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Italy FM cancels Vienna meeting over passport proposal

Rome - Italy's foreign minister has cancelled a meeting with his Austrian counterpart over Vienna's plans to grant citizenship to the German-speaking minority in the northern Italian province of South Tyrol, his office said Monday.

Cloud-based Telegram rolls out new authorization method

Telegram, the cloud-based instant messaging and VoIP application, recently released a new update for mobile that introduces a new feature that can store copies of your identification in the cloud.

European firm wins contract for post-Brexit UK passports

London - A Franco-Dutch company on Wednesday won a contract to make British passports after the country leaves in the EU, in a blow for Brexit campaigners."The 11.

Britain's post-Brexit passports 'to be made by French'

London - Britain's new, blue, post-EU passports are set to be made by a Paris-based firm, reports said Thursday, in what leading Brexit supporters called a "national humiliation".

Taiwan passports recalled over picture mix-up

Taipei - Taiwan has had to scrap 200,000 new passports after an embarrassing design blunder mistakenly swapped an image of an airport in Washington for the island's main airport.

UK passports to change from burgundy to blue after Brexit

London - Britain will return to a blue and gold passport design after the country leaves the European Union in 2019 "to restore our national identity", its interior ministry announced on Friday.

'Hands off!' Italy warns Austria over passport proposal

Rome - Rome was up in arms Monday over a proposal by Austria's new conservative and far-right coalition government to offer passports to the German-speaking residents of the northern Italian province of South Tyrol.

New e-passport harnesses digital technology for multi-country use

Amsterdam - The Dutch technology company Gemalto developed a biometric passport that can be used by thirty different countries. Now the company is pushing ahead with digital passport technology to combine stronger security with enhanced traveler experience.

Vegan woman denied Swiss passport for being annoying

Gipf-oberfrick - A woman in Switzerland has been denied a Swiss passport because residents thought her animal rights campaigning was annoying.

Putin hands action star Seagal Russian passport

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin on Friday personally handed a new Russian passport to US action star Steven Seagal and said he hoped the gesture showed a "normalisation" of strained relations with Washington.

Brexit vote sparks surge in Irish passport applications

London - Britain's vote to leave the European Union has triggered a surge in applications for Irish passports, which would allow their holders to remain EU citizens, officials said Monday.

Sexism row breaks out over British passport design

London - A new British passport design provoked a sexism row when it was unveiled, drawing criticism for featuring seven men and just two women to represent the country's cultural heritage.

Germany carries out first reinstated controls at border with Austria: AFP

Freilassing - German officers began carrying out the first passport checks at the country's border with Austria, after Berlin's shock decision to reintroduce such controls to halt a surge in refugee numbers, an AFP journalist witnessed Sunday.

No passport for L Skywalker

London - The force is not with Laura Matthews. Her attempt to have her passport read "L. Skywalker" has been thwarted by the British passport office.

Icelandic naming laws prevent 10-year-old's passport renewal

Iceland has hit the headlines recently, in quite a bizarre way: apparently, girls from Iceland can't be called Harriet and therefore those called Harriet cannot get an Icelandic passport.

BlackBerry only brand that meets German government's security

Good news for BlackBerry as German Chancellor Angela Merkel presents a tap-proof BlackBerry that she wants more Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior officials to use.

Op-Ed: Blackberry Passport a square in a world of rectangles

In the modern technological world, there is a huge demand for both style and substance. Blackberry's new phone encourages people to be square (hahaha), but is it the right phone for the modern person?

Child draws on dad's passport, dad can't leave South Korea

Seoul - A four-year-old Chinese boy managed to get hold of his father's passport, and apparently thought it needed an artist's touch. Unfortunately for the father, the budding Rembrandt has left him stranded in South Korea for unrecognizable documentation.

Ryanair must pay up for refusing to let Spanish toddler fly

Palma - Back in 2011, Irish low-cost airline Ryanair refused to accept a Spanish family's identity document for their three-year-old child and stopped them from boarding. Now the courts say they will have to pay compensation.

Skeleton in scuba gear with Moroccan ID sparks mystery in Spain

Alicante - A skeleton wearing a black and grey wetsuit, flippers and carrying a backpack has been found floating in the Ibiza canal near Alicante, Spain. He was also carrying a Moroccan passport and a whole load of cash.

Edward Snowden stranded in Moscow airport with invalid passport

Moscow - Russia Today is reporting that with no valid passport, the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden might be stranded in the transit area of Russia's Sheremetyevo Airport indefinitely.

Photo: Vancouver 'Drunk Baby' passport photo goes viral online

A passport photo of the five-month-old baby of a Vancouver Reddit user, Jorge Churano, has gone viral online. The adorable baby looks sort of "laid back" in the photo, or more frankly, groggy and slack-jawed in a tipsy-looking manner.

Boy, 11, flies Manchester to Rome without passport or ticket

Manchester - British Security is being questioned, on the eve of the Olympics, after an 11-year old boy flew from Manchester to Rome without a passport, ticket or boarding pass.

Canadian ePassports — The next level of technology

Passport Canada recently announced another level of security for passport holders, which makes one wonder whether it's for their benefit or the travellers. The obvious question is will it speed up the border crossing process?

Dalai Lama optimistic he will return to Tibet Special

Pretoria - The Dalai Lama says he is optimistic he will return to Tibet, albeit on a Chinese passport. Addressing the Hungarian Parliament, he expressed admiration for Hungary’s freedom fight in 1956.

US gov't changes laws for transgender passport applicants Special

Washington - The State Department announced new guidelines for issuing passports to transgender applicants. If you bring a note from your doctor that you have undergone appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition you'll be able to get a passport to match.

Wikileaks founder's passport briefly confiscated, to be cancelled

Melbourne - The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, had his passport confiscated briefly and was told by immigration officials it will be cancelled.

Embassy Hopping through the Heart of Europe Special

Washington - U.S. travelers to Europe face a few small hurdles – jet lag, airline food, threat of volcanic ash thwarting or postponing their plans. But this weekend in Washington, residents and visitors were able to visit Europe without ever getting on a plane.

Canadian Citizen Considered National Security Threat

Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has denied Abousfian Abdelrazik and emergency passport as the minister considers him a national security threat.

US State Dept. Fires Those Who Breached Obama's Passport File

In a developing story, the U.S. State Department has reported an unauthorized breach of the passport file of Democratic frontrunner Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. Those responsible have been terminated or disciplined.
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