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Parrot News

Pet parrot returns after 4 years and now speaks Spanish

Torrance - Four years ago a pet parrot disappeared, but the owner has been reunited with him. However, the parrot now speaks Spanish.

Scientists: Cockatoos learn to use tools by watching fellow birds

Vienna - If someone calls you a bird-brain, you may wish to consider that a compliment. Many birds, especially parrots, are very intelligent. One cockatoo in particular — the Goffin's cockatoo — has shown scientists that it can use tools to obtain food.

This parrot is actually a woman posing in bodypaint

What looks exactly like a parrot perched on a stump is really the work of artist Johannes Stoetter, who lives in Italy. He spent four hours painting the woman's body using special breathable paint.

Shrieking pet parrot tips off police to India murder

Agra - A pet parrot in India has been credited with helping catch the man who murdered its owner, a relative said Thursday.The owner, a 55-year-old woman, was stabbed to death and her jewellery stolen at her home in the northern city of Agra on February 20.Th...

Video: Parrot 'bird singing dubstep'

Watch Harvey the parrot tweet a dubstep. The video of this talented little bird singing dubstep posted to YouTube by Rainykauke has been viewed over 400,000 times.

Russian man swindled by parrot con

Moscow - Police report that a Russian pensioner was recently conned out of $3,900 (114,000 rubles) by an ad stating he could receive a military macaw parrot, free of charge.

Op-Ed: Potty-mouthed parrot needs new owner

Edmonton - Monty, the foul-mouthed parrot, is looking for a new home. Since it seems that Monty is a parrot with an attitude, doesn’t like kids, and happens to be rather picky about who handles him, finding Monty a home may prove to be quite the challenge.

Parrot used as lookout by drug cartel taken in by police

Barranquilla - Lorenzo the parrot was taken into police custody in Colombia after he was found warning members of a drug cartel that they were in danger of being caught.

Woman spends $50,000 treating sick parrot

Anne Lowery from Miami Florida spent over $50,000 treating her sick parrot, 42 year old Areba who was her companion of 30 years.

Squawk Over Parrot Ownership, Judge Orders Bird to Hearing

Two women arguing over the ownership of a gray parrot take their fight to court. A trial judge will decide who will win the squawking contest.

Pet Parrot Saves Life of Choking Toddler

A Quaker parrot in the Denver, CO area saved the life of a choking toddler when it began screaming and repeated the words "mama baby" over and over. The toddler's caregiver was able to respond to the warning and save the the 2-year-old's life.

Lost parrot gives owner's name and address to vet

A parrot flew out of its cage and got lost in the city of Tokyo, but it was smart enough to let the vet know the owner’s name and address.

Smart Parrot Returned Home

When Yosuke the parrot got lost he was able to tell a stranger his address so he could be returned home. The police had found the African grey parrot two weeks ago on a neighbour's roof in Nagareyama, Japan.

Brazilian blue parrot makes a comeback

The Lear's Macaw has come back from the brink of extinction. They recently counted more then 750 of them in a survey. That is more then ten times what the numbers were in the 1980's.

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Parrot Image

The kea eats a hand-fed chip
The kea eats a hand-fed chip
A macaw perches on my shoulder at Duden Waterfall near Antalya
A macaw perches on my shoulder at Duden Waterfall near Antalya
A kea observes us from a rock
A kea observes us from a rock
Jessica hand-feeds the kea
Jessica hand-feeds the kea
The red-browed Amazon parrot Amazona rhodocorytha at Rare Species Conservatory Foundation  USA
The red-browed Amazon parrot Amazona rhodocorytha at Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, USA
Duncan Rawlinson
Lorenzo the parrot
Lorenzo the parrot
screen capture from news video
An art piece by bodypainter Johannes Stoetter
An art piece by bodypainter Johannes Stoetter
Johannes Stoetter
A kea watches us from the ski hut roof
A kea watches us from the ski hut roof
Ummm  that is delicious!
Ummm, that is delicious!
The kea moves closer
The kea moves closer

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