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Op-Ed: What makes Downtown Denver unique, have you been there?

Denver - Are you one of those people that remember and miss a traditional downtown, vibrant with life, excitement and things to do. A place where real people go and you'll run in to your neighbour?

Op-Ed: I Don't Think I Was There, Were You?

The ongoing debate over creationist and evolution theories will continue until the lights on this planet have been put out. Because both are theories the clear and true answer may never be known.

Op-Ed: Freedom Lost, Was it a Bloodless Coup?

It's one of the most important documents in the foundation of the United States and it's under attack. The Bill of Rights is changing before American eyes without a blink. Something is wrong here.

Op-Ed: Why Do Some Far Right Wingers Hate Liberals?

This election year like all others before it has those on both sides who believe that their views are the only views. Some of those will go on to not only challenge views but continue into what can only be termed as hate.

Op-Ed: Where Did 'My' Nation Go?

As I read through the various political propaganda that the candidates have going around the Internet I have to ask myself what I honestly feel about the nation of my birth. Am I the one who changed too much or did she?

OP-ED: The Top Ten

CJs on DJ have looked forward to the Muse editions. With the changes that are coming the MuseReport will likely fall to the sidelines. Before the reports disappear I wanted to honour the little robot man's work and offer my top ten Muse moments.

OP-ED: Questions With No Answers

When one starts to do research they must ask themselves questions, one being do you expect to find answers. I started doing research this weekend on a man named Jesus that millions follow.

Op-Ed: How Not To Convert (slight edit)

The religion war has reared its ugly head on DJ and in the world. The fervor pitch is getting a bit unsettling and its course is driving people to get uglier. It's not a way to get anyone to your side of the fence. Not on DJ and not in person.

Op-Ed: Are journalists in danger of losing freedom of speech?

When you hear about the Patriot Act or The Military Acts do you think about freedom of the press? Do the bills that take away certain civil liabilities from United States citizens change the way online journalism will be a year from now?

Op-Ed: I'm Not Here To Make Friends

Why do you write articles? Is it to learn more about a topic? Do you want to share your knowledge? Do you wish to get others to believe what you believe? Do you want to change the world in some small part?

op-ed: Why?

When did women start getting a bad rap in religion? To put half of the population in a lesser than role seems more than slightly unfair doesn't it? As I explore my path it's a question I ask often. And the other question is why.

Should Your Opinion Really Count?

Are the opinion polls that gather these numbers really important? Does your opinion of a topic or situation really count if you are not well informed? And who do YOU answer to when your opinion changes based on new information?

Op-Ed: Questions Haven't Changed My Morals

The more I question the world and the way I view it the more I realize that morals have nothing to do with what one believes in. I believe most people live their lives on a quest of some sorts.

Op-Ed: 62 Years Later

Did you remember what day it is this morning when you walked outside? The sun was shining hot down on me. I must admit my mind was not on the people who vanished into thin air their particles evaporating. At 8:15 a bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Op-Ed: Domestic Robot Butlers and Maids - Why?

There has been a lot of news lately about robots that can perform tasks that maybe humans might not want to do. Cleaning toilets, dusting the house. Are we soon going to be like the Jetsons and have a robot maid? Is that really progress?

Op-Ed: How Can This Simple Thing Make Me Feel So Strongly

It amazes me the degree a single photograph can impact. Tears can well up in my eyes as I view a child in pain. Their eyes conveying more than any politician ever could. I lucked upon a site today that brought joy and tears to me. I hope you enjoy.

OP-ED: I Didn't Lose My Brain Cells When I Popped Out My Kids

I've noticed lately with some people that I have meet in the past month that there is a new breed of snob. They have money and lots of toys. They are beyond interesting, just ask them. They do have a lot. There's just one thing they don't have: kids.

OP-ED: High School Is More Civil

Adults at times have a quick little insult for group actions that are immature. "We're not in high school anymore." I was reading various sites and it hit me how very insulting it is to teenagers who half of the time behave in a more mature manner.

OP-ED: Did The City Council Just Screw Up Toronto?

I may become very unpopular with this editorial but did the city council just screw up Toronto? By delaying the taxes that David Miller had brought up for vote are we screwed? Do you think Ontario is bringing a bandage to fix the boo-boo?

OP-ED: Touch Makes The World Go Round

Do you touch someone everyday? Skin to skin contact? Simple pats on the back? Do you crave the touch of another? I am a touchy feely person. I need to touch and be touched. It's an act of love with my family. An act of connecting with others.

Op-Ed: If I Make You Wrong Then I Win

The other night we were watching the movie Thank You For Smoking. The main theme throughout the movie was it doesn't really matter what side you're on, if you can get the other side to be wrong you are right. Simple logic, but it's true.

OP-ED: Attack of the Blah Monster

Ever have a blah day? One of those days that shouldn't be completely horrid but it only takes one thing to make it a suck fest. The weather is a little warm but not bad so that isn't it. Oh I talked to the idiots at my bank today.....that could be it.

Op-Ed: The Wild Dance Of Fun

I remember being growing up and having the idea that s-e-x was a naughty thing. We were not to know what [b]it[/b] was and if we asked mommas blushed and gave out nonsense answers. We were taught it wasn't..............FUN.

OP-ED: What's It Like To Live With Heart Disease

The emergency room staff moved in normal fashion as I bit my lip from crying out again in pain. I had an elephant on my chest and that sucker was making me tired. The doctors were sure that I was yet another young woman having a panic attack.

OP-ED: What I Miss

I was raised down South. My accent follows me where ever I go as my partner says it weighs about 30 pounds when I'm tired or talking about my youth. On this day of American celebration I am remembering some of the times I miss about the South.

OP-ED: Love Makes The World Go Round

It's been a year since I moved in with my partner. Others celebrate Canada Day for the joy of being Canadian. I hope the day always means more to me. The smile on my face when I wake. The looking over across the room being thankful that love found a way.

OP-ED:What Is a Bleeding Heart Liberal? Me For One

The term started a long time ago. Surprisingly ironic considering the way it is viewed today but from the Catholic Order of the Bleeding Heart. The Order was named for the Virgin Mary whose 'heart was pierced with many sorrows.'

Op-ed: Do You Judge?

Do you judge? Are you the jury? If I write a piece on religion does that mean I believe what the news is about? Or what about murder? Sex abuse? When you report the news do you share the believes of those whom you are reporting?

OP-ED: Confessions of a Food Lover

I admit it, I love food. If you met me you'd know this to be a truth. I'm not obese but there are a few pounds around my middle that are not so welcome. They say you can't trust a skinny chef......which means you can trust me.

Op-ed: Are You Brave Enough?

I was reading an account of Daniel Pearl's last hours. He knew he was going to die. That his head would be severed from his body and yet he refused to be sedated. He died bravely. I asked myself could I do that? I am not sure if I could.
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