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Paramedics News

Paramedics accused of taking selfies with unconscious patients

It is alleged two paramedics in Okaloosa County, Florida had a contest to see which one could take the most selfies with patients who were unconscious or otherwise incapacitated.

Woman plunges 60 feet in department store, lands on display bed

Cheadle - A display bed in a department store broke the fall of a woman who plunged 60 feet from an upper floor. The 60-year-old woman reportedly suffered hip and spine injuries in the incident, which occurred around 4 p.m. Monday in the John Lewis store.

Woman stabbed at art show, onlookers think it's 'performance art'

Miami - Patrons at a Miami art show on Friday thought they were watching performance art, but what they were actually watching was a violent crime. During a show at Art Basel Miami, a woman stabbed another woman in the arms and neck.

Swiss doctor creates Google Glass app for paramedics (Video)

Sierre - An app has been developed at the University of Applied Sciences (HES-SO) in Sierre, Switzerland, which is aimed at saving precious minutes by enabling specialist doctors at hospitals to interact live with paramedics working on patients at the scene.

Teen has asthma attack in Tim Hortons, employees refuse to help

London - According to a customer, when the 17-year-old asked to use the phone, he was refused. And when paramedics tried to enter through an exit door, staff at the London, Ontario coffee shop refused to let them in. The company says their staff acted properly.

Colorado drunk steals ambulance to keep warm

Longmont - Paramedics in Longmont, Colorado learned a valuable lesson. When they leave their vehicle to attend to a patient, it's not a good idea to leave their ambulance running. If the person has to go to the hospital, the ambulance may not be there.

Paramedic testifies in Dr. Conrad Murray trial

Los Angeles - This has not been a good week for Michael Jackson's personal physician. Conrad Murray is on trial for manslaughter in the case of the singer who died last year. The trial however has been a money maker for Apple's App Store.

New York City's paramedics, forgotten first responders of 9/11 Special

Toronto - When we think about the first responders during the attack in New York City on September 11, 2001 there's one group that is often left off: the paramedics that cared for the hurt and scared that day.

Ontario announces new award for paramedic bravery

On June 1, 2011 the Government of Ontario adopted Bill 115; The Ontario Award for Paramedic Bravery. This award will recognize paramedics whose courage brings honour to the profession.

Toronto EMS's bicycle unit works to make the streets safer Special

Toronto - It's Saturday night and you see two cyclists in yellow jackets weaving in and out of traffic on route to a club. At first glance it appears to be a member of the police but look closer and you may actually be seeing a paramedic.

Toronto's paramedics winning awards, close to 40-year anniversary Special

Toronto - Toronto's EMS is world class. Just this autumn paramedics from the service won international awards. Considering that it's been less than 40 years since the first paramedic rode in a Toronto ambulance it's even more impressive.

NYC finds success in treating cardiac arrest with cooling therapy

New York - Paramedics in New York City are no longer using just CPR. They are being trained to cool the body down by about 6 degrees, so no cells will be damaged by the lack of oxygen. It seems to work and city officials are patting themselves on the back.

Toronto's newest paramedics graduated last night

Toronto - Toronto's newest paramedics graduated on Thursday night. Speaking over 10 different languages 55 paramedics and 8 emergency medical dispatchers completed their programs to join the Toronto EMS.

Toronto Police seeking public's help identifying victim

Toronto - Toronto Police responded to a call from paramedics early this morning at King Street West and Mowat Avenue. Paramedics had discovered a man suffering from head trauma. Police are asking that the public identify the victim.

Lucky dog saved from choking on tennis ball by paramedics

It was a lucky dog whose owners were around to discover it had chocked on a tennis ball and called paramedics to the rescue.

Three Babies Delivered By Paramedics In Melbourne June 1

It was a busy night for ambulance drivers in Melbourne June 1. Within three hours paramedics delivered three babies who just couldn't wait to get to hospital.

Paramedics Allegedly Decided Man To Dirty To Live

When paramedics were called to Barry Baker, 59, a civil servant living in Patcham, U.K. they were allegedly heard that they could not be bothered to help the man.

Ambulances under pressure at night whilst GP's get to sleep

Ambulance services are hit with more calls as we think that GP's are less likely to be on duty at night.

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One of the passengers injured as several subway cars derailed on the Moscow metro on July 15  2014 s...
One of the passengers injured as several subway cars derailed on the Moscow metro on July 15, 2014 speaks by his mobile after being rescued and treated by paramedics
Dmitry Serebryakov, AFP
There are no age restrictions for EMS applicants.
There are no age restrictions for EMS applicants.
Adreanna Moya Photography/flickr
The Medic Honor Guard on display at the Charlotte St. Patrick s Day parade.
The Medic Honor Guard on display at the Charlotte St. Patrick's Day parade.
At the bottom of rollerblade-suicide hill in Weaselhead  paramedics arrived on foot
At the bottom of rollerblade-suicide hill in Weaselhead, paramedics arrived on foot
Rescuers and paramedics use a helicopter to evacuate passengers injured as several metro cars derail...
Rescuers and paramedics use a helicopter to evacuate passengers injured as several metro cars derailed in Moscow, on July 15, 2014
Dmitry Serebryakov, AFP

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