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Papua new guinea News

Green Thumbs Up: Sustainable fishing and the Eco-tourism industry

A multi-disciplinary team from James Cook University is working in Papua New Guinea to develop an eco-tourism industry around the Papuan Black Bass, one of the world's toughest sportsfish.

Papua New Guinea facing drought and water shortages from El Nino

Papua New Guinea has been hit by the worst frost in over 40 years, affecting 300,000 people, as El Nino continues to wreak havoc, bringing drought and Tasmania-like temperatures to the normally tropical region.

Armchair Traveler — The smoked mummies of Papua New Guinea

Across the ages and around the world, death and mourning practices have almost always reflected the social position held by the deceased. From preserving the body, to cremation, there are many practices humankind has used to show our respect for the dead.

Massive Ebola outbreak nearly under control due to global efforts

With Liberia now Ebola-transmission free, the effort to fight the disease and bring the current outbreak under control appears to have turned a corner. Still, the global community must remain vigilant as the disease continues to spread elsewhere.

Canadian feds pays $180,000 for mining watchdog that isn't there

Last year, the Harper government spent over $180,000 to run the office of a counsellor of corporate social responsibility for the Canadian mining industry. There's only one problem: There is no corporate social responsibility counselor.

Cult leader known as 'Black Jesus' butchered to death

After a five-year manhunt, a cult leader and failed Lutheran minister known as "Black Jesus" was chopped to pieces by angry villagers in Papua New Guinea.

Researchers discover new sea species in Papua New Guinea

A team of researchers have discovered what they describe as a “treasure trove” of new sea species in the Pacific Ocean during an expedition in Papua New Guinea. Among the discoveries were a new species of sea slug and amphipods.

Young mother burned alive as witch in Papua New Guinea

Mount Hagen - A young woman has been publicly tortured and burned alive in front of crowd of onlookers, including schoolchildren, in the central highland town of Mount Hagen

Papua New Guinea's ocean floor gets ready for gold-copper mining

The mining process is expected to start up soon from the seabed of Papua New Guinea as the Government had approved the first deep sea level mining for commercial purposes.

Papua New Guinea cannibal cult made penis soup from dead victims

Police in Papua New Guinea have arrested 29 people, alleged members of a cannibal cult who ate their victims' brains raw and made penis soup as part of a war on 'evil sorcerers.'

Quake strikes Papua New Guinea

Lae - Yesterday it was Bali at the center of an earthquake, and today an earthquake has struck Papua New Guinea. Details are still sketchy.

Strong 6.6 magnitude earthquake shakes Papua New Guinea

A strong 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck at the New Britain region in Papua, New Guinea Thursday according to a report by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Strong earthquake shakes Papua New Guinea

A strong earthquake rocked the capital of Bougainville province off the coast of Papua New Guinea Monday, according to US Geological Survey (USGS).

Powerful earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea

A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 struck near the island of New Britain, 295 miles (470 kilometers) northeast of the national capital Port Moresby.

Papua New Guinea rocked by 5.7 magnitude earthquake

A 5.7 earthquake rocked Papua New Guinea early Monday morning according to US Geological Survey (USGS). It was earlier reported the quake had a magnitude of 6.1 but this was later corrected.

7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea was hit by a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake Thursday, according to the US Geological Survey. No tsunami warning was issued by the Pacific Tsunami Center or the local authorities.

Strong earthquakes rock Papua New Guinea, Fiji, others

Port Moresby - Strong earthquakes have been reported all over the world over the last 12 hours from Papua New Guinea to Alaska to the region of Russia-Japan. The earthquakes have ranged from 6.0-magnitude to 7.0-magnitude.

Strong seismic activity rattles the South Pacific

Jakarta - Two strong earthquakes have struck the nations of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Although there have not been tsunami alerts issued, these two countries have been entrenched with seismic activity.

Two powerful earthquakes strike Papua New Guinea, no aftershocks

Port Moresby - Two severe earthquakes have rocked the nation of Papua New Guinea but no aftershocks have yet been reported. The earthquakes were measured at 6.8-magnitude and 6.9-magnitude.

Strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea

Lae - A strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake has rocked the eastern part of Papua New Guinea. There have been no immediate reports of injuries, deaths or significant damages.

Papua New Guinea hit by strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake

Vanimo - Another fierce earthquake was located in the world as a 6.0 magnitude quake struck the nation of Papua New Guinea, which was also located near Indonesia.

Papua New Guinea hit by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake

Rabaul - Preliminary reports show that Papua New Guinea has been struck by a strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake but there have been no reports of injuries, deaths or damages.

Famous B-17 Flying Fortress Going Home after 68 Years

On January 26, one of Papua New Guinea’s most famous WWII relics went home. “The Swamp Ghost” is a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber that crash landed in a New Guinea swamp. Not everybody is glad to see her go.

Explorer's son seriously injured in PNG plane crash

The Leahy family is an important name in the discovery and exploration of Papua New Guinea and this week, Richard Leahy, son of the noted explorer, Michael James (Mick) Leahy, was seriously injured in an aircraft crash.

Australia's first submarine lost with all hands not on deck

Australia is slowly crossing off its list of unsolved war mysteries, yet one stubborn wreck seems determined to stay hidden despite new interest in finding it.

violence against women in Papua New Guinea spreads HIV/AIDS

Violence against women, a huge problem.

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after he and his comrades murdered Ninuor Kwalik
'Trophy' photograph taken by an Indonesian soldier after he and his comrades murdered Ninuor Kwalik and his 12 year old nephew Daugunme in 1998, West Papua. © Survival
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Natives of Papua New Guinea possess 2.0 percent of a genome that shows an independent expansion out ...
Natives of Papua New Guinea possess 2.0 percent of a genome that shows an independent expansion out of Africa about 120,000 years ago.
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