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Pediatrics News

Gene linked to pediatric kidney cancer

Boston - A type of pediatric kidney cancer has been linked to a specific gene, called Lin28, according to new research. Understanding this could lead to a new treatment.

Pediatricians admit to prescribing deadly drugs to healthy kids

Pediatricians are now touting the use of psychotropic drugs like Adderall on children who do not have attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), even though these drugs are known to cause seizures, hallucinations and sudden death in some cases.

Report suggests most children are unable to control bed-wetting

A report recently released in the Canadian Medical Association Journal states that bed-wetting is not within the child's control, that the problem is physical. The report lists three of the most common reasons and possible treatments.

3-year old stroke victim defies the odds, learns to walk and talk

After their baby had a stroke while still in the womb, Sharon and Shaun McLaughlin were told their daughter Caitlin would never walk, speak, or be able to see. Now, three years later, their little girl has defied the odds and shocked UK doctors.

Postpartum also experienced by new dads, new study shows

Postpartum depression has always been linked to new mothers. A recent study conducted by a team of pediatricians at the University of Michigan has discovered that this affects new dads as well.

Study: Energy drinks pose health risk to children, young adults

Data gathered during a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Miami have shown that consumption of energy drinks by young adults and children can lead to a number of health problems.

How a laptop PC can lead to 'toasted skin syndrome'

A laptop left on your thighs for too long can result in the oddly named "toasted skin syndrome", according to a report published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

Study shows educational DVDs do not expand infant vocabulary

Infant language learning does not appear to improve after exposure to educational videos. Experts encourage parents to be cautious of educational companies that claim their products can augment a young child's language development.

Op-Ed: ADHD medication causing suicide issues in 5 year olds

ADHD, a controversy in its own right, has just had some fuel added to the flames by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. At least 30 kids had “psychotic episodes”. 827 children have had severe reactions to the drugs in the last three years.

Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA Launches Nanopediatrics Program

Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA announced the launch of the Mattel UCLA NanoPediatrics Program, which will explore the future of personalized medicine for children, including the opportunities and risks involved.

Study: One out of 10 Children Harmed by Hospital Drug Errors

A new study found 11 per cent of hospitalized children in the U.S. were given wrong drugs or accidental overdoses. Researchers also noted that 22 per cent of these medical errors were preventable.

Study Indicates Ritalin May Have Negative Effect On Young Brain Chemistry

Between 2 to 18 percent of US children are believed to suffer from ADHD. Ritalin remains the most widely prescribed medication for this illness. Results from the first study ever done to determine effects on brain chemistry have been released.

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