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Pesticide News

Buzz kill: mass bee deaths sting Russian beekeepers

Moscow - Anatoly Rubtsov looked despondently at the beehives lining his property. "The farm used to be loud, it sang," he said.

EPA OK's nasty pesticide - Now 12 farmworkers have been poisoned

Bakersfield - Over 50 farmworkers in Bakersfield, California were exposed to a pesticide drift from a nearby field earlier this month. At least 12 of the farmworkers became ill, with one person passing out, requiring hospitalization.

Heavy pesticide use in Scotland revealed

Edinburgh - Some parts of the world are pushing ahead with organic farming and eschewing the use of pesticides. Not so in Scotland, it seems. Three new reports reveal the extent of pesticide use in the country.

Neurotoxic pesticide approved for use on Washington oyster beds

Seattle - Southwest Washington state oyster-growers have been battling the native shrimp that burrow in the mudflats for years, making it difficult for the oysters to grow. Now they have been given state approval for the use of a neurotoxic pesticide.

Toxic pesticide turns family vacation into nightmare

A trip to the Virgin Islands in March started out well enough for a Delaware family of four. But their rented villa on St. John turned into a "house of horrors" when paramedics had to be called. Two weeks later, the EPA says a toxic pesticide is to blame.

B.C. government wages war on the European gypsy moth

An invasive species has invaded the city of Surrey, British Columbia, and could very well become a threat to the ecology and economy of the region. The invasion of the European gypsy moth has been taken quite seriously by the B.C. government.

Pesticide DDT linked to Alzheimer’s

DDT may increase the risk of the neurodegenerative disease Alzheimer's, according to some troubling new research conducted by Rutgers University.

Europe bans 'bee killing' pesticide

Brussels - The European Commission (EC) has agreed to restrict the use of the neonicotinoid pesticides blamed by some researchers for the widespread collapse of bee populations.

20 injured, one dead after chef mistakes pesticide for sauce

A chef in China was making lunch, but instead of using a sauce, he ended up adding pesticide to the food, which led to 20 people being injured and leaving one person dead.

Toxic clouds in Buenos Aires after chemical container explodes

Buenos Aires - There were reports of a mass evacuation ordered of the city of Buenos Aires, after a chemical container exploded, covering the Argentinian capital with a huge toxic cloud. Apparently it wasn't that bad. (Updated).

Steer clear of GM crops, Greenpeace and US farmers warn EU

Global environmental campaigning group Greenpeace is urging the European Union not to authorise herbicide-tolerant genetically engineered (HTGE) crops, stating such crops lead to herbicide-resistant super-weeds.

Review: The film 'Genetic Roulette' — gambling with our lives on GMOs

Jeffrey M. Smith of the Institute of Responsible Technology has brought out another excellent film on the dangers of genetically modified food.

GM crop technology backfires as farmers need more pesticides

A newly-released, peer-reviewed study reveals that the cultivation of genetically engineered crops has increased pesticide usage by hundreds of millions of pounds.

Monsanto and co. push $5.5 million more against GMO labeling

Sacramento - Monsanto and 'Big Pesticide' are paying plenty to try and defeat Proposition 37, requiring the labeling of genetically engineered food in California.

Scotts Miracle-Gro fined for adding insecticide to wild bird seed

Columbus - Scotts Miracle-Gro is a large U.S. lawn and garden supply company. The firm was fined $12.5 million for adding insecticides to wild bird seed and other violations of regulations. The company added the toxins to protect the seed from insects while stored

New bill could make biotech companies immune to federal courts

An amendment to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill would not just allow, but would require the Secretary of Agriculture to grant permits for planting of GM crops, even if a federal court has given an injunction against it.

Roundup herbicide linked to Parkinson’s-related brain damage

Monsanto's controversial herbicide, Roundup, has now been linked to Parkinsonism related disorders according to research reported in the Neurotoxicology & Teratology journal.

Coalition demands probe on Dow & Monsanto GMOs & pesticides

Farmers and food industry representatives are demanding a probe into the potential outcome of a new genetically modified crop in combination with the usage of the 2,4-D pesticide.

Pesticide risk for Bees

A pesticide, commonly used since the 1990s, has been shown to affect bee colonies and can potentially lead to the collapse of the entire colony. This news has led to calls for greater pre-approval testing of pesticides.

Endosulfan poisons Indian rivers Special

Kailasahar - Rampant use of endosulfan is poisoning rivers in the north east region of India, the world’s largest producer and exporter of the hazardous chemical.

Ontario gardeners, beware of what pesticides you use

You have children and pets and a big backyard. In Ontario if you want to use a powerful pesticide in order to make sure your lawn is greener than the neighbours you may be tempted to order something online. That order could make you a criminal.

Op-Ed: Dirty Dozen Pesticide POPs: A serious anthropogenic threat

POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) are highly toxic chemicals. They may be pesticides or some industrial wastes. Of the many POPs, eight organochlorine pesticides—DDT, aldrin, dieldrin, endrin, chlordane, heptachlor, mirex, toxaphene— threaten human

Study reveals the 'safest' pesticide, atrazine, may be deadly

A pesticide regarded as one of the most closely studied and safest, atrazine, is used on corn crops throughout the world. Recent research indicates that it can 'chemically castrate' frogs and may have the potential to have the same impact on humans.

Pesticide kills Kenyan boy

In late October, a three-year-old boy in Western Kenya intentionally ate a handful of carbofuran, a lion-killing pesticide, and later was found dead by his father.

Contaminated Watermelon Reminder of National Food Safety Concerns

Recently the New York Times reported on the safety of the nation’s food supply, finding no improvement during the past three years. Contaminants have been found in many foods. Today a dramatic example at my home showed the problem visibly.

Killer spices to replace pesticides?

In an era that everyone talks about green, the mass use of chemical-based pesticides obviously is outdated. Now, scientists say they have found a green alternative.

Op-Ed: Israeli scientist uses owls instead of pesticides

Israeli scientist are recommending farmers to use owls and kestrels instead of pesticide to control rodents. They want to reduce the use of toxic pesticides in farms.

Coke’s fizzy drinks contaminated with pesticide

If you consume fizzy drinks, perhaps to the point of addiction, take a look at what this study reveals. Coca-Cola has put drinks on the supermarket shelves that are completely unsuitable for consumption.

Company Says Quebec Pesticide Ban Violates NAFTA's Chapter 11

Dow Agrosciences insists Quebec's province-wide ban on the residential use of weed-killing chemicals breaches legal protections owed by Canada to U.S. investors under the NAFTA.

Japan store sells Chinese beans with 34,000 times permitted dose of insecticide

A supermarket chain in Japan pulled the frozen beans produced in China from its shelves after a woman was hospitalized. The beans contained a high amount of pesticide.
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Farm in the Kitchener area of Ontario  Canada.
Farm in the Kitchener area of Ontario, Canada.
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