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Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys to become a dad for the third time

Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys has some happy news to share in his personal life. His wife, Lauren, is pregnant, and they will become parents for the third time.

As Spain cases soar, school return comes too soon for some

Madrid - With coronavirus cases surging as a new school year begins, many Spanish parents are refusing to send their children back to class despite the threat of sanctions.

Most parents are not confident protecting children online

A new survey from Startpage finds that parents of children aged between 5 and 16 in the U.S. demonstrates a gap in parents’ knowledge about how much the web is watching their children. The survey also captures parents' perceptions.

Study: Parental involvement is key for child school success

Plymouth - Parental involvement plays key role in children's academic attainment, according to a new academic study. This is something that is independent of the child’s age or socio-economic status.

ClassDojo, an app for teachers and parents, raises $35 million

The classroom communication app, ClassDojo, has announced that it has raised $35 million in Series C funding. This app helps facilitate communication among teachers, parents and their children at the school setting.

Screen time does not harm children

London - A new study into the amount of time spent on electronic devices (‘screen time’) finds that the use of devices is not necessarily harmful to the health of children, provided devices are turned off an hour before bedtime.

How homework is affecting students’ sleep

A new survey from Sleep Cycle has found that children are not getting the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Nearly half of parents report that their children get 7 hours or less of sleep each night. One reason for this is homework.

Who has access to your DNA data?

San Fransisco - Since 1983, for each baby born in the state of California, a sample of DNA has been taken by the government. Finding out where this biological sample is stored and who can have access to it is proving challenging.

Wearable device aims to reduce infant deaths Special

Chicago - Medical data indicates that three million babies die within their first month of life. Of these, 98 percent of these deaths occurring in the developing countries. A new wearable has been launched to help lower this death rate.

Illegal levels of arsenic found in baby foods

Belfast - A review of samples taken of baby rice food has found over half of the products on shelves to contain illegal levels of inorganic arsenic. The food is out-of-step with European Union regulations.

How well do Internet filters protect teens online?

Oxford - Many parent stake comfort from the use of Internet filters as their children surf through web pages. Filters are designed to block access to sites questionable sites or from dubious strangers. But how well do these work? A new study raises concerns.

New app to help increase self-esteem for kids with ADHD

A new app has been create called iGotThis, and it’s designed to help increase self-esteem and productivity for kids with ADHD and their families. The app is initially aimed at kids in the U.S. where it is estimated that over 4 million have the condition

Review: Limits are meant to be tested in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include several cult classics; an inspiring story of rising above expectations; the second chapter of taking care of business off the field; and an animated movie that strived to achieve more than the one before it.

Women who hold a baby on the left side bond more closely

Women who hold their baby on their left side tend to bond more closely with their child than women who tend to hold their baby on the right hand-side, according to a new psychological study.

Op-Ed: Are Trump’s health plans dangerous for health protection?

Vaccination is, in some quarters, a controversial subject in the U.S. It need not be, with the safety and efficacy of vaccinations well-established. Some worrying comments from President-elect Donald Trump suggest vaccination goals could be unraveled.

Hair straighteners called out as child safety risk

Hair straighteners pose a risk to children in relation to burns and the number of incidences are increasing, according to an investigation by a British charity.

Are parents to blame for fussy eaters?

London - Scientists researching toddlers' eating habits have concluded that it is wrong to blame the parents. Instead, fussy food preferences are down to who the child is and the genes inherited.

Argentine mothers hold mass breastfeeding protest

Buenos Aires - Hundreds of women turned out in Argentina to breastfeed in public, in protest at the removal of a mother for nursing publicly in a Buenos Aires square last week.

Son calls police because dad destroys his cannabis plants

Darwin - A man contacted the police in Australia because his father had destroyed the son's small set of cannabis plants. The son was complaining about the destruction of his illicit cultivars.

Australia will penalize parents who don't vaccinate their kids

On Wednesday, the Australian government said it will pass a law that would penalize those who don't immunize their kids by withholding child care and other payments.

'Creepy' Windows 10 may inform parents of LGBT kids seeking help

As the Internet takes fire at Microsoft for its various data collection policies in Windows 10, a recent report highlighted another issue that could affect LGBT teens. The OS could inform parents of child visits to gay help sites, flagging them as porn.

Op-Ed: Leeching kids, sapped parents & the parable of the financial cave

The latest ‘poll’ feasted upon by Canadian media has to do with young adults who remain partially dependent on their parents after high school and in many cases after post-secondary education.

Op-Ed: Bad literacy directly affects people’s health and our society

Stop a moment and think about the scandalous fact that, in modern Britain, i.e. one of the richest country on the planet, more than a fifth of 11-year-olds will still be leaving primary school without reaching the basic level in reading.

Op-Ed: No, Peppa Pig is not to blame for your children’s behaviour

A columnist of the Daily Mail told her readers why she had suddenly decided to ban the four-time Bafta-winning cartoon “Peppa Pig” from her home. Is Britain’s top-selling pre-school character as dangerous and evil as the journalist claims it is?

Parents who give children sugary drinks are ‘poisoning them’

London - A leading health official has opened a debate, and sparked controversy, by arguing that parents who give their children sugary drinks are "poisoning" them.

Parents use Apple Watch to send new baby's heartbeat to relatives

A family has found a touching new way to use the Apple Watch's heartbeat sensor that isn't gimmicky or useless. They opted to let friends and family know that their newborn baby was alive and well in a unique way - by sending her heartbeat with the watch.

Headteachers threaten to call police as children play '18' games

A group of UK headteachers have threatened to report parents to police for neglect if they allow their children to play violent computer games that have an 18-rating, claiming that the children have access to unsuitable levels of violence.

Parents are giving children anti-vax bleach enemas to cure autism

Little Rock - Some U.S. parents are reportedly trying to cure autism in their children by using a dangerous "cure-all" bleach solution called "Miracle Mineral Solution," being marketed as a way to "flush out" from their children's systems vaccines that cause autism.

Three-Parent IVF agreed in the U.K.

London - The British parliament has voted to allow techniques that could help couples produce babies with a reduced chance of passing on heritable mitochondrial diseases.

Parents investigated after their kids, 10 and 6, walk home alone

A mother and father from Maryland are being investigated for neglect after they let their 10 and 6-year-old walk home alone.
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Waterloo Police Department arrested an18 year old couple after their baby allegedly choked on a smal...
Waterloo Police Department arrested an18 year old couple after their baby allegedly choked on a small bag of pot.
Waterloo Iowa Police Car
Suspects arrested for allegedly keeping 11-year-old autistic child in dog cage
Suspects arrested for allegedly keeping 11-year-old autistic child in dog cage
Anaheim Police Department
The parents of Aly Raisman  a U.S. Olympics gymnast  reacting to their daughter s routine
The parents of Aly Raisman, a U.S. Olympics gymnast, reacting to their daughter's routine
Facebook photos show children bound with duct tape.
Facebook photos show children bound with duct tape.
Wikimedia commons

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