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Cheers for 'Leave' at EU referendum party

London - Chanting and cheering, "Leave" supporters hailed early victories in the EU referendum at a lavish party in London featuring a large cake decorated with a champagne bottle and a Union Jack flag.

Turkey PM to quit as Erdogan tightens grip

Ankara - Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Thursday announced he would step down in two weeks as ruling party chief and premier, in a shock exit set to further boost President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's growing powers.

Latin American leftist parties reject Brazil 'coup'

Managua - A grouping of leftwing Latin America political parties on Wednesday rejected the impeachment process against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, calling it an "institutional coup.

South Africa anti-apartheid stalwart urges Zuma to step down

Johanesburg - A South African anti-apartheid veteran who was jailed with Nelson Mandela has urged beleaguered President Jacob Zuma to step down after a damning ruling found him in violation of the constitution.

Old foes face dilemma over teaming up after Irish election

Dublin - Ireland's two biggest political parties, bitter rivals for almost a century, were facing a tough choice Monday in the wake of inconclusive elections -- team up, or risk months of instability.

Zuma ridicules S. Africa opposition for disrupting his speech

Cape Town - South Africa's President Jacob Zuma on Friday mocked the opposition as "useless" and ignorant, after rowdy radical lawmakers repeatedly disrupted his annual state of the nation parliamentary address.

Thanks to big data, U.S. parties know all about voters

Washington - If you're an American voter and have provided personal information to a company, chances are data groups have shared it with political parties to help them target potential supporters.

Out with the old, say many Spanish voters

Barcelona - As they voted on Sunday, many Spaniards let rip their anger with the two parties that have alternated power for decades -- casting their ballot instead for two upstart political groupings.

From AKP to HDP: The main parties in Turkey's vote

Istanbul - More than 54 million Turks are eligible to cast their votes in a snap election Sunday called following an inconclusive vote in June.

Who will lead Canada: Harper, Trudeau or Mulcair?

Ottawa - Canadians must choose their next prime minister on Monday from three main party leaders. Stephen Harper is an economist once seen as prickly and more at home ploughing through economic theory than mingling with voters on the campaign trail.

Portugal opposition leader raises prospect of leftist coalition govt

Lisbon - The head of Portugal's main opposition Socialists on Monday raised the prospect of forming an "alternative government" with two other leftist parties, after inconclusive elections saw the ruling centre-right fall short of an outright victory.

Moderate upstarts Ciudadanos, Spain's most courted party

Madrid - Spanish party Ciudadanos has no seats in the national parliament, but that could change dramatically in December's general election.

Canada parties split on security, anti-IS air strikes

Montr - Canada could curb its counterterrorism efforts, including airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, if Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Tories are defeated in October 19 elections.

Ukraine crisis a key issue in Canada's election

Montr - Prime Minister Stephen Harper's hard line against Moscow's aggression in Ukraine has earned him support from Canada's Ukrainian diaspora, a group that could be pivotal as he seeks a fourth mandate on October 19.

Tajikistan arrests 23 leaders of banned opposition party

Dushanbe - Ex-Soviet Tajikistan announced Tuesday it had arrested 23 leaders of the beleaguered Islamic opposition party the volatile Central Asian state has banned and branded a terrorist organisation.

Quixotic Greek anti-corruption crusader finally tastes success

Atenas - As Alexis Tsipras cruised to victory in Greece's general election, the outcome must have tasted even sweeter for the man considered the "Don Quixote" of Greek politics.

Greek party ads spice up election campaign

Atenas - Alexis Tsipras is a six-year-old with a broken left arm and Greece's leading female politician changes a tyre in high heels while refusing to pay the country's debt -- party ads are spicing up an otherwise flat election campaign.

Critics on left and right slam Greece debt 'coup'

Madrid - Politicians on the far left and right accused European powers of negotiating with a "gun to the head" of Greece and terrorising and colonising it through Monday's new debt deal.

Radical parties seize Greek vote to push eurosceptic agenda

Rome - Eurosceptic parties at the extreme left and right of the political spectrum are exploiting the Greek referendum set for Sunday to bash the euro currency and advance their own agendas.

France's Le Pen wins backing to form anti-EU Parliament group

Brussels - French National Front leader Marine Le Pen recruited Polish and British MEPs on Tuesday, finally allowing her to launch a new eurosceptic party dedicated to challenging every ambition held dear by champions of the EU.

French National Front announces far-right EU parliamentary group

Paris - A new grouping of European far-right parties, called Europe of Nations and Freedom, is to be formed around France's National Front, the French party leader Marine Le Pen announced in a statement Monday.

Ambitious politician divides Mexico's left

- The meteoric rise of a new Mexican political party led by the controversial former presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has deepened a major rift within the country's leftist movements.

With little cash, young Mexican shakes up politics

- With just a few thousand dollars and an Internet-powered grassroots campaign, a 25-year-old Mexican of Japanese ancestry tapped into discontent with corruption-plagued political parties to make history in midterm elections.

Independent makes history in Mexico governor race

- A foul-mouthed rancher nicknamed "El Bronco" shook up Mexico's midterm elections, riding a wave of discontent with political parties to become the first independent to win a governorship.

'El Bronco' rides Mexican discontent into election

- "El Bronco" curses at campaign rallies, wears cowboy hats while riding horses and vows to clean up Mexico's corruption-plagued political system if he becomes the first independent to be elected governor.

S. Africa opposition elects first black leader

Port Elizabeth - South Africa's main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, on Sunday elected its first black leader, a major step in its bid to present itself as an alternative to the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

Welsh separatists hope to swing British election

London - They may only win a handful of seats at next month's general election, but the Welsh nationalists could find themselves propelled from relative obscurity to influence across Britain.

Spain's surprise election challengers 'Citizens' fire up voters

Madrid - Hundreds of people are queueing outside a Madrid theatre, but not to see a play. They are here for the latest spectacle in Spain's fast-unfolding election drama.

Spain's PM Rajoy to stand for re-election

Madrid - Spain's conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said on Monday he will seek re-election in this year's national polls, despite facing criticism after his party was trounced in a key regional vote last month.

'Are Ukip racist?' tops Google search questions on UK politics

Users of Google in March have been busy hunting for answers to their queries about the UK's prominent political parties ahead of the General Election in May. Yet it seems that many are somewhat preoccupied with whether Ukip are racist or not.
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