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Perfume News

Biotech is advancing the fragrance industry

Biotech has altered the way that perfumes are manufactured, making them more consistent and removing many animal products. New research promises to extend these innovations further.

A perfume that keeps on smelling sweet, after exercise

Belfast - Researchers have been developing a new type of perfume that keeps on producing a fragrance as a person sweats, and actually smells sweeter as someone perspires.

Mimosa, French perfume-makers' secret ingredient

Grasse - Like miniature pompoms bursting with colour and fragrance, mimosa flowers turn the hills around France's perfume capital, Grasse, a golden yellow for a couple of fleeting weeks each year.Though they fade fast -- and must be processed as soon as they ar...

Kid Koala Rocks Luminato Special

Toronto - Along with cool beats and lush sounds, Canadian scratch DJ Kid Koala will be bringing something new to his Luminato Festival performances this coming weekend, incorporating scent into the live music experience.

Pizza Hut Canada makes limited edition perfume

What originally started out as a gag ended up becoming a reality as Pizza Hut Canada introduced a limited edition Pizza Hut Perfume to 110 lucky winners.

Bieber's sweet smell of success, new perfume breaks sales records

Justin Bieber's new perfume for women is setting records by selling one bottle every minute in its first week at The Perfume shop, that has exclusive UK rights to the scent.

Singer Rihanna poses topless to promote fragrance

Rihanna decided to do as her fragrance's name suggests, posing topless to promote the perfume Nude. The singer is also showing off a new blonde hairstyle in the photos.

Eau-de-Burton: New perfume from 'fragrances' of Marmite, beer

Burton-on-trent - Burton-on-Trent, a Staffordshire town dominated by the odor of ale from rolling hop fields, is the inspiration for a new perfume, "Eau-de-Burton."

Perfume sold to fund cancer research may actually cause cancer

In a very ironic twist of events, a recent discovery has been made that "Promise Me," a perfume sold by Susan G. Komen for the Cure to help raise funds for breast cancer research, may in fact contain ingredients that cause cancer.

Artist makes perfume out of her own urine

Cherry Tree is a conceptual artist and some will say she has the scent of mystery, as well as the scent of her own urine.

Fargginay's treasure: Bacon fragrances on sale now

Legend has it that in the year 1920 a Parisian butcher accidentally concocted a powerful, mood-lifting elixir and discreetly distributed the popular remedy to those with power or fame. Four years later, the butcher lost his shop and the recipe to a fire.

Is Christina Aguilera's new perfume commercial 'soft porn'?

The latest buzz on Christina Aguilera is about how her commercial is bordering on indecency for her new Royal Desire perfume.

Giant, odiforous landfill in China deodorized

Beijiang - It's a twisted case of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' at a landfill outside Beijiang. Beijiang officials hope spraying perfume from hundreds of high-pressure nozzles around a major landfill can temporarily end complaints about the stink.

No Perfume, Deodorant for Detroit City Employees

Detroit - Detroit officials will be placing placards in three city buildings warning of various scented products to avoid from now on after a 2008 federal lawsuit filed by a city planner was settled last month.

Will Egyptian Queen’s Beauty Secrets Be Revealed?

Scientists at Bonn University are analyzing a tiny 3,500 year-old glass bottle of perfume bearing Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut’s name to discover its secrets.

Penn State Fans Now Have A Perfume To Savor!

If you have a fan of Penn State on your Christmas list have I got the perfect gift for you! The school has come out with their own perfume and cologne that captures the essence of the school's colours!

Woman fired for wearing too much perfume

A Brooklyn woman says she was fired as a customer-service rep because she wore too much perfume. She say she wore too much Red Door, so they showed her the door. Smell ya later!

A Scent For Those People Who Want To Smell Like A Vagina - But Whose?

According the makers of Vulva, their product is not a perfume, but “a beguiling vaginal scent which is purely a substance for your own smelling pleasure.” Gee, that's swell. Imagine you on a hot day.

British chain proposes perfumed pubs

Artificial scents are going to be pumped into British pubs to mask the smell of stale beer, sweat and other odors that were previously camouflaged by cigarette smoke. Does this make any sense to you?

Bus Driver Disliked Woman's Perfume, Kicked Her Off

He had warned her on a previous occasion but when Natalie Kuhn got on her regular bus route to work wearing the same perfume, this time she was left standing on the curb.

Aguilera's New Fragrance Endorsement...

Pop Superstar Christina Aguilera has announced that she has a new fragrance coming out later this year (late 2007). She has signed an international licensing agreement with Producer & Gamble to create a range of fragrances promoting her successful image.

Kate Moss - The Fragrance

Coty announced today the signing of supermodel, Kate Moss, as Coty's latest beauty partner to develop and market her own line of signature fragrances.

The Hassan Nasrallah Perfume - On Store Shelves Now!

As the anti-government sit-in by the Hizbullah-led opposition enters its third month, protesters have found a new way to avoid smelling like they've been living in a tent city. Mouqawama, or Resistance perfume, on sale now!

New perfume smells like ... 'divine victory'

Unauthorized 'resistance' scent finds no resistance from hizbullah

Perfume Bottle Makes Lots of Cents

It was a bottle of Tresor de la Mer purchased for her by her husband in 1939.

"Perfume" Trailer

Trailer for upcoming movie, "Perfume."

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Perfume is being reinvented with the help of biotech
Perfume is being reinvented with the help of biotech
Tomas Barrios (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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