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Pee News

Need to pee in the night is linked to salt intake

Nagasaki - The need to urinate in the night is linked with the amount of salt consumed in a person's diet, according to a new medical study. The solution to waking up in the night to pee is reduce salt intake.

In effort to fight public 'pee-ers' new coating sprays urine back

People urinating on public buildings - let's be honest, it's almost always men — are leaving behind more than their urine. That's unpleasant enough but there's also the issue of smell. Well, there may be something to be done about it.

FacePalm Friday: Man pees on fellow plane passenger

Lyon - On Monday afternoon, an unruly passenger on an Air Mediterranee flight to Paris decided he would urinate on another passenger.

Conservative quits race after video of him peeing in cup surfaces

A Conservative candidate running in a Toronto-area riding in the upcoming Canadian federal election has dropped out of the race. Why? Because of something being referred to on social media as "#peegate."

Google Maps shows an Android peeing on an Apple logo in Pakistan

An image of an Android urinating on an Apple logo has been spotted on Google Maps. Clearly visible on the company's renowned mapping service, it is joined by a message nearby that pokes fun at Google's content review policies.

Rats with spinal injuries learn to urinate freely

Baltimore - Rats, in a new study, regained bladder control following a new treatment that coaxed severed nerves to grow back. It is hoped that the research can be applied to humans.

How pelvic muscles help delay urination

Needing to pee is an uncomfortable experience. There is a reason why we are (mostly) able to control urination. Scientists have revealed neural underpinnings of the involuntary flexing of the pelvic floor, which help us delay urination.

Which direction does your canine friend face when going potty?

Quite the odd question. Nevertheless, scientists took a keen interest in answering the question: do dogs align their body axis with respect to the Earth’s magnetic field lines when seeking to relieve their bowels and bladders?

What's in urine? The contents revealed

The first comprehensive analysis of human urine has been undertaken and identifies more than 3,000 metabolites. Each component can be viewed via an online database.

Singer Kesha says she drank her own pee

American singer Kesha revealed to BBC 1 Radio that she once drank her own pee. She said she drank it while filming a documentary.

Glenn Beck dips Obama doll in 'pee,' offers it for $25,000

After Michael D'Antuono offended many with his painting of Obama as the crucified Jesus, Glenn Beck decided to answer the artist's argument about his "First Amendment rights" with his own piece of "art work," an Obama doll submerged in urine.

Video: Dog pees on electric fence

A YouTube video has gone viral showing what happens when a member of the animal kingdom learns the hard way about how effectively water can channel electricity.

Ryan Lochte admits peeing in Olympic pool

America's latest golden boy in the pool candidly admitted to urinating in the Olympic pool while warming up for his impressive swimming feats.

Airline asks passengers to pee before flying

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways is asking its passengers to use the bathroom before they board the plane in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions.

Pee Powered Batteries On Sale in Japan

In February the Pee Powered battery was in the testing phase in Japan. Now it would seem they have made it to the store for the Japanese to buy and use. NoPoPo (Non-Pollution Power) Aqua Batteries are available in both AA and AAA form.

Google Buys Internet Word Processor Signalling New Rivalry against Microsoft

Digital Journal — In yet another move poised to shake-up the tech industry, Google has purchased a small Silicon Valley start-up called Upstartle, a company that has a word processing application known as Writely. Positioning itself more aggressivel..

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