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Myles Kennedy to livestream acoustic performance and discussion

On Wednesday, April 15, rock singer-songwriter Myles Kennedy will host a Livestreaming acoustic performance and discussion.

As coronavirus concerns bloom, performing arts world fears major hit

New York - Coronavirus angst has the world washing its hands with newfound vigor -- but the performing arts world wringing them, as directives to scrap mass events threaten the entertainment world with economic chaos.

Why has Nordstrom exceeded earnings expectations? Special

Nordstrom’s success building customer experiences across its many channels is the reason why the firm has exceeded the earnings expectations of most stock market analysts, says Darin Archer, Chief Strategy Officer at Elastic Path.

Review: Micky Dolenz of The Monkees superb on 'Good Day LA' performance Special

Micky Dolenz of the iconic pop and group The Monkees performed on "Good Day LA" on Friday, June 28. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Review: Madonna delivers horrible live performance at Eurovision 2019 Special

Tel Aviv - On May 18, pop queen Madonna performed at Eurovision 2019, however, her live performance was a flop, failing to impress audiences all over the world.

Op-Ed: Chris Cornell should win 2019 Grammy for 'Best Rock Performance'

Legendary rock singer-songwriter Chris Cornell was posthumously nominated for the 2019 Grammy award for "Best Record Performance."

Review: Men's 4 × 100 meter medley race wins swimming 'Relay of the Year' Special

New York - On November 19, the "Men's 4 × 100 meter medley relay" won the "Relay Performance of the Year" award at the 2018 Golden Goggle Awards.

Hong Kong buskers take a bow in final show before shutdown

Fpo - The rumbustious street performers who have long claimed one of Hong Kong's busiest shopping districts as their informal stage took their final bow Sunday night after local authorities caved to noise complaints over their legendary cacophony.

Businesses turning to performance management software solutions

Constructing an informed, reliable and responsive workforce is important to many businesses and having the ability to track performance is essential to this process. To streamline this, employers are starting to utilize performance management software.

Budget iPhone 7 'eight times slower' than pricier high-end models

Tests have revealed that the cheapest model of Apple's iPhone 7 is as much as eight times slower than the more expensive versions when running some performance benchmarks. It's down to Apple's use of slower storage modules in the low-end phone.

Google Chrome to make slow PCs a little faster this December

Google has announced that an upcoming version of its Chrome web browser will reduce memory usage by as much as 50 percent. In some cases, even more significant savings could be observed. The improvements will make Chrome easier to use on low-end PCs.

Review: Peter Aristone gives an impressive performance of 'Fire Inside' Special

Singer-songwriter Peter Aristone is back with his new music video for his song "Fire Inside." He delivers a neat performance.

New study shows chocolate or cocoa may boost athletic performance

A British study performed at Kingston University showed that eating dark chocolate and cocoa may improve athletic performance and help during fitness training. Chocolate and cocoa are already known to have a positive effect on cardiovascular health.

HTC's Boost+ app can boost the performance of every Android phone

HTC didn’t just announce a new flagship smartphone today. It also introduced a new system tuning app that will be available on every Android smartphone. It can intelligently tune performance, improve battery life and increase security.

Review: Justin Bieber superb on live Grammy performance

On Feb. 15, pop superstar Justin Bieber performed as part of this year's Grammy awards, and he put on a memorable live performance.

Review: Kendrick Lamar wows at Grammy awards with authentic performance

Rapper Kendrick Lamar has electrified this year's Grammy awards with his spitfire live performance on Feb. 15 in Los Angeles.

Intel may be working on a 5.1GHz CPU for customers including NSA

A rumour regarding Intel's upcoming range of next-generation processors claims the company may be building one very special chip for its Xeon family. It is said to have a clock speed of 5.1GHz and will be sold to limited customers, including the NSA.

iPhone users report speed increase from App Store 'tapping tip'

In what may initially sound like a bizarre hoax created online, owners of slow iPhones are reporting a speed increase in some apps after trying a "tapping tip" making its way around Twitter. It comes as Apple faces a lawsuit for sluggish software.

Lenovo's new modular tablet lets you switch parts at will

Lenovo has unveiled the next generation of its range-topping Windows 10 tablet family, the ThinkPad X1. The new line-up includes a selection of modular optional accessories that can be connected to the tablet for extra functionality.

Google's quantum computer '100 million times faster' than your PC

Google has developed a working quantum supercomputer that has 100 million times greater performance than a typical desktop machine. D-Wave can compute in a second what a standard desktop would take 10,000 years to do.

'Christmas lights can slow your Wi-Fi', claims Ofcom

Over the next few weeks, millions of fairy lights will be installed in homes worldwide. They may appear harmless but Ofcom, the UK telecoms watchdog, thinks otherwise. It has warned that Christmas lights can slow down Wi-Fi, prompting a mass debate.

