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Opera resets passwords of 1.7m users after 'server breach'

Opera has informed users of its Opera Sync browser synchronisation service that they need to reset their passwords. The company said it has detected an attack on its systems which may have allowed hackers to steal user passwords and account information.

117 million LinkedIn accounts stolen in 2012 now for sale online

Nearly four years after LinkedIn was hacked, the site has now confirmed that over 117 million accounts were affected. The number is vastly more than was previously indicated. The findings came to light after the data was found for sale on the dark web.

1 billion email accounts offered for sale on the dark web for $1

A lone hacker is selling over a billion email usernames and passwords for only a dollar on the Russian dark web, according to a report. The majority of the accounts are for, Russia's most popular provider, but some cover Google and Microsoft.

Time Warner Cable: Up to 320,000 email passwords possibly stolen

Time Warner Cable Inc. reported Wednesday that email passwords for up to 320,000 customers may have been stolen. The company also said it hasn't determined how the information was harvested, but there no indications of a breach at Time Warner Cable.

New password system replaces words with pictures and icons

A group of security researchers have created a potential password replacement system that uses memorable patterns, pictures and codes instead of the traditional phrase or string of characters. The system is supposed to be easier to use than passwords.

Amazon adds two-factor authentication for stronger security

With Black Friday nearly upon us, shoppers on Amazon will be able to enjoy some extra security protection this holiday season as the company has finally introduced two-factor authentication support to its website.

Academic researcher publishes 10 million usernames and passwords

A security analyst and hacking author just published 10 million web usernames and passwords in the name of academic research.

Dropbox breached, 6 million usernames and passwords stolen

Four hundred usernames and passwords for Dropbox accounts gathered from users have been posted online in plain text format with an assurance that over 6 million more have also been collected.

Hackers use weak passwords too

Hackers may seem like the kinds of people who are very well apt with securing their computers, but research shows that they actually are not.

Twitter resets thousands of passwords by accident

Twitter sent out a message to thousands of users telling them to change their passwords because their accounts had been "compromised". The firm has now admitted that the emails were sent by mistake.

'Password' no longer the Internet's worst password

Washington - The number sequence "123456" has overtaken "password" as the most common worst password among Internet users, an online security firm says.

2 million Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts compromised

Around 2 million Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts were compromised by hackers in the past month, according to a new report.

Google Chrome security flaw exposes your saved passwords

A Google Chrome flaw found by software designer Elliot Kember allows anyone with access to your computer to find out all of your saved passwords with very little effort.

PayPal's security officer says passwords should be obliterated

PayPal's security boss said that he would like to see a better way for people to gain access to their internet accounts.

Inside the world of a password hacker

Nate Anderson, tech author, was curious about just how simple it was to hack someone's password. Could it be done using only freely available information and equipment? What he found out was more than a little surprising.

Are passwords on the way out? EyeVerify uses 'eyeprint' security Special

Today people rely on passwords to protect digital information. For years, these strings of code have been the "keys" to access digital property. As 2013 arrives, will passwords be enough to protect valuable personal information?

List of most common passwords released, 'password' still on top

A company that develops password management software has released its annual list of the most common passwords. The company noted many of the passwords chosen are poor and the users are likely to become victims in future breaches.

Mom arrested for accessing school computer, changes kids' grades

Lehigh Valley - A Pennsylvania mother was arrested for illegally entering a school computer system. Her alleged actions, for which she now faces six felony charges, include adjusting her kids' grades.

Facebook warns employers about asking users for passwords

Facebook has issued a post today that warns employers not to ask applicants or employees for passwords. This practice, which has come increasingly under fire in recent months, violates Facebook's terms of service.

Report: Researchers say multi-word passwords not all that safe

Passwords today are the digital counterpart of one's physical keys, and over the past several years it has been highlighted by many security experts that a strong password helps provide a better layer of protection.

Op-Ed: Security firm finds 'Password1' the most common business password

A security firm has outlined in a recent report that organizations commonly use the password 'Password1' in business systems.

Internet security firm SplashData lists 25 most-hacked passwords

Los Gatos - Is your password "password?" Well, SplashData, an Internet security firm, has published its Worst Passwords of the Year. According to the list, general terms such as "password," your name or a series of numbers are commonly used.

Hackers strike Gawker sites, user databases 'compromised'

Citing hacker activity, Gawker Media froze the publication of new content and alerted readers to reset passwords, admitting that user data had been "compromised."

Study Reveals Easy-to-Hack Passwords Are Still a Major Issue

A major password breach in December 2009 from resulted in 32 million passwords being posted on the Internet. Analysis of those passwords reveals that the use of insecure, weak passwords has changed very little over the past 20 years

Op-Ed: Planet Password?

Eons ago, (for it surely feels that way now) when they first came on the scene, they were mere gateways to your electronic mailbox. Depending on how frequently you checked your e-mails, you didn’t have to cross paths with them.

What are the Top 500 Worst Passwords of All Time?

Some people use computer passwords so common, hackers don’t have to use tough tools to guess them. Many use passwords that are very easy to guess. A website has revealed the worst offenders.

Survey: Most computer users have same password on multiple sites

A new survey has found a majority of users in the U.S. and U.K. use the same password to log in to multiple websites. Rather than writing down new passwords, users select one they already use so they don't forget it.

Hackers Attack Texas A&M University Computers

96,000 students are ordered to change passwords after attacks.

Password Overload

You know it is going to be a rough day when you forget one of your passwords...

Wide-open wireless networks are a security risk

You may think that your friendly neighbourhood wireless network is safe and sound but you would be wrong....
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