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Parthenogenesis News

Captive female snake without male companion gives birth – again

Cape Girardeau - For the second year in a row, a captive female snake in southern Missouri has given birth even though she hasn't been anywhere near a male snake for eight years. The yellow–bellied water snake gave birth in 2014, and then did it again this summer.

Nature finds a way — Endangered sawfishes reproduce without sex

A critically endangered species of sawfish are reproducing in the wild, without the benefit of sex. The discovery of living offspring from these "virgin births" by vertebrates that normally reproduce sexually in the wild has been documented.

Op-Ed: Stretch marks of credulity- 45 US women report virgin births

Sydney - Virgin birth may have gone into franchising mode. 45 American women, including “chaste” women, have claimed in a British Medical Journal study that they became pregnant without intercourse.

New species of self-cloning lizard a treat for Vietnamese diners Special

Riverside - Vietnamese customers have been enjoying a lizard common in the menu of restaurants around the Mekong River Delta. It turns out that lizard is a self-reproducing, endemic, all-female new species.

Female boa constrictors can make babies without mating: Study

This is bad news for males. Female boa constrictors can produce babies without mating. Scientists have found that the babies produced from this asexual reproduction have attributes previously believed to be impossible. Males are not needed anymore.

How to evolve on your own: try 40 million years without sex

Not perhaps the exact career track, except for those who prefer their own company to that extent. Asexual reproduction, also known as parthenogenesis, has been a mystery for quite a while.

Fake stem cell research actually did achieve a first-ever result

Formerly respected Korean researcher Hwang Woo Suk became a pariah in the scientific world when it was discovered he’d faked part of his results. At the time he was roundly cursed. He’d committed the unforgivable crime for a researcher.

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New evidence shows that boa constrictors can reproduce without sex. But one boa constrictor had babi...
New evidence shows that boa constrictors can reproduce without sex. But one boa constrictor had babies asexually and the old-fashioned way. Her sexually produced snake (left) is shown beside one of the asexually produced females (right).
North Carolina State University
Florida s smalltooth sawfish.
Florida's smalltooth sawfish.

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