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US Soccer president resigns amid gender equity dispute

New York - US Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro resigned on Thursday as the federation was slammed by superstar Megan Rapinoe for "blatant sexism" in its latest response to a gender discrimination lawsuit by the US women's team.

US Soccer boss apologizes after Coca-Cola rips 'offensive' claims

Los Angeles - Coca-Cola slammed US Soccer after the federation claimed in court documents that playing for the men's national team carries more responsibility and requires a higher level of skill than that demanded of women players.

Is the answer to workplace innovation competitive pay?

If innovation is the key to businesses surviving in a competitive marketplace, how can firms ensure that innovative ideas flow from their workforce? How can businesses encourage risk taking and lateral thinking?

Renault board blocks payouts to Ghosn worth 10 million euros

Paris - Renault said Wednesday that its board has decided not to pay out the equivalent of two years of salary to ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn which would have been due to him under a non-compete clause in his contract.

Flights scrapped as Berlin airports brace for Monday strike

Berlin - Hundreds of German passengers were facing travel upheaval on Monday with security staff at Berlin's two airports set to walk out in a pay dispute.

How technology helps millennials to save: Q&A Special

Many people, find it hard to save. Trends suggest workers paid biweekly are 50 percent more likely to need cash between paydays than those paid weekly. David Claffey, Head of Communications at fintech company Earnin explains more.

France to 'name and shame' companies that pay women less

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday marked International Women's Day with a pledge to "name and shame" companies that pay women less than men for the same work.

Iceland to make equal pay the law for men and women

Stockholm - Iceland's parliament on Tuesday presented a bill that would require public and private businesses to prove they offer equal pay to employees, in what would be the first such requirement in the world.

Iceland MPs get big pay rise despite scandals

Reykjav - Lawmakers in Iceland are to receive a 44 percent pay rise just six months after then prime minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson resigned in a tax-evasion scandal, officials announced Tuesday.

Google may have to pay publishers when content shows in results

Lawmakers in Europe are proposing an update to copyright law. If the proposal passes and is implemented, then news aggregators, such as Google News, may change the way they show news to you.

Finland plans to give citizens in the country $870 per month

Finland is drawing up plans to introduce a basic income for its citizens. The final proposal will be presented in late 2016, and if everything goes as planned, the government will give €800 ($870) to everyone.

Ikea to pay workers in the UK more than the living wage in 2016

Ikea, the Swedish firm, is set to become the first national retailer in the United Kingdom to pay staff above the government's National Living Wage.

New way of paying with your face being tested by MasterCard

Recently, MasterCard announced that it wants to add a layer of biometric security to its credit cards and all their customers have to do is take a selfie.

Taylor Swift tells Apple to pay artists for free trials

Over the weekend Taylor Swift penned an open letter to Apple. She explained why her album wouldn't be available on the new Apple Music service, which launches at the end of this month.

Op-Ed: Wal-Mart violated minimum wage laws

San Fransisco - Wal-Mart, one of the biggest employers in the world and a company that enjoyed a net income of $15.4 billion in 2015, has been found guilty of not paying the minimum wage in California.

Contactless payments to be accepted in 'every' EU store by 2020

Mastercard's head of emerging payment products has said that contactless payments with cards and phones will be accepted at every store in the UK and Europe before 2020, sparking a debate on whether this will actually be possible.

Early issues with Apple Pay are putting off users, says study

A study has revealed that early issues with Apple Pay are causing many earlier patriots to neglect regular use of the service. 47% of users have experienced issues in stores advertised as Apple Pay friendly.

Image shows woman paid to manipulate App Store rankings

An image posted to Chinese social media site Weibo allegedly shows a "ranking farm" of racks of iPhones that are used to manipulate ratings and reviews of apps in the App Store.

Women paid far less than men in universities

Why are there so few women in academia? New research suggests that perceptions of a need for brilliance to excel in a field of study contribute to its relatively low numbers of women.

Apple pay could be signal of much bigger trend

When Apple recently announced its intention to release two new iPhones and the revolutionary Apple Watch, something got lost in the mix.

Man ordered to pay $30K child support bill for kid that isn't his

The state of Michigan is demanding that a man pay thousands of dollars for a kid that isn't his, or he could go to prison.

Pay day loan middlemen complaints double in UK this year

Earlier this week, the Financial Ombudsman Service in the UK reported how it had seen complaints about so-called "middlemen" to pay day loan providers more than double this year.

Pay for transport or phone credit by recycling bottles in Beijing

Beijing - A new system introduced in Beijing is allowing people to get free phone card rebates or passes to public transport in exchange for simply recycling a used drinks bottle.

Tech giants 'conspired to hold down salaries'

Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe have settled a class action case alleging they conspired to hold down salaries of over 65,000 employees.

Sweden's six-hour workday experiment

Gothenburg - In hopes that it will cut down on sick leave, boost efficiency, and ultimately save Sweden money, municipal staff in Gothenburg will experiment with six-hour full-pay workdays.

Italy to cap top salaries at public companies

Milan - Italy will cap salaries at some of the country's biggest public companies, the new government of 39-year-old Matteo Renzi announced on Friday, though some major groups will be exempt.

Retail success at John Lewis means staff bonus for all

London - Far from the astronomical incentives accorded to a select few at Britain's banks, clothes-to-food retailer John Lewis Partnership is paying all its staff an annual bonus worth 15 percent of their salaries, earning praise for its co-operative structure....

Bank of England mulls clawback of bankers' bonuses

London - The Bank of England said Thursday it was consulting on recovering bonuses paid to bankers in the event of misconduct, with such a mechanism possibly in place as soon as 2015.The BoE said the move was aimed at maintaining financial stability after banks...

Barclays pays nearly 500 bankers more than 1 million pounds

Barclays <BARC.L> paid almost 500 staff more than 1 million pounds ($1.67 million) last year, prompting criticism that pay is still too high and that banks have not changed their w...

Programs to redistribute income good for growth: IMF

Washington - The International Monetary Fund came out Wednesday in support of the fight against income inequality, with Fund economists saying income redistribution efforts can strengthen economic growth.Plunging into a debate over the gap between rich and poor tha...
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