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Penis News

Company apologizes for penis-shaped gummy candy

A number of parents in New Zealand were outraged when they found out that there were some shops stocked with gummies that were shaped like penises

Man arrested for collecting dead men's penises

A few weeks ago a Croatian man known as "the Penis Collector" was arrested for allegedly collecting penises from dead men.

Wife arrested after trying to cut man's penis off with box cutter

Ellwood City - Last Friday a woman was arrested in Ellwood City after she allegedly tried to cutt off her husband's penis with a box cutter.

Mother pleads guilty to burning son's penis and nipples

Concord - A mother in Concord, New Hampshire has pleaded guilty to burning her 18-year-old son's penis and nipples with a lighter.

Man in Cornwall UK cuts off his own penis with knife

A 43-year-old man in Cornwall, United Kingdom, stood in a residential street as he took a kitchen knife and cut off his own penis.

David Beckham's ad inspires men who to get surgery

Soccer superstar David Beckham's underwear ads for H&M has sparked a rise in penis enlargement surgeries across Britain.

Penis snatching on the rise in remote village in Africa

The theft of genitals are becoming relatively common across West Africa, as well as Central Africa, according to scholars.

Castration may add 20 years to a man's life, according to study

Eunuchs in Korea centuries ago lived significantly longer than other men, according to a new study indicating that castration may add as much as two decades to a man’s life.

Joe Biden's wife inadvertently makes a sexual joke

A video shows Joe Biden's wife unintentionally making a sexual joke when she was introducing her husband at a campaign event.

Weird fish with penis on its head discovered in Vietnam

A new species of fish was discovered in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The fish, with a penis on its head, has been identified.

Op-Ed: Politics involving racism, hatred, rape, and abortion

The American people appear to love being conned, easily taken in without effort or risk on their part. And when political debates involve racism, hatred, the penis, rape, and abortion --- it involves a lack of common sense and logic, and sheer stupidity.

Joshua Seto shoots himself in the penis with a pink handgun

Chandler - Joshua Seto was borrowing his fiancee's small, pink pistol when he accidentally shot himself in the penis with it. The shot went through his penis and into his left thigh.

Rare snake-like amphibian resembling penis found in Brazil

Scientists have identified "blind snakes" found last year at the bottom of Brazil's Madeira River as rare amphibian species Atretochoana eiselti. People who have seen images of the animal, however, comment on its remarkable similarity to the human penis.

Peru teen to undergo penis reconstruction surgery in the US

A Peruvian teenager who shot himself in the groin when he was just a kid will now undergo penis replacement surgery over in Miami, Florida.

Man shoots himself in penis on way to work

Birmingham - Accidentally shooting oneself is never a good idea, especially if it is in the private parts of the body. However, one man shot himself in the penis, on Tuesday morning, and is now recovering in Beaumont Hospital.

Japanese artist, Mao Sugiyama, serves up his genitals at banquet

Tokyo - Mao Sugiyama, 22-year-old "asexual" Japanese artist, had his genitals surgically removed at a hospital. He then took his frozen penis and scrotum home, seasoned and cooked them for five dinner guests. He cooked his genitals himself, supervised by a chef.

Rude crank calls at C-SPAN

C-SPAN has been getting hit with a number of rude prank calls that all relate to the size of Mitt Romney’s penis. In each instance, the caller catches the hosts and guests completely off-guard.

Chaz Bono is saving up cash for penis surgery

Chaz Bono, Sonny and Cher’s transgender son, recently said that he really wants to have a penis and he is saving up cash to get the procedure done.

New Jersey man dies after penis enhancement surgery

East Orange - A woman, Kasia Rivera, 34, of East Orange, New Jersey, is facing charges of homicide after she allegedly injected silicone into the penis of a 22-year-old man who wanted penis enhancement surgery.

Can shock therapy improve erectile dysfunction?

Using shock therapy to send sound waves to the penis can help men who have severe erectile dysfunction, a new study found.

Eel and penis not a good mix

Eels have habitats, and they're happy in those habitats, eels should stay there. An eel in a penis cannot be a happy eel and a penis with an eel inside can't be happy either.

Adult Circumcision Leads to Penis Amputation, Trial to Begin

The trial is set to begin in the case of a patient who had his penis amputated during a procedure to perform an adult circumcision.

Woman cut and trashed husband’s penis

Garden Grove - A 48-year-old woman allegedly cut her husband’s penis after she drugged his dinner, and then tied him to a bed. Afterwards, the wife threw the penis in a garbage disposal, turning it on. About 9 p.m. on Monday, the victim’s wife called 911.

Weiner hires lawyer, doesn't confirm if pic depicts his erection

Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner hired an attorney after a tweet of what appears to be his erect penis was sent to a woman; Weiner has also not denied the authenticity of the photograph.

Man who claims rat bit his penis during jail stay may sue

A man who claims that a rodent bit his penis while he was being held in a New York state jail permission has been given permission by a judge to go ahead with a lawsuit against county officials.

Italian Prime Minister adds a penis to historic Roman statue

Rome - Italian Prime Minister Sivlio Berlusconi is in hot water, once again. Taxpayers are upset at Berlusconi after he spent about $95,000 to attach a penis and two hands in the marble sculpture of "Venus and Mars."

Op-Ed: Should police keep searching for genitals of murdered polygamist?

Jakarta - Last week, Indonesia seemed obsessed with male genitals. First, members of the army were filmed scorching the phallus of a farmer they deemed an insurgent, then came the case of police officers searching for the dismembered missing member of a polygamist.

Woman set husband on fire to purify his genitals

Adelaide - An Australian woman who is on trial for murdering her husband said that she had only intended to burn the man’s genitals.

Katipo spider bites sunbathing tourist’s penis

After a nude romp in the waves at Northland Beach in New Zealand, a tourist got more then he bargained for when a Katipo spider bit him on the penis as he sunbathed au naturel at a popular spot for locals and vacationers.

No penis enlargement for police and army in Indonesia

In Indonesia 'macho men' do not have their penises enlarged. They face exclusion from some of the most alpha male positions in society. Political prohibitions on enlarged penises bar their owners from membership in the police and the military.
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Fen Lung s lover  Zhang Hung  visits him at the hospital
Fen Lung's lover, Zhang Hung, visits him at the hospital
After a bloody  30 minute battle  the man was able to get the python to release his penis from its j...
After a bloody, 30 minute battle, the man was able to get the python to release his penis from its jaws.
Arteries and structures of the penis
Arteries and structures of the penis
Lateral cross section of the penis
Lateral cross section of the penis
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Fan Lung beats his wife Feng outside the hospital after she cut off his penis a second time.
Fan Lung beats his wife Feng outside the hospital after she cut off his penis a second time.

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