioniqa s game-changing depolymerisation technology recycles PET plastic to its original raw material...
Ioniqa's game-changing depolymerisation technology recycles PET plastic to its original raw materials.
While winter has arrived in Cape Town  the kitties are cuddling up in front of the gas heater.
While winter has arrived in Cape Town, the kitties are cuddling up in front of the gas heater.
The Indorama Ventures Europe (IVE) PTA facility is located in Rotterdam Europoort  The Netherlands.
The Indorama Ventures Europe (IVE) PTA facility is located in Rotterdam Europoort, The Netherlands.
Indorama Ventures
This dog is not very happy about wearing dog booties
This dog is not very happy about wearing dog booties
Screen Capture
A dog
A dog
YouTube screenshot
A cat called Stripey.
A cat called Stripey.
A cat called Gizmo.
A cat called Gizmo.
Pifas reaches the shore of Lake Michigan with the help of Dave Kehnast
Pifas reaches the shore of Lake Michigan with the help of Dave Kehnast
Screen Capture
A cat called Stripe  one of Tim Sandle s pets.
A cat called Stripe, one of Tim Sandle's pets.
A rescued cat found abandoned in an old farm house has taken to a life of leisure.
A rescued cat found abandoned in an old farm house has taken to a life of leisure.
Yonkers  NY - found wearing raincoat  male - please call 201-981-3215.
Yonkers, NY - found wearing raincoat, male - please call 201-981-3215.
Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets
Rem the dog getting acupuncture treatment
Rem the dog getting acupuncture treatment
Courtesy Jessica Pykosz
A cat called Stripe  named after a certain Gremlin.
A cat called Stripe, named after a certain Gremlin.
A cat called Stripe.
A cat called Stripe.
Purebred Tibetan Mastiffs can sell for $600 000 in China.
Purebred Tibetan Mastiffs can sell for $600,000 in China.
Sasni at Wikimedia Commons

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