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Pests News

Plantix, the app that helps farmers spot disease

Berlin - Designed in Germany and being successfully used in countries like Inida, the newly developed app Plantix allows farmers to identify pests from crop damage. The app also gives advice on how to treat crop diseases.

Essential Science: New ideas for avoiding mosquito bites

Bites from mosquitoes range from the annoying to the dangerous, depending upon whether the mosquito is a vector for a dangerous virus. Mosquitoes do not bite indiscriminately, with some preferring people to other mammals.

Battling against crop pests thanks to genetics

Three research groups have recently reported on advances with crop diseases resistance. These related to detecting novel disease resistance genes and the successful transfer of resistance into wheat, soybean, and potato.

Artful caterpillars deceive corn plants

Corn plants have a chemical defense against most insects. However, a caterpillar that eats corn leaves can trick the plant to deactivate its defenses against insects. Scientists have learnt how.

Gut bacteria provide coffee berry borers with super-resistance

New York - Scientists have worked out why coffee berry borers manage to cause so much damage to coffee plants around the world, despite being exposed to high levels of caffeine that would ordinarily be toxic. The answer is bacteria.

Southern pines in U.S. doing better than expected

Atlanta - In the U.S., Southern tree farmers have been worried about a spate of unexpected pine tree deaths. University researchers have concluded that the rate of decline will slowdown and that farmers have little to worry about.

Pollution may be good for trees

Washington - Bizarre as it may seem, trees growing in soils known to have a high level of environmental pollutants appear better equipped to fight pests than trees growing in soils with a lower level of pollutants.

Tips for checking for signs of bedbugs Special

The U.S. is experiencing an alarming increase in the number of bedbug populations. This affects private residences, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools. To help manage this, dermatologist Seemal R. Desai, MD offers some tips.

Tomatoes produce chemical weapons

Kyoto - A new study shows that the tomato plant releases a chemical that its neighbors can use to develop defenses against invading cutworms.

Man burns down his apartment to stop bug infestation

Orlando - A Florida man took drastic action when he discovered his apartment was infested with bugs — rather than call an exterminator, he decided to kill them with fire.

It’s now time to start protecting your pets from heatworms

For readers in North America, it is time to start thinking about protecting your pets from spring pests, particularly mosquitoes, according to a Kansas State University veterinarian.

Virginia aims to cull wild pigs

Richmond - The state of Virginia has assembled a task force to slow the growth of wild pig populations. The state regards the pigs as an "ecologically destructive and invasive species."

Benefits of birds at coffee plantations revealed

Pest control rainforest birds provide a considerable benefit to agriculture, according to a new study. The study has looked at coffee plantations.

Global warming and the spread of crop pests

Global warming appears to be triggering the spread of crop pests towards the North and South Poles at a rate of nearly 3 kilometres a year, new research suggests.

Cockroaches ‘evolve’ to avoid bait traps

A trend is developing with cockroaches where the sweet poisons used in traps are becoming less effective. Scientists think that roaches have evolved taste cells that register sugar as bitter, thereby avoid taking the bait.

Asian Lady Beetles running riot in Europe and the U.S.

Asian Lady Beetle populations are increasing uncontrollably in many parts of the world. The irony is that this 'pest' was artificially introduced as a 'pest control' measure.

Chicago bites its way to the top for bed bug issues

Chicago - That tired old phrase "don't let the bed bugs bite" means something as it has become a serious problem of late. This has nothing to do with being clean, either.

Scientists turn moths gay to save precious fruit crops

Scientists in the United Kingdom are turning moths gay to prevent them from mating, thus saving crops from their destructive larvae.

UN Heritage Site Banaue Rice Terraces Attacked by Giant Worms

Baguio - Banaue Rice Terraces, known in the Philippines as the 'Eight Wonder of the World' and recorded as a UN Heritage site, is in danger of being ruined due to infestation and severe drought caused by El Nino-induced summer heat.

Bed bug infestations growing worldwide

Is something eating you? What are the health risks from bed bugs? How can you prevent bed bugs? How do you get rid of them?

Riled Residents Have “Holey” Problem with Woodpeckers

So far it's woodpeckers, 1; home owners, 0. The ‘woodies’ are winning and residents have resorted to killing the pesky hole-drilling birds that have gone from knocking holes in trees to tougher stucco, which isn’t stopping them.

Bacteria May Offer Natural Plant Pest Control

New research at York has revealed so-called ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ bacteria, suggesting a novel way to control pests without using insecticides. Researchers at the University of York studied the relationship between plant-dwelling insects and bacteria.

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