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Pedophile News

Jared Fogle's ex-wife sues Subway for emotional distress

The ex-wife of former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle launched a lawsuit against the sandwich company. Katie McLaughlin claims Subway learned years ago her husband was a pedophile but failed to report him to police or do anything about it.

Judge's son to avoid jail time despite child porn conviction

Sydney - A man convicted of collecting a cache of child abuse, and the son of a prominent Australian legal family is likely to avoid jail time following a guilty plea to possessing child pornography.

Florida father pummels accused pederast

Daytona Beach - All men are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law, but that didn't stop one Florida father from delivering swift, violent justice on a man he allegedly found touching his son.

Pedophile sting finds dwarf in van, urine

Longwood - Christopher Lanning embarked on an 18-hour cross-country journey to Florida with the intent of sleeping with an underage girl.

‘Facebook pedophiles’ being exposed by Anonymous Special

Pages on Facebook distributing images of teen and pre-teen children in suggestive poses have become the targets of the Anonymous collective. Prior to the collective’s involvement the pages were reported to Facebook, but were not taken down.

Pedophile arrested after burglar tipped off Spanish police

Jaén, Spain — It's not often that a thief can actually help the police in their work. In this case, a burglar tipped the police off after finding incriminating video tapes of child sex abuse when robbing a man's home.

Inside Anonymous’ war on pedophiles Special

Anonymous, known for their anti-establishment operations, takes on the dark world of child pornography and sexual abuse using online and real-world methods in a new series of operations. Spektre Mous talks freely about some of the inner workings.

Spanish police arrest Irish priest accused of child sexual abuse

Arona - National Police in Tenerife have located an 85-year-old Irish priest accused of sexually abusing three altar boys for years. He was detained under a European arrest warrant.

Wrongly pardoned pedophile arrested by Spanish Police

Murcia - The Spanish pedophile who was recently "accidentally" pardoned by King Mohamed VI of Morocco has now been arrested in Murcia by Spanish police, according to Spain's Interior Ministry.

Moroccan royal pardon of Spanish pedophile 'a mistake'

Rabat - Convicted two years ago of sexually abusing 11 children aged between three and 15 and handed a 30-year sentence, Daniel Galván Viña has apparently been "mistakenly" pardoned by the King of Morocco.

Nigeria's 'Pedophile Charter': Senators who voted 'yes' published

Outrage has followed the move by some members of the Nigerian Senate to legalize pedophilia under the guise of "Islamic tradition." A list of Senators who allegedly voted in favor of underage marriage has been published.

Dutch pedophile Robert M. sentenced to 19 years in prison

Amsterdam - A Dutch pedophile's repeal of an 18-year sentence backfired as he was subsequently sentenced to 19 years in prison, after which he'll also have to submit to psychiatric treatment in a closed facility.

Toronto police lay sex tourism charges against senior citizen

Toronto - In what was a first for the Toronto Police Service, charges were brought against a Toronto man for offences against children that allegedly occurred in Cuba.

Op-Ed: How plausible is the Great Paedophile Cover Up?

In the wake of the Jimmy Savile affair, all manner of allegations have been made about the high and mighty, the rich and famous. How much substance is there to these claims?

Britain's most dangerous paedophile gaoled for life

If you thought Jimmy Savile was bad, you haven't heard of Red Saunders. Hopefully you will never hear of him again. Yesterday, he was handed down a life sentence at the Central Criminal Court.

Australia's Catholic Church admits 620 child sex abuse cases

Melbourne - The Roman Catholic Church in Australia's state of Victoria has admitted that hundreds of children have been sexually abused since the 1930s.

Anti-gay moralizing reverend convicted of masturbating in park

New Orleans - A prominent Louisiana Christian pastor, well known for his anti-gay stand, has been convicted of obscenity after being caught masturbating at a public park, near a children's playground last year.

English Defence League (EDL) Keighley demo

Keighley - The EDL will hold a Regional Demo in Keighley, West Yorkshire; 12 miles from Bradford, on Saturday, 4 August, to highlight politically correct inaction against child sex grooming gangs.

Pedophile wanted in Arizona nabbed in British Columbia

Delta - Police in Delta, B.C. announced they have taken George Ross Wilcox, 53, into custody. He is wanted in Arizona after skipping out during his trial for molesting his quadriplegic stepson.

Video: Sex crime in progress — alleged pedophile stalks kids

Hialeah - Police have arrested a man who allegedly stalked children around department stores and performed sex acts on himself after attracting their attention. Police say he was arrested after he was found stalking three girls through a store.

US American convicted for abusing underage Cambodian boys

Phnom Penh - A Cambodian court has sentenced an American man to 10 years in prison for sexually abusing two minors. The man is Philip Bruce Shepard, 69, a doctor from Michigan.

Catholic pedophile case: Fugitive abbot urged to turn himself in

London - Former Abbot of Ealing Abbey Laurence Soper, wanted on allegations of pedophile abuses at a Catholic school in London, has been urged to turn himself in. The former abbot, who skipped bail last month, is believed to be living in an Italian monastery.

Catholic pedophile investigator jailed for child pornography

Plymouth - Christopher Jarvis, a man appointed pedophile investigator and "child safeguarding officer" for the Diocese of Plymouth, South West England, has been jailed 12 months for possession of thousands of child pornographic images.

Catholic order to pay $18 million to child sex-abuse victims

Montreal - A Roman Catholic order which runs an elite boys private boarding school in Montreal, on Thursday, signed an out-of-court settlement of a class-action lawsuit involving allegations of sexual abuse of school boys.

Kate Gosselin stalked on Twitter, fans alert her

Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 is reported to have been stalked by a Twitter follower claiming to be a pedophile. Her other followers repeatedly alerted her about the situation.

10-year anniversary of Christopher's Law in Ontario

Orillia - The murder of 11-year-old Christopher Stephenson should never have had a chance to happen. In 1988 young Christopher's life was taken by a man who was a convicted pedophile in Brampton.

Op-Ed: Sarkozy’s ‘you are a pedophile’ remark to a journalist

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is well known to be about as hard as they come with the media, but he even outdid himself last Friday with his crusty comments at the NATO summit. Was he being pertinently funny or downright insulting?

Man convinces moms to molest their kids, let him view sex acts

Redford - Cops say a Michigan man manipulated women in three states to molest their own children and let him view by webcam or photographs the women took of the sex acts.

Op-Ed: My name is not Sweetie - I am your customer. Please call me Sir

There is a problem in American business that seems to have grown to epidemic proportions. It is a problem that has caused millions of patrons unnecessary pain, anger, aggravation and discomfort.

Letter shows Ratzinger put church before removing abusing priest

The future Pope Benedict XVI put the good of the Catholic Church before pleas to defrock a California priest with a history of child molestation, according to a 1985 letter bearing his signature, it has just emerged.
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A pedophile was arrested in Jaen  Spain after a tip off from a burglar about incriminating video tap...
A pedophile was arrested in Jaen, Spain after a tip off from a burglar about incriminating video tapes.
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