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Patient News

How Vancouver Coastal Health left patient data vulnerable Special

Vancouver - A nonprofit privacy advocacy group called Open Privacy Research Society discovered that the sensitive medical information of patients being admitted to certain hospitals across the Greater Vancouver Area. Eve Maler of ForgeRock explains more.

Breakthrough with music therapy in tackling mental health issues

Scientists have made a major breakthrough with music therapy using a process called brain hyperscanning. This reveals how the brains of patient and therapist work in sync during music therapy, and this could lead to improved treatments.

Novichok patient no longer critical: UK hospital

London - A British man exposed to the nerve agent Novichok is no longer in a critical condition, the hospital treating him said on Wednesday, as police still struggle to understand what happened.

Digital system to monitor recovery room patients

Adelaide - SA Health is to implement a digital health solution in the form of a post-surgery cloud-based patient monitoring system. The system will be fitted into the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Four startups disrupting healthcare for doctors and patients

Healthcare-focused startups are continuously producing technological developments for both healthcare professionals and patients to help improve quality of life and quality of care. Here are four startups applying new technologies to the industry.

Innovative brain implant helps paralyzed people to text

Neurosurgeons, teaming up with engineers, have created a device that allows paralyzed patients to communicate their thoughts into speech. The brain controlled device has come out of a research center at Stanford University.

Dirty dozen: The 12 most dangerous bacteria

The World Health Organization (WHO) has named the top dozen of bacteria that pose the greatest risk to humanity. The United Nations health agency also warns that medics are running out of options to treat the diseases.

Doctor removes wrong eye from infant cancer patient

Sonora - A few weeks ago, a doctor in Sonora, Mexico performed surgery on a 14-month-old cancer patient, but he ended up removing the wrong eye, according to a health official.

San Francisco to pay nearly $3 million to family of lost patient

San Francisco has agreed to pay nearly all of a $3 million legal settlement with the family of a woman who was found dead 17 days after disappearing from a room at the city's main hospital last year.

Cancer patient's 70 tumors disappear within weeks

Ian Brooks, 47, from the UK, is clear of growths just two weeks after he started a new treatment that acts like an armor-piercing shell.

Brain surgeon walks 6 miles in a storm to save patient's life

Birmingham - On Tuesday, Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw walked six miles in the snow to perform a life-saving brain surgery. Dr. Hrynkiw said that any good doctor would have done the same thing.

Cancer patient's brain cells offer clues on how cancer spreads

Exactly what triggers cancer cells to spread throughout the body remains a mystery. However, a study of the brain of a patient with brain cancer offer some clues.

Over 100 protesters rally at the state capitol of Michigan

A rally organized by the National Medical Marijuana Coalition took place in Lansing Michigan. Hundreds of protesters took part in the rally against medical marijuana discrimination and the abuse of power by legal officials in the state.

Cancer patient wins marathon while pushing daughter in stroller

Iram Leon's story has gone global. The 32-year-old is a marathon lover who has terminal brain cancer, and he has gone on to win a marathon.

Is Kentucky next to legalize medical marijuana? Polls say yes

A new poll shows that the residents of the state of Kentucky overwhelmingly approve of medical marijuana laws being passed in the state.

Undercover officers arrest doctor certifying marijuana patients

Cadillac - In a recent undercover sting undercover officers posed as patients to stop fraudulent doctors. Dr. Harwell of Cadillac Michigan was charged with five felony counts. It is unclear at this point if his medical license may be revoked.

Former doctor dumps abortion files in recycling bin

Topeka - While the former Kansas abortion provider is not likely to face criminal charges for discarding patients' private records in a recycling bin, there are worries about potential violations of patient privacy laws.

Nurses fired for taping patient's mouth shut

A hospital located in Utah, fired a couple of nurses after they taped a patient's mouth shut, according to hospital officials.

Europe acts against falsified medicines

Falsified medicines are a major threat to public health and safety and the number are, according to the European Commission, increasing each year.

Expert: Terminally ill patients should be aided to commit suicide

A UK dementia expert says terminally ill patients who wish to end their lives should be medically assisted to commit suicide.

Hospital being investigated after drill bit left in patient

Providence - Rhode Island Hospital is being investigated by the state’s department of health after a piece of a surgical drill bit was left inside a patient's body following surgery.

London hospital refused to give dying patient glass of water

After nurses refused to give a glass of water to a patient, despite his pleas, the dying man used his cellphone to call the hospital switchboard to beg for some water.

Hospital patient begs police for help, dies from dehydration

London - After three days of having water denied to him in a leading teaching hospital a 22-year old became so dehydrated that he rang police.

Ambulance ride from hell? Vehicle stolen with patient inside

It’s bad enough to be a patient in an ambulance, but having the vehicle stolen and taken for a joy ride around a parking lot can’t be too good for the patient’s well-being even if paramedics were along for the unwanted ride.

S.African Officials To Investigate Decomposing Patient Case

Eastern Cape Health Department officials have launched an investigation into the death of a patient who died in a hospital and was only found five days later.

Patient left dying in chair for 22 hours while staff played cards and watched TV

At a North Carolina private hospital, a man was left in a chair for 22 hours without food. He later choked on medication, and the nurses didn’t attend to him, as they were playing cards and watching television.

U.S. Survey Tracks Patient Satisfaction, Inspiring Website to Compare Hospitals

Many Americans are unhappy with their local health care, a national survey found. Patients may not recommend hospitals to friends or relatives, but the survey has at least sparked a useful tool: a website to compare various hospitals in any given city.

Muslim dentist made patient wear a headscarf in Britain

A Muslim dentist made a young woman wear an Islamic headscarf before treating her for toothache. A hearing with the General Dental Council will determine whether he can continue his job with the National Health Service.

Patient bleeds dark green blood

A man bleeds dark green blood after being operated. He had this green blood because of overdosing on medication which created a rare condition sufhaemoglinaemia, which produces green blood.

Update: TB Flier Was Told by CDC That He "Wasn't At Risk"

Andrew Speaker, the Atlanta attorney who exposed his fellow plane passengers to a dangerous strain of tuberculosis says he was told he "wasn't a risk."
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