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Peace News

Pakistan says second round of Afghan-Taliban talks postponed

Islamabad - A second round of talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban has been postponed, Pakistan's foreign office said Thursday, following the reported death of the insurgents' leader Mullah Omar.

Cyprus rivals grapple hot-button issues in UN peace talks

Nicosia - Rival Cypriot leaders Monday turned their sights on the hot-button issues of property and territorial adjustment that for decades have blocked any peace deal on their divided island, the United Nations said.

Support for Cyprus reunification 'encouraging': UN adviser

New York - UN Security Council backing for the reunification of Cyprus is "encouraging," though no timetable is in the cards, the United Nations Special Adviser on Cyprus said Wednesday.

Afghan Taliban leader hails 'legitimate' peace talks

Kabul - Taliban leader Mullah Omar Wednesday hailed as "legitimate" peace talks aimed at ending Afghanistan's 13-year war, in his first comments on the nascent dialogue, easing concerns that it lacked the leadership's backing.

Doubts and divisions among commanders as Taliban talk peace

Kabul - Talks last week between Afghan and Taliban negotiators were hailed by officials as a major breakthrough, but insurgent commanders on the ground have responded far more sceptically, highlighting the huge challenges facing the embryonic peace process.

Libya groups agree peace deal without Tripoli parliament

Rabat - Libyan political parties and members of civil society initialled a UN-proposed peace accord in Morocco, despite the absence of a rival parliament not recognised by the international community.

Cyprus leaders want EU-based peace settlement

Nicosia - Rival Cypriot leaders said after negotiations on Friday that any UN-brokered peace settlement for their divided island would be based on European Union principles.

Kabul plans detailed Taliban talks on ending bloodshed

Kabul - Afghan negotiators said Thursday their next round of talks with the Taliban would focus in detail on ways to end bloodshed in the country, wracked by nearly 40 years of war.

Colombia's FARC rebels announce one-month ceasefire

Estanzuela - Colombia's leftist FARC rebels announced Wednesday they will observe a one-month unilateral ceasefire in response to an international appeal for an urgent de-escalation in the country's decades-old conflict.

Mediators want 'urgent de-escalation' in Colombia

Havana - Four countries supporting peace talks between the Colombian government and FARC rebels called Tuesday for an "urgent de-escalation" of armed conflict, as 1,200 terrified indigenous people fled more heavy fighting.

FARC negotiator demands strong gestures from Colombia president

Havana - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos must make strong gestures to avoid another half-century of conflict in the South American nation, a commander for the FARC rebel group told AFP.

Cyprus stages play for peace at reopened landmark

Famagusta - Cyprus's Othello Tower, named after the ill-fated Shakespearean hero, reopened Thursday after a facelift with a performance of the tragedy that organisers hope will spread unity among long-divided communities.

Libya peace talks stall again despite UN sanctions threat

Tripoli - Libya's rival governments will not return to peace talks this week after rebel forces rejected the latest proposal, defying threats the UN Security Council would impose sanctions on anyone who stands in the way of a deal.

French defence minister in Mali visit to shore up peace deal

Bamako - French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian visited Mali to show his support for a landmark peace deal agreed in the former colony to end years of unrest and ethnic divisions.

Mali's Tuareg-led rebels sign landmark peace deal

Bamako - Mali's Tuareg-led rebel alliance signed a landmark deal on Saturday to end years of unrest in a nation riven by ethnic divisions and in the grip of a jihadist insurgency.

'No agreement' as Yemen peace talks end in Geneva

Sanaa - Yemen peace talks ended in Geneva on Friday with no agreement, but the United Nations said it was still optimistic a ceasefire could be reached "pretty soon.""I won't beat around the bush.

Mali close to peace deal after militia leaves key town

Bamako - Mali's warring factions look close to signing a landmark peace deal to end years of unrest after pro-government militia leaders agreed to evacuate a flashpoint town and the government dropped arrest warrants for several rebels.

Cyprus leaders ready to tackle thorny core issues: UN

Nicosia - Rival leaders of divided Cyprus are ready to embrace the core issues of putting the island back together again, UN envoy Espen Barth Eide said after hosting talks on Wednesday.

UN envoy condemns Syria civilian deaths at end of trip

Damascus - The United Nations peace envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, ended a three-day trip to Damascus Wednesday, condemning the deaths of civilians in both government and rebel fire.

Strong momentum for Cyprus peace: UN envoy

Nicosia - There is strong international and domestic momentum behind UN-brokered peace talks aimed at reuniting Cyprus after 41 years, an "encouraged" UN envoy said Tuesday."We are on a good track right now.

Yemen rebels snub government and demand talks with Saudis

Ginebra - Iran-backed Yemeni rebels on Tuesday accused Saudi Arabia of trying to sabotage UN peace talks in Geneva and ruled out negotiations with the exiled government saying it lacked legitimacy.

US 'verifying' if top Yemen Qaeda leader killed in CIA drone strike

Ginebra - US officials are reportedly working to confirm claims that Al-Qaeda's top leader in Yemen was killed in a CIA drone strike last week, as the country's warring factions prepare for a second day of peace talks in Geneva Tuesday.

UN chief calls for immediate humanitarian truce in Yemen

Ginebra - UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Monday called for an immediate humanitarian truce in Yemen as peace talks began in Geneva and a Saudi-led Arab coalition continued aerial bombardments of the ravaged country.

High stakes in Geneva as Yemen sides meet over bloody conflict

Sanaa - Yemen's warring factions will come together for the first time in Geneva Monday in a bid to resolve the bloody conflict between Iran-backed Shiite rebels and the government of exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi.

Yemen rebels head to Geneva talks as forces gain ground

Sanaa - A delegation of Yemeni rebels headed Sunday for UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva as their forces gained ground by seizing a provincial capital near the border with Saudi Arabia.

Libya parliament 'very unhappy' over draft peace proposal

Skhirat - Libya's internationally recognised parliament is "very unhappy" over a proposed peace deal for the conflict-wracked country, its spokesman said Tuesday, throwing a damper on enthusiasm expressed by the UN envoy.

Libya rivals 'positive' on peace draft

Skhirat - Libya's warring factions have reacted positively to a draft peace agreement, the UN envoy said Tuesday, as they head for talks in Berlin with world powers anxious for an end to the conflict.

Yemen rebel ally welcomes Swiss peace talks

Sanaa - The party of Yemen's former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, a key ally of Shiite Huthi rebels, on Tuesday welcomed UN-brokered peace talks due to open in Switzerland at the weekend.

Kurds hope for Turkey peace boost from HDP surge

Diyarbakir - Turkey's Kurds are hoping the electoral success of the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) will advance their standing in parliament and spur a stuttering peace process to end decades of violence in the southeast.

Yemen's Hadi says 'no negotiations' with rebels in Geneva

Sanaa - Yemen's exiled president took a hard line Monday ahead of weekend peace talks in Geneva, ruling out negotiations with Iran-backed rebels and denouncing Tehran's "dangerous" meddling in his country.
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A brooch of a white rose, symbolising love and peace
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Harper Resign Now! ECAWAR picket.
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Raise Your Banner for Peace demonstration.
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Raise Your Banner for Peace demonstration.
Raise Your Banner for Peace demonstration.
Don t Attack Iraq! Don t Attack Syria! Peace rally in Edmonton. October 25  2014.
Don't Attack Iraq! Don't Attack Syria! Peace rally in Edmonton. October 25, 2014.
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