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Clinical trials are adapating with new tech in the COVID era

The coronavirus pandemic has driven many healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to explore novel ways to continue to develop clinical trials for the evaluation of new medicines. This includes digital tools.

Millions of patients' data exposed on database without password Special

New has emerged that Dr. Lal PathLabs, a laboratory testing giant in India, left a massive amount of patient data exposed on a public database without a password for several months.

Argentina exposes COVID-19 health data in error Special

Argentina's health officials have apparently exposed personal medical data relating to some 115,000 COVID-19 quarantine exemption applicants, in what represents a major health sector data breach.

New framework proposed to protect patient data and privacy

Health data is a valuable commodity and while many people take steps to protect their privacy this often becomes an uphill struggle, given the number of loopholes. How can patient consent be better sought? A new framework has been proposed.

New clinical trial to treat patients with suspected COVID-19

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given specialty biotech, FSD Pharma, permission to submit an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) for the use of FSD-201 (ultramicronized palmitoylethanolamide, or ultramicronized PEA) to treat COVID-19.

Q&A: Collaboration turns nuclear bombs into medicine Special

Phoenix, a leading nuclear technology company, and SHINE Medical, a medical isotope production company, are turning nuclear bombs into medicine, used for medical imaging for Cancer and Heart Screenings.

Q&A: Patients prefer a provider who offers telemedicine services Special

A telehealth survey of nearly 400 U.S. patients finds a growing interest in and impressions of video conferencing as a replacement for in-person doctor visits. Consumers are gravitating towards providers of such services.

DHS sends out cyber warning about medical devices Special

Following new independent research, the Department of Homeland Security has re-issued a warning about cybersecurity vulnerabilities in medical devices. Dr. May Wang explains more about the issues behind the warning.

Endolysin technology looks set to replace antibiotics

The biotechnology company Micreos has raised €30 Million in funding for endolysin technology, a medical technology that could be set to replace antibiotics and overcome some of the challenges of antimicrobial resistance.

Innovation in remote patient monitoring

London - Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust Hospital's at-home team are deploying a new AI-enabled wearable device to remotely monitor patients after they are discharged from the hospital.

Q&A: Making the patient a key part of the treatment Special

In contrast to traditional therapeutics, personalized cell therapies often make the patient a key part of the treatment. Vineti, Inc. and Tessa Therapeutics are partnering to change the way personalized therapies are developed, in Asia.

Four startups disrupting healthcare for doctors and patients

Healthcare-focused startups are continuously producing technological developments for both healthcare professionals and patients to help improve quality of life and quality of care. Here are four startups applying new technologies to the industry.

Using blockchain to improve global health: Interview Special

A new startup called Nano Vision, wants to usher in a new era of outcomes in global health by removing borders to make important data accessible to all. The aim is to achieve this with blockchain.

Risks of poorly designed electronic health records

There are many advantages with electronic health records, from avoiding lost files to portability. However, if records are not well-designed this can put patients at risk.

Improving patient engagement with new application Special

CareThrough is a 360° care management solution designed to improve quality of care and patient engagement, offering a new way to help navigate these value-based requirements. To find out more about this digital health offering we spoke with Craig Newman.

Blockchain technology drives healthy patient behavior: Interview Special

The company MintHealth offers a global decentralized health platform built on blockchain technology and designed to drive healthy patient behavior. To understand how this works, Digital Journal interviewed Dr. Samir Damani.

How augmented reality is helping medics

Medical professionals are making greater use of augmented reality, including Google glass. Imaging systems are assisting with everything from surgery to training the next generation of physicians.

How motion tracking technology aids healthcare: Interview Special

Motion tracking technology might be more closely associated with the entertainment industry, but it has other applications. In healthcare it can advance patient recovery through remote solutions. To find out more we spoke with a leading expert.

Health technology to address patient ‘no shows’

Seattle - A new predictive scheduling solution for healthcare services has been launched. Called Sibyl, the platform aims to reduce the financial and operational impact from patient ‘no shows’.

Digital communication helps young patient engagement

Warwick - How can younger people be helped with their healthcare needs? This includes taking medications and looking after themselves? The answer seems to be the use of digital communication, according to a new study.

Which county has the best health service?

Amsterdam - Which country has the best healthcare system configured to meet the demands of future health needs? This question has been answered by Philips through the Future Health Index, and the answers are surprising.

Israel helping wounded Syrians

As the carnage continues in Syria, Israel is taking in wounded along it's border. The humanitarian effort continues, regardless of the factions patients belong to.

Nevada agrees to pay San Francisco for mental patient transfer

San Francisco - Nevada will reimburse San Francisco $400,000 for the cost of caring for 24 homeless indigents who were sent to the city with one-way bus tickets from a state psychiatric hospital in Las Vegas.

Promoting safety in U.K. hospitals

London - The U.K. government has recently launched a new health and safety initiative across the U.K. National Health Service. The new program is called “Sign Up to Safety.”

Study suggests higher mortality rates among depressed patients

Seville - Scientists in Europe have presented a study linking together depression and the likelihood that an individual will suffer heart failure.

Giving hospital gowns a makeover

There are many things about staying in hospital that are unpleasant for the patient, in addition to the procedure. These may include the environment, the food and even the gown. But one innovator wants to change what patients wear.

There's a village where dementia patients can lead a normal life

There is a Dutch village that allows those with dementia to live normal lives, while at the same time receiving proper care.

Microscopic bumps could repel hospital superbugs

New research suggests that coating surfaces in hospitals with microscopic bumps and ridges could repel hospital superbugs (or at least prevent their attachment).

New York expected to become next medical marijuana state

New York - New York could legalize medical marijuana as soon as this week after a proposal to that effect passed the state legislature on Friday.

Antimicrobial copper leads to patient safety

The U.K. health service have concluded that the use of products containing copper, which is an antimicrobial metal, is of benefit and enhances patient safety through minimizing hospital acquired infections.
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Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaks to patients and staff at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaks to patients and staff at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre.

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