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Op-Ed: Facebook cryptocurrency Libra — Hopes and doubts abound, but...?

Sydney - Facebook has basically laid down the gauntlet to conventional finance with its cryptocurrency Libra. Big credit cards and PayPal have got onboard. The obvious fear in the financial sector is creating issues already.

Op-Ed: Will Facebook really start its own cryptocurrency?

Menlo Park - The ongoing rumour that Facebook will start its own cryptocurrency won't go away. At this stage, Facebook is refusing to comment, but there are a few working scenarios for this idea.

Op-Ed: Google to allow payment by PayPal in Google Pay and elsewhere

Google Pay users who add their PayPal details to their Google Pay accounts will now be able to pay their bills and purchases using PayPal. The integration will cover any app such such as Gmail, YouTube, or Google Store.

eBay climbs 15 percent on decision to abandon PayPal

eBay has announced it will abandon its long-serving payments partner PayPal. The company is bringing its payment systems in-house and will directly mediate between merchants and buyers. eBay said the change will improve the customer experience.

Facebook will now allow sending cash to friends using PayPal

Menlo Park - Facebook has for some time enabled users to send money to friends on Facebook through a tool inside their Messenger that connects to a credit or debit card but the service will become even more convenient as PayPal can now be used to make payments.

Google teams up with PayPal to make Android Pay more useful

Google has announced a new partnership with PayPal that will see the popular online payments service integrated into Android Pay. Mobile payment users will be able to complete in-store transactions using their PayPal account, adding a new way to pay.

The new PayPal: No longer going it alone Special

Brooklyn - PayPal is well-known for processing payments — $600 million daily — but it has much loftier goals, according to its president and CEO Dan Schulman: it intends to become a multi-service, global financial behemoth.

Citing anti-LGBT law, PayPal scraps planned N. Carolina expansion

PayPal announced Tuesday that it is scrapping plans to open an operations center in Charlotte, North Carolina in protest of a new state law legalizing discrimination against LGBT people.

This Nebraska woman allegedly scammed Square out of $5.7 million

Omaha - Square has been doing quite well in the mobile payments business, and the company is on the edge of going public. As is expected, the company is allowing potential investors to examine the risks and uncertainties it has to contend with.

Facebook expands payments on Messenger across the entire U.S.

Everybody in the United States can now send and receive payments using Facebook Messenger after a large expansion made the feature mainstream. Users of the app can transfer funds with their friends quickly using just a compatible debit card.

New York City could allow Apple Pay for paying parking tickets

New York City - New York City's finance department is looking into new methods of payment for parking tickets that include Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and PayPal transactions, MarketWatch reports.

Burger King and PayPal join forces

PayPal and Burger King have joined forces so consumers can can use the payment system offline to buy dinner, lunch or breakfast at Burger King.

Can PayPal survive splitting from eBay?

Plans have been approved for PayPal to separate from eBay and form its own independent business. PayPal is currently responsible for handling one of every six dollars spent online and are looking to increase that figure.

PayPal to separate from eBay

E-commerce site eBay is is to split away its payments division PayPal. This will mean that the e-bank will be run as a separate company, with eBay's relationship being that of an "arm's length" owner.

PayPal officially allowing shops to accept Bitcoin

New York - As of today, PayPal is officially entering the world of all-digital money. The payment processing company will start accepting payments from customers that are using Bitcoin.

PayPal freezes thousands of dollars in mail funds over encryption

PayPal froze the donations of an encrypted mail site on Tuesday citing concerns about government approval. Now they are simply claiming the entire event was a glitch in their system.

Icahn changes course, urges eBay to sell 20 percent of PayPal

Activist investor Carl Icahn on Wednesday called on eBay Inc to sell 20 percent of its PayPal payments unit in an initial public offering, a change in tack from his previous call for a complete spinoff.

PayPal president's credit card gets hacked

Despite running a global business that is designed to hold hackers at bay, PayPal president David Marcus has tweeted that someone used a skimming device to clone his credit card while he was in the U.K.

