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Unpatchable bootroom exploit could affect millions of iOS devices Special

A rare, unpatchable bootroom exploit has been discovered affecting millions of iOS devices. Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mobile App Security at OneSpan explains more.

Neurostimulation patch aims to improve working memory

A wearable patch has been invented, designed to improve working memory. This is a neurostimulation device which works on the prefrontal cortex through electrical stimulation.

Peanut allergy patch in development

A French medical technology company has developed a new patch to help address the risks surrounding peanut allergies. The patch is to be reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

New beating heart patch can repair a human heart

Researchers in the U.S.have developed a fully functioning artificial human heart muscle. This 'patch' is large enough to cover over damage experienced by patients who have suffered a heart attack.

Painless flu patch for those who don't like needles

Thinking about the flu season but worried about the painful injection? If you're needle-phobic then something much easier is on the horizon: a skin patch to administer the vaccine.

Wireless patch shows success in treating migraines

As an alternative to taking potent medication to combat the severe pain associated with migraines, researchers have developed a wearable device that uses stimulation to help alleviate the condition.

Emergency Android update fixes critical exploit bug

Google has rushed out a critical Android security update that fixes a bug that could allow attackers to compromise a phone using a malicious app in the Google Play Store. The fix will not be available on the majority of Android handsets though.

Major security flaw found in antivirus firm's 'secure' browser

A major security flaw has been found in Avast's SecureZone browser, also known as Avastium, that allows an attacker to remotely read any file on the user's computer, over the Internet. Antivirus firm Avast quickly patched the embarrassing bug.

Skype update stops it revealing your IP address to the world

An update to the Microsoft-owned Skype messaging software has finally removed a known issue present for over three years. The flaw makes it easy for outsiders to uncover a user's IP address, allowing them to execute DDoS attacks or other hacks.

Stagefright returns: Android devices infected by MP3 files

The security company that uncovered the critical "Stagefright" issue in Android this summer has warned the attack has evolved and now infects devices from malicious multimedia files, circumventing updates that have remedied the original bug.

Microsoft: Hackers are exploiting Windows bug using USB sticks

Microsoft has issued an important security update for all currently supported Windows versions that patches an issue allowing hackers to take control of a computer after an infected USB stick is connected. The company says it is being actively exploited.

Windows 10 launch mired by annoying bugs for many

Microsoft's worldwide rollout of Windows 10 is now well under way but it hasn't gone through without its fair share of issues. Users have been reporting a wide range of early bugs including install failures, broken Start menus and crashing, unstable apps.

'Critical' Windows bug could let hackers take complete control

Microsoft has released an emergency update to nearly all versions of Windows. It fixes an issue that could allow hackers to hijack and take complete control of Windows computers and should be installed immediately through Windows Update.

Windows 10 Home users will be forced to install automatic updates

A clause found in the licensing agreement between Microsoft and users of Windows 10 has confirmed that owners of devices running the Home edition of Windows 10 will not be able to postpone updates and will have to install them when available.

News startup Patch announces big layoffs as company restructures

Patch owner Hale Global announced sweeping layoffs today as it restructures the news startup. This is the second massive round of job cuts in under a year.

AOL steps back from Patch with joint venture

Washington - AOL announced Wednesday it is giving up majority control of its troubled Patch hyperlocal news operations to a partner specializing in distressed firms.

AOL's Armstrong fires employee during conference call

New York - In recent days, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong has confirmed "hundreds" of layoffs at Patch, but during a conference call he shockingly fired an employee who tried to take a picture of him.

Anti-mosquito patch attracts $164,000 in crowd-sourced funding

The Kite Mosquito Patch is billed as a safe way to keep away mosquitoes for 48 hours, and its inventors recently achieved their Indiegogo fundraising goal of $75,000 by receiving more than $164,000.

Experimental patch to deliver vaccinations

A skin patch that can deliver vaccines cheaply and effectively has been shown off at the recent TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh.

Dog trying to grab a snack swallows metal skewer

Roseville - An Australian family thought their dog had only swallowed a bite of meat when he took something from the edge of their barbecue, but they later found out the spaniel had also swallowed a 15 centimetre metal skewer.

Windows Vista flaw reported

Windows Vista contains serious security issues as reported by Avert Labs.

Patch to increase women's sex drive

Procter and Gamble does not tout its new patch to help women regain their sex drive as a female equivalent of Viagra.

Birth Control patch raises clot risk

If you are on a birth control patch, please read this article! You may be at a higher risk for blood clots.

Critical Security Patches Released Tuesday For Microsoft Software

On Patch Tuesday Microsoft issued six 'critical' security patches to fix flaws in its software products. The company warned the flaws could allow attackers take complete control of vulnerable computers with no action, or even minor action required.

Bad Birth Control Patch

The maker of the patch for birth control is being sued.

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Users need to take periodic photographs of the patch with their smartphones to measure UV exposure.
Users need to take periodic photographs of the patch with their smartphones to measure UV exposure.
Pumpkin patch at First United Methodist Church.  Bentonville  Ark.
Pumpkin patch at First United Methodist Church. Bentonville, Ark.
This is the Chrono nicotine patch with mobile assistance site. The opioid patch is similar and will ...
This is the Chrono nicotine patch with mobile assistance site. The opioid patch is similar and will include added support.
The Kite Mosquito Patch
The Kite Mosquito Patch
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