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Pepsi News

Coke/Pepsi fund study claiming diet soda is better than water

Bristol - In 2014, producers of soft drinks funded a study that concluded diet soda was better for losing weight than water. The companies are at again, as they have funded another study.

Pepsi drinks company making its own smartphone

Soft drinks firm Pepsi is apparently working on its own smartphone. Aimed at the budget market, the Pepsi P1 is reported to have competent specifications and a Pepsi logo on the back.

Op-Ed: Campaigning to stop Doritos damaging the rainforest

Sydney - Doritos uses palm oil in many of snacks, and the planting of palm trees is, according to one campaign group, leading to deforestation of large swaths of rainforest.

Soft drink giants to cut calories, Pepsi launches new soda

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple, among the largest beverage companies in the United States, have announced that they will cut calorie levels in their products by 20 percent over the next decade.

Daily Relief: Tuesday 25 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a father with 98 children, a gorilla playing with kittens, and a look at the reactions of those who think the world is ending.

Pepsi-flavored Cheetos debuts in Japan

A new snack concoction has been launched in Japan. As planned, Pepsi-flavored Cheetos made their debut and reviews are now popping up on the Web.

Pepsi still contains high levels of carcinogen, group finds

A group, Center for Environmental Health (CEH), announced Wednesday that the caramel coloring used in Pepsi sold outside California still contains high levels of a carcinogen, 4-methylimidazole, even after PepsiCo said it would change its formula.

Review: Hunter Hayes gets fans 'crazy' at New York City's Webster Hall Special

New York - Atlantic Nashville recording artist Hunter Hayes played at New York City’s Webster Hall on June 18 as part of an ‘MTV Artist to Watch Live’ showcase.

Pepsi presents: Mad Decent Block Party 2013 Playlist

Pepsi presented a 10-track playlist this week celebrating the 2013 Mad Decent Block Party concert series. Mad Decent Block Party is a concert series being held in 13 cities in the US and Canada this summer.

New Pepsi vending machine gives out samples for Facebook 'Likes'

Pepsi has developed a new machine that the company says takes no money. Instead, it gives out free cans of soda in exchange for a 'Like' on its Facebook page.

Report: Tax sugary soft drinks to save lives

A new report urges the British government to levy a tax on sugar laden soft drinks in the 2013 budget, to raise £1 billion to pay for free school meals and promote healthier eating amongst children.

Pepsi-Chicken potato chips for sale in Chinese market

A new product has been launched in China, Pepsi-chicken chips. The chips actually went on the market last August, but news of the unique flavored chip is only making global news now.

PepsiCo launches 'Pepsi Special' in Japan, a 'fat blocking' soda

Earlier this week PepsiCo launched a new soda in Japan called "Pepsi Special". The claims are this soda contains fat blocking ingredients.

'Fat blocking' Pepsi launches in Japan

A new Pepsi drink, called 'Pepsi Special,' is now available in Japan, claiming to contain a special 'fat blocking' ingredient to assist with weight loss.

New soda vending machines to display calorie info

In response to growing criticism of 'sugary drinks', several companies in the soda industry will be posting calorie content and other nutritional information on vending machines in the near future.

'Mouse in Mountain Dew' lawsuit is settled out of court

Madison - A lawsuit against PepsiCo over an alleged mouse in a can of Mountain Dew has been settled for an undisclosed sum of money.

Coke and Pepsi contains a little bit of alcohol

According to a study done in France, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have alcohol in them. More than half of the leading Cola brands contain alcohol.

Salty Watermelon Pepsi to debut in Japan this summer

Pepsi Japan is getting ready to launch a new flavored soda this summer. The company plans to introduce "Salty Watermelon Pepsi" on July 24.

Coke, Pepsi, change recipes to avoid cancer warning labels

Both companies are making changes to the way they use caramel colouring in their colas in order to get around a California law that would require their products to contain a warning that the drinks may cause cancer.

Pepsi gets ready to launch lower calorie soda 'Pepsi Next'

Purchase - PepsiCo is looking to make a dent in the soft drink market once again with a new product. What's being described as trying to "fill a void" between diet and regular Pepsi, the new item, Pepsi Next, will be a lower calorie soda.

Size does matter: UAE to pull cans of Coke and Pepsi from shelves

Abu Dhabi - It turns out size does matter, at least when it comes to selling caffeinated soda in the United Arab Emirates. UAE officials will remove 300 ml size cans of Coke and Pepsi from store shelves.

Pepsi plans to cut 8,700 jobs, estimates savings of $1.8 billion

New York - PepsiCo Inc. officially announced that it plans to cut 8,700 jobs, or approximately three percent of its workforce. It will also increase marketing spending by about $600 million. This restructuring is estimated to save the company $1.5 billion by 2014.

Pepsi gets extension and new attorney in Mountain Dew lawsuit

Madison - This past week PepsiCo hired a new attorney to represent the company in a lawsuit filed in 2009 by a man who claims he found a mouse in a can of Mountain Dew.

Pepsi pulls out of schools around the world

PepsiCo has announced that it will be voluntarily removing their high-calorie sweetened drinks from schools in more than 200 countries.

Uganda, Pepsi and Beenie Man - Strange Bedfellows

As reported through various media outlets, Uganda was proposing new anti-homosexual laws that would not only keep the act of homesexuality illegal, but would bring the death penalty to anyone found practicing this act.

Pepsico loses $1.26 billion default judgment

Two men who claim Pepsi stole their idea to sell bottled water sued company in Wisconsin and won a $1.26 billion judgment last month after the company didn't respond.

Huge Boycott of Pepsi Planned by Anti-Homosexual Group

A group that advocates what it calls "traditional family values" claims it has organized over 500,000 people who have pledged to boycott Pepsi over what is says are the company's activities promoting gay rights.

FDA Confirms Can of Pepsi Contains Remains of a Frog Special

When an Ormond Beach, Florida man popped open a can of Pepsi recently the last thing he expected to be gulping down were the remains of a gutted frog.

Soft drink makers fall flat on heart group's sugar guidelines

The American Heart Association says that sugary foods lead to heart disease and it offers recommendations on sugar consumption that get a strong response from soft drink manufacturers and sugar producers.

Coca-Cola, Pepsi accused of being Beijing's worst polluters

A report issued by the Beijing Development and Reform Commission says American soft drink giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are among the top factories that cause the most pollution in the city.
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Pepsi Image

YouTube screen shot of video promoting Pepsi s new  Like  vending machine. The machine does not take...
YouTube screen shot of video promoting Pepsi's new "Like" vending machine. The machine does not take money, but hands out samples in exchange for a "Like" on its Facebook page.
Pepsi Chicken Chips
Pepsi Chicken Chips
Leaked spec sheet for the  Pepsi P1
Leaked spec sheet for the "Pepsi P1"
Mobile Dad
Coca Cola slammed France s tax on sugary  fizzy soft drinks as an  unjust  unfair  way to reduce obe...
Coca Cola slammed France's tax on sugary, fizzy soft drinks as an "unjust, unfair" way to reduce obesity, and Northwestern University researchers concluded taxing drinks with added sugar is an ineffective obesity prevention measure because overweight people predominantly drink artificially sweetened "diet" beverages.
Rex Sorgatz (CC BY 2.0)

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