PS4 processor changes let future games get a performance boost

Sony has quietly rolled out an update to its PlayStation 4 software development kit that will give game creators access to more of the processor's power, should it be required. It opens the door to more graphically intense games next year.

Rumour: Intel Broadwell-E series to include a 10-core processor

Intel may be working on a new processor for true PC enthusiasts. The upcoming chip is rumoured to have 10 individual cores, a selling point that will only give noticeable performance gains in applications like video editing and big data crunching.

PC gamers outraged as Black Ops III stutters and stalls

The next instalment in the hugely-popular Call of Duty first-person shooter series is now available worldwide but has quickly attracted complaints from huge numbers of gamers, including PC users who are finding Black Ops III stutters and jerks.

Warner Bros. to refund PC gamers who bought Batman: Arkham Knight

Warner Bros. has announced that PC gamers who bought the flawed Batman: Arkham Knight will now be able to claim a full refund for the title. The game was pulled from sale due to major bugs, many of which have not been fixed by a recent re-release.

Sony could build a 'high performance' PlayStation 4

Sony is open to building a high-performance variant of its PlayStation 4 console, its senior vice president of entertainment said in a recent interview. An updated version could extend the PS4's life-span, giving Sony more time to work on a successor.

Apple: iPhone 6S batterygate claims are 'misleading'

It has been a few days since reports that some iPhone 6S handsets have as much as two hours more battery life than others began circulating online. The time has been enough for Apple to issue a response in which it dismisses the claims as "misleading."

Next year's phones to charge to 80% after just 35 minutes

Mobile processor manufacturer Qualcomm has unveiled the next generation of its ultra-fast charging technology, revealing that next year's phones will be able to reach 80 percent capacity after just 35 minutes of external power.

AT&T found injecting adverts onto webpages through Wi-Fi hotspots

Mobile carrier AT&T has been found to be injecting extra advertisements into webpages when users connect to its free Wi-Fi hotspots. The company employs a variety of techniques to ensure that the adverts are always displayed.

Intel's new processors offer 20% more power, 30% more battery

Next month, Intel will be unveiling a new range of processors for desktops and mobile devices. A leak has revealed we can expect 10-20 percent improvements in performance while saving 30 percent battery, creating an all-new generation of powerful devices.
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Fireplay s Artistic Concept Renders
Fireplay's Artistic Concept Renders
Photo courtesy of Fireplay
National Ballet of Canada Principal Dancer Guillaume Cote performs the title role in  Nijinsky.
National Ballet of Canada Principal Dancer Guillaume Cote performs the title role in 'Nijinsky.'
Bruce Zinger
human performance continuum
human performance continuum
The Springfield Symphony Orchestra in a performance
The Springfield Symphony Orchestra in a performance
Springfield Symphony Orchestra
performance continuum
performance continuum
Quality comparison between Call of Duty Black Ops III on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. [Via Candyland video...
Quality comparison between Call of Duty Black Ops III on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. [Via Candyland video]
Live performance at Light Nightclub at Las Vegas on December 18
Live performance at Light Nightclub at Las Vegas on December 18
Courtesy of Light Nightclub
R&B: Headliner Chris Brown performs at a Supafest 3 concert in Sydney  Australia  in 2012.
R&B: Headliner Chris Brown performs at a Supafest 3 concert in Sydney, Australia, in 2012.
Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons
Poets from the winning Edmonton team perform at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word Finals Night at...
Poets from the winning Edmonton team perform at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word Finals Night at the Metropolitan United Church
Michelle Darby-Wyatt
A band playing in London s 100 Club
A band playing in London's 100 Club
Rapper Iggy Azalea performing
Rapper Iggy Azalea performing
Flickr Creative Commons
Rapper Jean Grae performs
Rapper Jean Grae performs
Flickr Creative Commons
Funny man Lee Evans on stage.
Funny man Lee Evans on stage.
Phil Guest
Detroit Rapper SayitAint performs. (Finally Famous)
Detroit Rapper SayitAint performs. (Finally Famous)
Roundabout Theatre Company’s ANYTHING GOES. Pictured: Alex Finke  Erich Bergen and Company.
Roundabout Theatre Company’s ANYTHING GOES. Pictured: Alex Finke, Erich Bergen and Company.
Joan Marcus
“There’s twelve people onstage all running around ” San explains of the live  Nufonia  present...
“There’s twelve people onstage all running around,” San explains of the live 'Nufonia' presentation. “It’s proper chaos, but what is reflected hopefully on the screen is a fully-realized, tranquil cinematic experience.”
AJ Korkidakis

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