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Major Trump defeat as Republicans pull Obamacare repeal bill

Washington - The repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, arguably President Donald Trump's most popular promise to his supporters, was indefinitely delayed Friday as House Speaker Paul Ryan withdrew the proposed American Health Care Act from consideration.

Op-Ed: Speaker Paul Ryan looks to punish live-streaming in Congress

House Speaker Paul Ryan is seeking a new set of rules that would prevent members of the House of Representatives from live-streaming from the floor. Members of Congress that violate the new agreement would be fined and possibly face an ethics review.

Op-Ed: Republicans' best trick yet — Making Paul Ryan seem reasonable

Washington - Just when you thought the U.S. Congress couldn't get more out-of-touch with the American people they're supposed to be representing comes this: the House of Representatives has picked Rep. Paul Ryan to be speaker.

Op-Ed: Texas Republican compares Obama to Hitler, spells 'Adolf' wrong

Washington D.c. - Congressman Randy Weber is catching plenty of heat for his tweet comparing Obama to Hitler and he has apologized...sort of. Weber criticized Obama for not attending the massive rally in Paris following recent brutal terrorism-fueled attacks.

Op-Ed: Paul Ryan counting his chickens advocating budget reconciliation

Washington - Rep. Paul Ryan, in anticipation of victory in the midterms, is counting Senate Republican chickens before they are hatched. Ryan is recommending the Senate eliminate the filibuster rule of 60 votes, making it easier to pass deficit-reducing legislation.

CNN/IRC poll: It's Clinton and Christie in 2016 White House race

According to the latest CNN / ORC International poll on the possible candidates for the 2016 presidential election, the contest may be between Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie.

Six GOP 2016 hopefuls to appear at New York City event

Six potential Republican candidates for President of the United States in 2016 will appear at an event in New York City next month. The six include Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Rick Synder.

Op-Ed: US Senate and House Budgets - A clash of ideology

Washington - The Democrat controlled Senate passed its first federal budget in four years with a narrow vote of 50-49. Earlier the House of Representatives passed the Ryan budget 221-207. While these budgets will not pass Congress, they show a clash of ideologies.

President Paul Ryan? 2016 White House bid now 'realistic' he says

2012 Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan said Sunday that while he has no future plans to run for House speaker, running for president in 2016 has become “more realistic” due to his experience last fall.

Republicans react to an inaugural speech seen as deeply partisan

In the hours following the ceremonies that marked President Obama's second inauguration, the leading voices of the Republican Party made their positions known.

White House informs Congressman Ryan it will miss budget deadline

Citing the late conclusion of the 'fiscal cliff' negotiation, the White House informed House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan that it would not submit a budget on time - an action that is required by law.

Romney to donors: I lost because Obama gave 'gifts' to key voters

Mitt Romney is the latest person to weigh-in on his loss to US President Barack Obama in the 2012 US Presidential Elections. In a call to donors, Romney explained the reasons he lost.

Video: Paul Ryan weighs in on US President Obama's re-election

GOP Rep Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is the latest to weigh in on why Mitt Romney lost to President Barack Obama on Election Night.

Paul Ryan: Obama's policies threaten Judeo-Christian values

As Election Day on November 6 draws closely near, Paul Ryan the GOP VP candidate has made a last ditch attack saying that Obama's policies "threaten Judeo-Christian values."

One day until US Election Day, Palin finally 'endorses' Romney

With Election Day being one day away, Sarah Palin, the former VP running mate to John McCain in 2008, gives her last-minute endorsement to Mitt Romney.

Romney's stance on FEMA questioned after Hurricane Sandy

While state and local governments and citizens begin the enormous task of assessing the damage left in Hurricane Sandy's wake, many are thankful the federal government and FEMA are there to help them with the process. Romney once questioned funding FEMA.

Angry Republicans target soup kitchen over Paul Ryan 'photo op'

Youngstown - In the wake of Paul Ryan’s soup kitchen photo op, his supporters have targeted the kitchen with angry phone calls and have been withholding donations, hurting its ability to feed the city's poor and homeless.

Brillo-Gate: Paul Ryan slammed for soup kitchen 'photo op'

Youngstown - Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s 15-minute visit Saturday to an empty Ohio soup kitchen was no more than a staged photo op, said the charity’s president. "He did nothing!"

Racist shirt at Romney rally outrages many Special

Lancaster - There were a lot of supporters that came out to hear Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan during their campaign stop in Lancaster, Ohio, and at least one of them proudly showed his racist side.

Biden embassy comment draws foreign policy scrutiny

Washington - Friday, the New York Times published an alarming and potentially damaging report for the Obama campaign over the administration’s handling of the Libya embassy attack.

Ryan statement untrue, Biden and Romney agree on tax plan

During the vice presidential debate Thursday night, Paul Ryan stated the tax plan he and Romney are proposing has been done before and worked.

RNC publishes Internet ad of Joe Biden 'Laughing at the Issues'

Danville - A lot of pundits and viewers agreed that United States Vice President Joe Biden's constant smiling and laughing was off-putting, but a significant amount of people concur that he was the victor in the lone VP debate.

TSA agents caught performing security checks at Romney event

Van Meter - In what appears to be a growing trend, TSA agents were seen conducting screenings at an Iowa campaign event for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Biden keeps Ryan on the ropes in Danville Special

Danville - From the beginning of the Vice Presidential debate in Danville, KY on Thursday night, Vice President Joe Biden went on the offensive, and he never backed down.

Preview: What to expect in the U.S. vice-presidential debate

Danville - Vice President Joe Biden will step on the stage at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky for tonight’s vice- presidential debate in the role of the relief pitcher for the starter who seemingly got knocked off his game.

Op-Ed: Top five vice presidential debate moments in U.S. TV history

Danville - Tonight, the only United States vice presidential debate will take place between Vice President Joe Biden and the Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan. This is the perfect time to look back at some of the top moments of the past VP debates.

Paul Ryan contradicts NRA Endorsement Ad

Flint - During an interview with a Flint Michigan reporter, Paul Ryan stated President Obama is not proposing more gun laws, a statement in direct opposition to a recent NRA Victory Fund advertisement.

Paul Ryan speaks to America's Youth for Bad Lip Reading

Dubuque - In an obvious satire Paul Ryan speaks in a video diary with which the Republican Party's nominee for vice president has some fun on YouTube and other social media

'Gangnam Style' parody skewers Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan

A parody music video based on Korean rapper Psy's global mega-hit "Gangnam Style" skewers Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan.

Op-Ed: Paul Ryan fails again to offer details of Republican tax cut plan

In an issue beginning to dog the Republican's campaign in the U.S. 2012 Presidential race, Paul Ryan again failed to detail the GOPs tax cut plans. The party's V.P. nominee stumbled when asked about the plan today on 'Fox News Sunday'.
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Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan
Gage Skidmore
RUNNING MATE: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Ohio) addresses a campaign rally for Republican Party president...
RUNNING MATE: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Ohio) addresses a campaign rally for Republican Party presidential nominee MItt Romney in August 2012.
monkeyz_uncle/Wikimedia Commons
Mitt Romney with Paul Ryan
Mitt Romney with Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan campaigning in Pennsylvania.
Paul Ryan campaigning in Pennsylvania.
Roger Barone/Talk Radio News Service
Republican Paul Ryan
Republican Paul Ryan
Republican Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan
Republican Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan
Gage Skidmore
Paul Ryan  Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin s 1st district
Paul Ryan, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin's 1st district
Gage Skidmore
Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan giving remarks at the AARP convention in New Orlean...
Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan giving remarks at the AARP convention in New Orleans Friday, Sept. 21, 2012.
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