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Alphabet releases tool to combat Internet trolling

Google’s subsidiary Alphabet announced today the release of a tool to combat toxic comments from Internet trolls. The machine learning technology, Perspective, is still in the early stages of its development.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC could include first-person viewpoint

After Grand Theft Auto V launched on Xbox 360 and PS3 last year, Xbox One, PS4 and PC releases are now finally close with new features and content. A report circulating online suggests that the new PC content could be more than anyone expected though.

Amazing sculpture changes form based on where you view it from

Perspective can do some tricky things to the human mind. In this case it is used to create a piece of art that changes based on where you look at it from. Watch the video yourself and decide whether it is spectacular or not.

Dogs may really understand the human perspective

Portsmouth - Researchers have discovered that dogs may literally understand the human perspective, because they are more likely to steal food when they think nobody can see them doing it.

Discovering Columbus up close Special

New York - Columbus Circle is one of Manhattan's busiest intersections. A new art installation offers a different perspective on the area. Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi has built a living room around the statue of the famed explorer.

OP-ED: What do you see when Playing games?

What do you see when you see video games? Sure, you always see and hear the delight children receive when they are playing their favorite video games, but what do you see besides the flashing lights and loud noises?

Photoshop: Simple perspective technique

Simple perspective technique

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Perspective will help moderators counteract toxic comments
Perspective will help moderators counteract toxic comments

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