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Second child in the family dies due to pesticide poisoning

Fort Mcmurray - It was a sad day for the residents of Fort McMurray in Alberta after a two-year-old boy joined his eight-month-old sister in death due to pesticide poisoning.

Diet changes help bees resist pesticides

Pesticides pose a risk to bees and the loss of bees impacts of framing through a reduction in pollination. Researchers have found that the diet of the bee affects resistance, and this could help protect bee populations.

Biblical plague of Locusts hits Madagascar three years in a row

As in the eighth plague described in the Bible's Book of Exodus, locusts are swarming over Madagascar for the third year in a row. Thick, black clouds blot out the sun as they gobble up crops and ravage the countryside until nothing is left.

New report says pesticide threat goes far beyond birds, bees

More than 50 years after Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring sounded the alarm on the dangers of pesticides and their effect on birds, a new report shows the problem is worldwide, and threatens a broad range of species.

Lobby against bee-killing pesticides Special

Brussels - Activists and critical shareholders from Coordination Bayer Gefahren (CBG) and European beekeepers are demanding that Bayer drop its lawsuit against the European Commission over bee-killing pesticides.

High level of pesticides found in frozen food products of Japan

Several people in Japan have fallen sick after consuming frozen food products contaminated with high amounts of pesticide.

Weedkillers now linked to depression among farmers

Insecticides used by farmers have been previously linked to higher risk of Parkinson’s disease. Now a new study links weedkillers to depression in a study of French farmers that could also mean health risks for the average gardener.

Electronic ‘nose’ invented to scan for pesticides in food

An electronic sensor has been developed to identify pesticides in food. The device uses a nano-sensor array that can detect small quantities of harmful airborne substances that can emanate from food.

Pesticides pose major risk to invertebrate species

Leipzig - A new science paper indicates that agricultural pesticides, even when used at levels considered safe, can cause devastating losses of invertebrate species.

In photos ─ Activists March against Monsanto in Washington, D.C. Special

Washington - Activists around the world today gathered in their communities to unite for the March against Monsanto. Supporters of this cause would like to see foods containing GMOs, along with dangerous chemicals, banned. Or, at least, labeled.

Californian wildfires burn toxic pesticides

Los Angeles - Residents in Southern California have been warned not to breathe in the smoke caused by massive wildfires which have broken out across a huge swathe of countryside.

Commonly used pesticide may harm birds

A new report suggests that a commonly used class of pesticides, known as neonicotinoids or neonics, may be more harmful to birds than previously though.

New study aims at better control of bed bugs

Cincinnati - Bed bugs cause many problems. The insects are very difficult to get rid of and can be resistant to pesticides. Now a science team says targeting the bacteria inside the insects can lead to new and more efficient pesticides.

One in five French bottled water brands contaminated with drugs

A study by a consumer magazine and an NGO has found that one in five brands of French bottled water are contaminated with drugs and pesticides.

Tests show 9 in 10 French wines contain pesticides, fungicides

Bordeaux - A recent study by a French laboratory shows that nine out of every ten French wines contain pesticide and fungicide chemicals.

How pesticides in your water might be causing food allergies

Researchers are linking the use of pesticides used to purify tap water to food allergies that are becoming a significant problem in the Western world.

Devastating impacts of GM crops for American farmers

According to revelations made by U.S scientists, GM crops have led to the unfortunate consequence of hugely increased use of pesticides over the last 16 years. Farmers have no choice but to use dangerous chemicals to fight superweeds.

Video interview: Monsanto's history marred by scandal

Washington - RT America produced an interview show between Elizabeth Wahl and Abby Martin, discussing the scandalous history of the agro-giant Monsanto.

Study shows effects of maternal & fetal exposure to pesticides

A new scientific study now shows that the Bt-toxin, known as Cry1Ab toxin, kills human embryonic kidney cells. Combined with Monsanto's RoundUp, it can delay apoptosis, thus promoting cancer.

Pesticides killing off queen bee numbers in UK and France

Pesticides used in the UK and France are damaging the ability of bees to navigate and the number of queen bees is in serious decline as a result. Scientists studied the use of pesticides called neonicotinoids, which are used throughout the world.

Otters return to Kent

Away from all the rioting, looting and general mayhem in our cities, a quiet revolution is happening in the English countryside.

Bedbug infestation index ranks New York as top American city

An annual city index on bed bug infestations, released just before the Memorial Day holiday, reminds travelers of the top cities where bedbug populations are concentrated.

Ontario gardeners, beware of what pesticides you use

You have children and pets and a big backyard. In Ontario if you want to use a powerful pesticide in order to make sure your lawn is greener than the neighbours you may be tempted to order something online. That order could make you a criminal.

The organic food scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia Special

Halifax - "Good food - Good for you - Good for the earth." That is the motto at Planet Organic, a Canadian store that supplies organic food and household supplies.

US bans widely-used pesticide endosulfan

Washington - The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to ban endosulfan, a widely-used organochlorine pesticide.

New research shows link between ADHD and pesticides

Boston - A study recently published in Pediatrics demonstrates a link between Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and organophosphate pesticides.

Eco-toxins, health and you Special

Toronto - Do you check the ingredients of your makeup? What about your household cleaners? Do you use pesticides for anything other than poison ivy and insects that are a danger? Dr. Victoria Le, Dr. Gideon Forman, Lisa Gue say you should.

Scientists turn moths gay to save precious fruit crops

Scientists in the United Kingdom are turning moths gay to prevent them from mating, thus saving crops from their destructive larvae.

Are Organic Foods Really Worth the Hype? Special

Portland - Some people favor organic foods. But are they worth the hype and are they really safer than non-organic foods? Digital Journal decided to find out by learning what people say and science now supports.

WHO, Filipino Department of Health clash over aerial spray ban

MANILA – In a move that is expected to create repercussions for the $780-million banana industry, the Department of Health (DOH) issued last week a resolution stopping the use of aerial spray in banana plantations.
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Pesticides Image

Farmer spraying pesticides on crop.
Farmer spraying pesticides on crop.
Tainted frozen food sickens hundreds in Japan. Maruha Nichiro Holdings  runs the factory that allege...
Tainted frozen food sickens hundreds in Japan. Maruha Nichiro Holdings, runs the factory that allegedly produced the tainted products (January 8, 2014). A human body is affected by the chemicals after consuming tainted food
With permission by Reuters
A pesticides sign in Manito Park in Spokane  WA
A pesticides sign in Manito Park in Spokane, WA
Pollinators help pollinate over 75% of our flowering plants  and nearly 75% of our crops. So why are...
Pollinators help pollinate over 75% of our flowering plants, and nearly 75% of our crops. So why are we killing them?
Screen grab
California High Desert Honey Bees Immersed in Yellow beavertail Cactus Pollen.
California High Desert Honey Bees Immersed in Yellow beavertail Cactus Pollen.
Jessie Eastland aka Robert DeMeo
Rat and insect poison vendor s stall at a market in the Dongguan section of Linxia City.
Rat and insect poison vendor's stall at a market in the Dongguan section of Linxia City.
Tap water purifier implicated as a possible cause of food allergies.
Tap water purifier implicated as a possible cause of food allergies.
Did you know that one-third of all food is produced as a result of insect pollination? And the Europ...
Did you know that one-third of all food is produced as a result of insect pollination? And the European honeybee is responsible for about 80 percent of this.
Nick Pitsas, CSIRO

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