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Passenger News

'Get us off this ship' pleads passenger on virus-hit cruise liner

Los Angeles - It was supposed to be a relaxing cruise with plenty of time to read, take in the sights and sip martinis.

Virgin Galactic space plane takes first test passenger into space

In its first flight with a test passenger on board, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity flew into the Mojave sunrise this morning (Feb. 22) and soared to an altitude of 55.87 miles (89.9 kilometers), just two months after its first flight.

Man dragged off United flight plans to sue: lawyers

Chicago - The man dragged off a United Airlines flight, sparking an international uproar, suffered a broken nose and concussion, his lawyer said Thursday, adding that he is planning to sue.

Bay Area man convicted of assault over reclining airline seat

Los Angeles - A San Francisco Bay Area man was convicted Wednesday of assaulting an airline passenger aboard a delayed flight from Los Angeles after he became enraged when the victim reclined the back of her seat.

FacePalm Friday: Man pees on fellow plane passenger

Lyon - On Monday afternoon, an unruly passenger on an Air Mediterranee flight to Paris decided he would urinate on another passenger.

SUV falls 60 feet from bridge; lands upright with passengers safe

An SUV fell over 60 feet from the Hackensack River bridge after avoiding another vehicle and hitting a snowdrift. Two occupants have survived with only minor injuries as the car landed upright below the bridge.

Protest over Ferguson violence halts Bay Area transit service

Oakland - Dozens of San Francisco Bay Area residents tied up regional transit service for more than an hour Friday with a peaceful protest that closed a major station serving transbay commuters.

'Unflushed toilet' leads to passenger being detained

A passenger on a Virgin flight said that he was detained after a member of the cabin crew accused him of not flushing the toilet.

Passenger detained by TSA officers for 'bomb' comments about food

Airport officials at JFK detained a traveler who mentioned the word "bomb", but only to discover that the man was actually talking about a sandwich referred to as The Bomb.

Man throws tantrum over reading light on Alaska Airlines flight

Tacoma - A man may find himself facing criminal charges after having an argument over a reading light. The incident occurred on an Alaska Airlines flight from Honolulu to Bellingham International Airport this past weekend.

EU gives US go ahead for airline passenger data snooping

The EU Parliament has approved a controversial bill that will give the U.S. Department of Home Security access to airline passengers' personal information.

Detroit bus driver suspended for having lady friend on his lap

Detroit-A bus driver for Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) was filmed by a passenger on his cell phone with his lady friend sitting on his lap while he was driving the bus.

Slim lady ordered off the plane to accommodate obese teenager

A slim lady passenger of Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Sacramento was ordered off the aircraft by cabin staff and gave her seat to an obese teenager who needs to occupy two seats.

Three crew members injured as Thai Airways hits major turbulence

At least three members of the Thai Airways flight no.622 found for Osaka, Japan encountered turbulence while descending at Kansai International Airport Sunday morning.

Manila flights back to normal after successful equipment repair

Pasay City - Airline flights to and from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila have resumed after the premier airport's navigational equipment was replaced by airport technicians with a unit coming from nearby Subic airport terminal.

Airplane passenger locked inside empty aircraft sues for damages

The woman passenger of United Express Flight No. 8080 from Detroit to Philadelphia via Washington, who fell asleep while on board and left behind by the crew after landing, is suing United for damages.

CCTV footage places missing Edinburgh woman nearer workplace

Edinburgh - Police in Edinburgh investigating the disappearance of 38-year old Suzanne Pilley have found CCTV footage that puts her within 50 metres of her office.

Foul smelling passenger ejected from Air Canada flight

Charlottetown - First, it was people too overweight to fly. Now, according to reports, a passenger on an Air Canada Jazz flight was taken from the plane because of his severe body odour.

FBI Questions Man About Device Found on Plane

The FBI has questioned a Florida man in connection with a device found tucked between the seats of a New York-bound flight

SA Air Force Passenger Pulls Wrong Lever, Ejects During Flight

The South African Air Force (SAAF) has established a Board of Inquiry for an unusual accident last week in which a civilian passenger accidentally ejected from a two-seat trainer during tight manoeuvres.

Airline fault fixed by passenger

Passengers where faced with a long wait when a fault developed with the plane they were on. But the wait didn't prove to be too long after a passenger stepped up and fixed the problem.

Passenger Trains Crash In Boston

Breaking News Boston: It is being reported by multiple sources that two Green Line passenger trains were involved a crash and up to 40 people have been injured. Update: There are reports that the crash happened because the operator was text messaging.

Passenger lands plane after pilot dies mid-air

A passenger took over the plane after the pilot suddenly died immediately after takeoff. The plane landed safely with four other passengers onboard.

Passenger Trains Collide in Eastern China

At least 66 people were killed when two passenger trains collided during the predawn hours in China. More than 200 people are injured, making this one of the deadliest rail accidents in recent years.

Two Senior Citizens Keep Passenger in Check, while Others Just Watched

Two Senior citizens help restrain an unruly man in a Northwest Airlines Flight 720.

Convicted: Affectionate Plane Passenger

Fly the friendly skies -- just don't get too friendly on board.

British Airways places corpse next to first-class passenger

A British Airways passenger was refused compensation and told by the airline to "get over it" after a corpse was placed in the row where he was sitting last week.

Man Relieves Himself in Air-Sickness Bag

SkyWest Airlines has apologized to a passenger barred from a plane's restroom by a flight attendant.

Driver caught with dummy in passenger seat in the high occupancy vechicle lane

In New York state a man was caught in the high occupancy vechicle lane with a dummy in the passenger seat driving on the long Island Expressway.

Cab Driver Locks Fare in Cab and Heads Towards Jail

Passenger hails cab for home but locked in cab and driven towards jail.
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A plane at the Vancouver International Airport
A plane at the Vancouver International Airport
AWAY: A Southwest Airlines jet takes off from San Jose International Airport in California in 2007.
AWAY: A Southwest Airlines jet takes off from San Jose International Airport in California in 2007.
Dylan Ashe / Wikimedia Commons
An Air Canada plane
An Air Canada plane
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