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Need for parking investments in the age of shared mobility

Cities around the world are actively proposing ways to decrease the number of vehicles on the streets. A consequence of this is with strategic parking investments, which are seen as essential for economic growth.

Future development of the smart parking market

Smart parking solutions are designed to help with traffic management and to aid motorists in finding and managing parking places, either in a street or a designated parking zone. This emerging market is buoyant, as Cleverciti Systems Corp. have shown.

Smart parking solution based on cryptocurrency payment

To make the process of parking easier for businesses and for consumers a blockchain company has come up with a smart solution, based on a decentralized network and the use of a cryptocurrency.

Startup Rover looks to big projects to grow its parking app

Toronto is capturing the world’s attention as an innovation ecosystem — and success for startups like parking app Rover could be a sign of the bright things to come.

Cyclists in Toronto need parking, and they need it now

Have you ever rolled through the lustrous core of downtown Toronto, cycling with more freedom of movement than a lot of the gridlock-laden traffic, and many times faster than the pedestrians?

Man in London recieves $5,500 parking ticket

London - A city worker was charged £3,700 ($5,500) by National Car Parks, the largest parking provider in the UK, for parking in central London for six hours.

Greek government owes London £1.3m in congestion zone fees

London - It may be the least of the Greek government's worries, although it has been revealed just how much Greek government officials in London owe in traffic related fines.

How the Internet of Things will solve traffic jams

The roads of the future will be able to manage traffic congestion much better than today's networks, according to an Ofcom report released today.

Wider parking spaces for Chinese women drivers spark controversy

A shopping mall in Dalian, in northeast China's Liaoning Province has opened a female-only car park that features wider parking spaces to make women feel comfortable when parking.

French traffic cops must issue tickets or lose Christmas days off

Paris - A senior police officer, in charge of a road traffic division in the Paris area, has allegedly told his traffic officers to issue at least three tickets for driving offenses every day, or lose out on days off over the Christmas period.

Video: Vauxhall Corsa driver must be contender for world’s worst

A video showing the driver of a blue Vauxhall Corsa trying to reverse out of a car parking space has gone viral with over 1.5 million views since it was uploaded on October 11.

Parking spot in San Francisco sells for $82K

San Francisco - A parking spot in San Francisco recently sold for $82,000. Parking is typically at a premium in San Francisco, but even this price has shocked some residents, according to media reports.

Woman hits 17-year-old with SUV in Walmart parking dispute

Police say Angela Cornett, Bartow County school board member, is facing a misdemeanor charge after she hit a 17-year-old with her SUV during a dispute over parking space at the Cartersville Walmart. Police say they arrested Cornett on Friday.

Man reunited with his car two years after it was lost

Munich - A German man who lost his car two years ago has finally been reunited with his missing vehicle. The car was discovered a few miles from the location where he thought he had parked it.

TV star's BF busted after driving Ferrari over cop's foot: Video

New York - The boyfriend of MTV star Stephanie Pratt was taken down by police when he tried to get out of a parking ticket by apparently driving over a cop's foot in his $257,000 Ferrari 458.

Canadian woman claims parking is a human right

Ontario - The right to park has suddenly become a human rights issue. A Canadian woman claims her human rights have been violated through discrimination by the City of Ottawa which refused her application to build a parking pad in front of her house.

Motorists surprised by complimentary parking tickets

London - Some London drivers are getting a pleasant surprise when they return to their cars, notices praising their parking skills.

Yoga-themed parking tickets not calming people

Parking tickets with a yoga theme are being handed out in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The city may have thought the yoga images would be calming but they don't appear to have that effect on those being fined.

New San Francisco parking rates determined by supply and demand

San Francisco - Soon San Franciscans won't need to rely on luck and prayers to the parking gods, though it might cost them. New "SFpark" parking meters will charge more for parking spaces in popular areas. Spots in less popular places will cost less.

Cancer patients hit with parking fees

A new survey indicates that over half of the patients being treated for cancer in England do not get free or reduced cost parking fees when they go for hospital treatment. This goes against the governments own guidelines.

Site outs suspected handicapped-parking violators

When Maureen Birdsall took her disabled, 92-year-old grandfather to a California hospital, she lost the only available handicapped-parking spot to a woman in a snazzy red corvette.

$1 parking ticket paid after 26 years

A $1 parking ticket from 1980 has finally been paid off, after the offender sent the payment along with a $3 late fee to police without giving a name.

Teenager's web parking solution

Teen sets up website so people can rent out their driveways or garages to commuters. seems to be a growing success!

Startup hopes to modernize parking hunt

Finding a parking spot often requires drivers to summon their inner caveman: Scan the horizon for the target, then bag it before someone else does.

Parking fees: the sign of the times

Parking fees will be based on a car's emissions, even with street parking.

The boors who take handicapped parking

You know who the boors are: they're the "chosen ones". Or at least that's how they see themselves.

Robot parking garage opening in New York

Robot parking garages - convenience or potential disasters?

woman parking

.....4:30 long minuts...

How Not to Parallel Park your Car, Video

A lady tries to parallel park her car between two cars for 4 minutes.

San Franciscans Hurl Their Rage at Parking Patrol

The price of parking in San Francisco -- assaults on enforcement officials and even a death
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Toronto-based startup Rover is disrupting the parking industry.
Toronto-based startup Rover is disrupting the parking industry.
300 free motorcycle parking spots have been available in Toronto since 2005
300 free motorcycle parking spots have been available in Toronto since 2005
© Digital Journal
Bike parking in Toronto is sorely needed
Bike parking in Toronto is sorely needed
© Digital Journal
Ashley Kyd
Blue Vauxhall Corsa tries to get out of carpark.
Blue Vauxhall Corsa tries to get out of carpark.
Ben McKenzie - YouTube

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