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Parachute News

97-year-old WWII veteran parachutes to mark D-Day anniversary

Carentan - A US veteran who was parachuted into France during D-Day in 1944 defied his age on Wednesday as he recreated his courageous feat of 75 years ago as part of ceremonies to mark the famous landings.

American Idol winner Kris Allen discusses tour with Parachute Special

New York - American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming tour with Parachute, which kicks off in April.

Review: Olivia Somerlyn releases hypnotic video for 'Parachute' Special

Rising pop singer Olivia Somerlyn has released a stunning music video for her single "Parachute," which is worth more than just a passing glance.

Review: Olivia Somerlyn back with new catchy single 'Parachute' Special

Just when you thought Olivia Somerlyn cannot get better than "Better With You," she proves her fans wrong with her new single "Parachute."

Review: American Idol's James Durbin charms on new album 'Celebrate' Special

On April 8, American Idol alum and rock music sensation James Durbin released his newest album "Celebrate," via his record label, Wind-Up Records.

Rocker James Durbin to premiere new music on Conan and StageIt

American Idol's James Durbin will play his new single "Parachute" on Conan on March 3. It's the lead single from his new CD "Celebrate," which will be out on April 8.

James Durbin continues to succeed with new 'Parachute' single

Rock singer-songwriter and Wind-Up Records artist James Durbin is having success with his brand new radio single "Parachute."

Interview with James Durbin from American Idol: 'Parachute' Special

Rock singer James Durbin and former American Idol alum chatted about his new single "Parachute" and his upcoming studio album "Celebrate."

Review: James Durbin is back with rocking new single 'Parachute' Special

James Durbin, former American Idol alum and rock singer-songwriter, released his latest radio single "Parachute" on November 22.

American Idol's James Durbin to release new single 'Parachute'

American Idol alum and rock singer-songwriter James Durbin released his first single "Parachute" from his sophomore album on Wind-Up Records on November 22.

Parachutist disrupts football match

Salisbury - Last week Digital Journal featured a story about a renegade masseuse who infiltrated a football match in Brazil and stopped the ball on the line.

Video: Soldier's parachute deploys and sucks him out of plane

Luckily this US soldier landed safely after his reserve parachute accidentally deployed and he was sucked off the launching ramp of the plane and into the wild blue yonder.

Video: Skydiver's parachute malfunction and mid-air collision

Footage shows a skydiver who escaped death twice in a single parachute jump. He got his parachute lines twisted and then collided with another skydiver in mid-air, but he escaped, thanks to his reserve parachute.

Skydiver survives 13,000 foot jump after parachute fails

Christchurch - A New Zealand skydiver is lucky to be alive after surviving a 13,000 ft (4000 meters) fall after his parachute failed and his reserve chute only partly opened.

Op-Ed: Mark Hurd and Oracle Corp. a golden parachute closing quickly

Hewlett-Packard is planning to start a new separate investigation into the severance package given to departed CEO Mark Hurd. The $35 million has now come into question as being unnecessary in light of his dismissal by the board of directors.

Woman Severely Injured After Sky Dive, Claims She was Pushed

A young woman who broke her leg, pelvis and suffered from concussion and bruising after complications with a sky dive. Lareece Butler, 26, plunged 914 metres to the ground after her parachute became tangled. She claims she was pushed from the plane.

Man skydives into wedding, a record?

Every woman dreams of having an unforgettable wedding. This lucky lady had her husband to be, literally drop down from the heavens...Ladies, jealous some?

Courageous Sky Diver Jumps Again After Near Fatal Crash

UK sky diver, Michael Holmes, who narrowly escaped death has jumped out of a plane again

Update: Canadian forces deliver books to remote First Nations reserves

The Canadian forces delivered supplies and used books to two remote First Nations communities today by parachute.

Man Killed In Parachute Accident

MELBOURNE, Australia — A man was killed Sunday when his parachute caught on the tail of an airplane, sending it into an uncontrollable dive and forcing 10 other people to jump for their lives. The freak incident happened when members of a parachute..

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The yellow backup parachute opens safely
The yellow backup parachute opens safely

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