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Passive smoking News

Passive smoking and obesity link

Scientists suggest that there is a link between long-term exposure to passive smoking and a risk of Type 2 diabetes in adults. The diabetes is, in turn, connected with obesity.

Risk of second-hand smoke at airports

A U.S. government report has indicated that second-hand smoke (passive smoking) inside airports puts air travelers and employees at risk.

Op-Ed: The criminalisation of smoking, and of smokers

The war against smoking has gone to such extreme lengths in Britain that in some places it is now a criminal offence to smoke outside.

CDC study: 1 in 5 kids are exposed to second-hand smoke in cars

A recent report commisioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights the dangers of passive smoking for kids in cars.

Op-Ed: The Great Obesity Hoax

The National Obesity Forum is warning of a catastrophe for Britain unless urgent action is taken to tackle the problem now, but they would say that, wouldn't they?

Op-Ed: BMA call for smoking ban leaves Libertarians fuming

The British Medical Association has called for a ban on smoking in cars; Sean Gabb, Britain's leading Libertarian, is left hot under the collar.

Op-Ed: Pollution — Why environmental epidemiology is such a bad joke

Sydney - From the 1950s through to the late 70s, pollution, particularly air pollution, was a very big issue. It’s now an excuse for the whole ineffectual science of epidemiology to go to sleep and issue soggy press releases about smoking.

Op-Ed: The great passive smoking hoax Special

A recent study claims to find an association between passive smoking and teenage deafness, but is this just more anti-smoking hype?

Secondhand smoke linked to kids' behaviour issues

New findings published in the American medical journal, Pediatrics, show kids in smoking households may be more likely than their peers to suffer from ADHD, learning disabilities and conduct disorders.

100,000 Chinese die annually from passive smoking

More than 100,000 people die in China due to passive smoking and more than one million die due to smoking related diseases.

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