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Coronavirus is disrupting personal finances and spending plans

Coronavirus and the associated lockdown is affecting small businesses, families having to seek out loans, and people's personal finances, according to new data assembled by the website WalletHub relating to the U.S.

The real cost of smoking in the U.S.

Smoking tobacco products is not only bad for your health it is also expensive to the health system and to indirect services designed to offer support and care. A new survey assess the impact across the U.S.

Three startups looking to make managing your finances easier

It's easy to get off track when it comes to managing personal finances, and founders recognize that. Gone are the days when you have to go to a bank to create a financial plan: here are three startups that make managing your personal finances easier.

Personal debt — Now may be the time to pay off your credit cards

No one wants to talk about personal finance, but with debt levels and interest rates rising, now may be a good time to pay off your credit card debt.

Op-Ed: Leeching kids, sapped parents & the parable of the financial cave

The latest ‘poll’ feasted upon by Canadian media has to do with young adults who remain partially dependent on their parents after high school and in many cases after post-secondary education.

Veterans are asked to be wary of pension investment schemes Special

Sacramento - As U.S. Veterans gather tomorrow and as families and loved ones honor those who have served, the California Dept. of Business Oversight wanted to urge veterans to be wary of investment schemes being offered to them that can place their finances at risk.

World financial teen literacy assessed: U.S. ranks only average Special

Paul Golden, of the National Endowment for Financial Education, speaks with Carol Ruth Weber about the importance of teaching teens to be financially literate. Read the full interview for Golden's tips on how to educate children to be money-wise.

Business growth in UK shows promise that economy is recovering

Data released shows a steady rise in the economy for the UK. With the news of economic growth in the UK and Europe, this could be a good time to get economic guidance to grow a business or begin a new business internationally.

Parents responsible for $200,000 debt after daughter's death

Lisa Mason had taken out a private loan with her parents as co-signers. After passing away from liver failure her parents inherited both her children and her debt.

Op-Ed: 35% of U.S. in debt means high school must teach personal finance

With 35 percent of American adults in debt collection, hindering their credit scores, we need all 50 U.S. states to require personal finance, in addition to the usual economics, in the mandatory high school curricula.

Op-Ed: What people do not tell you about small business freelancing

Are you incredibly skilled, charismatic and even intelligent? Freelancing may still not be for you. Come read about the other side of being a freelancer.

Op-Ed: Pensions — Take the money or run?

Deciding whether an annuity is the right investment has been debated for as long as they've been around, and understanding a few principles can make a vast difference.

Op-Ed: How to get paid what you're worth

Have you ever left a ton of money on the table? Maybe you have and never realized it. Have you ever thought about how you could negotiate a better salary for yourself?

Canadians admit they're not saving enough money

Despite a precarious economy, Canadians are not saving money, according to a survey conducted by cooperative financial company Desjardins Group.

Peter Deeb, Hampton Securities Special

Toronto - Hampton Securities is one of Canada’s leading independent investment dealers specializing in private client wealth management and investment banking.

Op-Ed: How to prevent your emotions from ruining your investment

Emotions play a big part in the human society, but sometimes we find them in the way of our own success. What emotional limitations should be observed when investing?

Op-Ed: Which credit cards offer the most bang for your summer buck?

San Diego - Cash back cards could help you save money on the expenses you’re likely to make most this summer; gas, groceries, theme park and movie tickets are all featured purchases that select credit cards are promoting with spending incentives this summer.

Op-Ed: Credit card debt — As bleak as they say it is for young adults?

San Diego - According to a recent survey, young adults are carrying more credit card debt and taking longer to pay it back. Why so much debt, and what's the solution to paying it down?

Op-Ed: Just what does a Personal Financial Trainer do and who needs one? Special

Toronto - Just what is a Personal Financial Trainer, who would use or need the services of a Personal Financial Trainer and why is it needed and different from the many financial services available to the masses in 2012?

Are Rent-to-Own home programs here for the long run?

Rent-to-own home programs; the phenom emerged onto the scene roughly a decade ago. The question is: Are these programs a bubble trend or have they become a mainstay?

The Working Girl's Guide to Financial Freedom

Spend too much over the holiday season? Ready to put your money to work for you? Get those finances in order and make 2007 a profitable year with The Working Girl's Guide to Financial Freedom.

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