PayPal launches mobile payment service in Asia

This week PayPal's Asia Pacific division took a leap forward in online payment system technology – one that could change the way you pay for nearly everything.

Facebook making a push for mobile commerce

Are consumers ready for Facebook as an online shopping destination? That's the burning billion-dollar question that social, retail, and marketing analysts are attempting to answer Friday,

New PayPal app could replace your wallet

San Jose - The smartphone has changed how we manage our daily lives at home and work. We reply to email, schedule meetings, video conference, watch movies, listen to music, play video games, and even pay bills with them.

Man becomes quadrillionaire after PayPal makes an error

A man in the United States became an instant quadrillionaire after PayPal made a mistake and deposited 17-figures into his account.

Paypal looks to the future with Paypal Galactic

Paypal is already known as one of the most popular methods of making financial transactions online across the globe. Now, along with the SETI Institute, the company has decided to take a huge step forward with Paypal Galactic - a space currency.

PayPal and other payment processors to be investigated by FED

The U.S. Federal Reserve is investigating possible risks in online payment processors such as PayPal Inc. as well as Bitcoin, the virtual currency.

Teenager says PayPal denied him reward for finding website bug

A 17-year-old teen, who is a student from Germany, says that PayPal has denied him a reward for finding a vulnerability in its site.

PayPal's security officer says passwords should be obliterated

PayPal's security boss said that he would like to see a better way for people to gain access to their internet accounts.

Billionaire entrepreneur wants vegetarian-only colony on Mars

Elon Musk, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal and the one in charge of creating SpaceX, wants a colony on Mars for 80,000 people. Only one problem, they must all be vegetarians.

WordPress to start accepting Bitcoin as method of payment

Atlanta -, the popular blogging platform, announced Friday that it will now be accepting Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency that is the most widely used virtual currency, as a method of payment.

Anonymous hacks PayPal as part of Operation Vendetta

The hacker group Anonymous is at it again, this time targeting Paypal and numerous other sites, claiming it to be part of the group's “November 5th protest.”

'Beat the Blockade' — WikiLeaks open for donations via France

London - WikiLeaks is now open for donations, as they have found yet another way around the banking blockade by Visa and MasterCard, through a French non-profit.
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Paypal Image

eBay / PayPal office campus
eBay / PayPal office campus
File photo
Beware  the top entry here is not for Paypal but a premium rate service.
Beware, the top entry here is not for Paypal but a premium rate service.
Dan Schulman  PayPal s CEO and President
Dan Schulman, PayPal's CEO and President
 Majority of Canadians comfortable with cashless future  PayPal Canada study finds.
"Majority of Canadians comfortable with cashless future, PayPal Canada study finds.
CNW / PayPal
While PayPal secures their own site with multiple encryption methods they are not as fond about the ...
While PayPal secures their own site with multiple encryption methods they are not as fond about the encryption from a few clients.
Scott Thompson  president of PayPal  is Yahoo s new CEO.
Scott Thompson, president of PayPal, is Yahoo's new CEO.
Courtesy Paypal
Peter Theil at the Hy! Summit - March 19  2014
Peter Theil at the Hy! Summit - March 19, 2014
Heisenberg Media//Dan Taylor
This is a typical phishing scam. Paypal will always address you by name. This one came to my main e-...
This is a typical phishing scam. Paypal will always address you by name. This one came to my main e-mail account, to which my Paypal account is not registered.
Beware  this is not Paypal but a premium rate telephone service; you are the one who will be paying ...
Beware, this is not Paypal but a premium rate telephone service; you are the one who will be paying the premium.
PayPal CEO Dan Schulman announced the company would scrap plans to expand in Charlotte  North Caroli...
PayPal CEO Dan Schulman announced the company would scrap plans to expand in Charlotte, North Carolina, citing that state's recently-passed anti-LGBT law.
PopTech/Flickr Creative Commons
PayPal headquaters outside Omaha  NE in the US.
PayPal headquaters outside Omaha, NE in the US.
Michael Sauers (CC BY 2.0)

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