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Paralysis News

Breakthrough treatment helps paralysed patients walk

Apo - A breakthrough treatment involving electrical stimulation of the spine has enabled paralysed patients to walk again, apparently reactivating nerve connections and providing hope for people even years after accidents.

Implant helps paralysed man walk again

Paris - Five years after he was paralysed in a snowmobile accident, a man in the US has learned to walk again aided by an electrical implant, in a potential breakthrough for spinal injury sufferers.

Innovative brain implant helps paralyzed people to text

Neurosurgeons, teaming up with engineers, have created a device that allows paralyzed patients to communicate their thoughts into speech. The brain controlled device has come out of a research center at Stanford University.

Quadriplegic man regains use of arm in medical first: study

Paris - A decade after a bike crash that left an American man paralysed from the shoulders down, he can again feed himself, researchers hailing a medical first reported Wednesday.

Deep brain simulation aims to treat paralysis

A clinical trial involving a human implant has been completed. The device collects data to determine whether brain stimulation can restore motor function in stroke survivors.

Polio-like illness confirmed in eight Washington state children

Seattle - Eight of nine children exhibiting symptoms of a mysterious polio-like illness have been confirmed to have acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), the Washington State Department of Health announced on Friday.

Zika 'might cause' paralysis syndrome

Glasgow - Zika virus disease could be linked to a form of paralysis called Guillain-Barré syndrome, according to a new study of blood samples extracted from infected patients. If confirmed, this will add a new dimension to the Zika problem.

Parents can sue for 'wrongful birth' of disabled son, court rules

Portland - An Appeals court in Oregon has ruled that the parents of a boy with muscular dystrophy can move forward with an $11 million "wrongful birth" lawsuit.

Software lets paralyzed people speak by breathing

Another example of a potentially revolutionary new technology allows paralyzed people to speak by analysing their "breath signals". Software can recognise specific patterns of breathing and then translate those rhythms into a spoken word.

Mysterious illness kills Atlanta mother of two after day at pool

Atlanta - She was just out for a day of fun with her two young daughters at a local pool in mid-July, but the next morning, Stefanie Ballard woke up with nausea, fever, and a headache. She began losing muscle control and fell. Then partial paralysis set in.

One woman dead, 18 sick with botulism linked to church potluck

Lancaster - A suspected botulism outbreak linked to a Ohio church potluck has killed one person and sickened at least 18 others, health officials said Wednesday.

Rats with spinal injuries learn to urinate freely

Baltimore - Rats, in a new study, regained bladder control following a new treatment that coaxed severed nerves to grow back. It is hoped that the research can be applied to humans.

Artist draws picture of her sleep paralysis demon

A sleep paralysis-plagued artist has attempted to overcome her intense nighttime hallucinations by controlling the terror and drawing the demon that stalks her mind.

Experts seek to improve the lives of those living with paralysis Special

Beijing - Canadian and Chinese experts have joined forces to improve the lives of those living with paralysis after spinal cord injury around the world.

Progress in electrical stimulus for paralysis

Paris - Scientists on Tuesday reported progress in a technique to stimulate the lower spinal cord in paraplegics to help them recover lost nerve function.

Science sees future beyond Paralympics

Paris - Imagine a future with no sporting events for paralysed people.

Monkey mind control

In a remarkable study, the brain activity of one monkey was used to control the movements of a second, sedated animal. Scientists hope that the method will allow an individual to control a paralyzed body or limb.

Monkey experiment 'could lead to paralysis cure'

Paris - Scientists working on a paralysis cure said on Tuesday they had demonstrated how a monkey can use only its thoughts, transferred by electrodes, to manipulate a sleeping fellow primate's arm to do its bidding.The lab experiment, in which a fully sedated...

Op-Ed: Polio virus could spread beyond Syrian borders — Is Europe next?

The global initiative to see polio eradicated by the year 2018 has received a punishing blow. The wild strain of the polio virus seen in Syria can infect someone without their becoming ill, making "silent transmission" a devastating possibility.

Paralympic swimmer not disabled enough for world championships

Montreal - Overcoming adversity takes a lot of will power, drive, and support from family and friends. Everyone has encountered setbacks in life, but what happens when everything you’ve worked for suddenly comes to a halt?

Dog eats paralyzed owner's testicle

Trumann - A stray dog rescued by a paralyzed northeastern Arkansas man returned the favor by biting off and eating one of his savior's testicles while he slept.

Drug for hypertension helps the injured to walk

New research, conducted in Australia, indicates that a drug used to treat hypertension is also effective at helping mobilize patients with constricted limb arteries.

Paralyzed dogs helped with their own nose cells

Dogs with spinal injuries have been helped through a novel technique that takes cells from the back of their noses and transplants them into the site of injury. The technique has successfully restored some level of movement.

Video: Nose-cell transplant enables paralyzed dogs to walk again

Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England have achieved success in restoring hind leg mobility in dogs through the use of nerve cells located in the nose.

Op-Ed: Computer chips could potentially cure physical paralysis

The scientific community has developed new ion-based electronic chip designed to control muscles. This new technology could potentially cure paralysis in the 21st century.

Keeping the brain active helps treat paralysis

Some new research has shown that keeping the brain active (so-termed ‘brain engagement’) can potentially help the treatment of people who have suffered paralysis.

Robotic arm controlled by paralyzed patients' thoughts

Scientists at Brown University have developed a computer electrode sensor, implanted into the brain, which patients can use to control the movements of a robotic arm.

Hickey causes woman partial paralysis

It turns out that the quickest way to a woman's heart is through her arteries. The result of a passionate "lovebite" turned into a rather terrifying emergency for one New Zeland woman.

The brain-machine interface: Bypass circuits for paralyzed limbs, and they work

People with partial or total paralysis have been suffering for years, and carers and medical systems have been battling almost impossible problems in basic treatment. Now, a beautiful idea may be enough to re-route brain signals from the brain.

Nutritional Supplement helped paralysed boy

Timothy Bingham is a ten-year-old boy who was paralysed five years ago from the neck down. An amino acid has helped him move his arms.
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Paralysis Image

A 24-year-old man who was paralysed in an accident six years ago has regained some control of his ha...
A 24-year-old man who was paralysed in an accident six years ago has regained some control of his hand using an implant that sends signals from his brain directly to the muscles that move his wrist and fingers.
Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center/Batelle
Researchers have created a device that turns  breath signals  into speech  giving paralyzed people a...
Researchers have created a device that turns "breath signals" into speech, giving paralyzed people a voice
Loughborough University
An artist s illustration of her sleep paralysis demon
An artist's illustration of her sleep paralysis demon
Sleep paralysis demon

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