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Paparazzi News

BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe interviews Kanye West

London - In an interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe, rapper Kanye West discussed music, fashion, Nori, and more. He explained his focus on fashion as well as what Michael Jackson meant to him and to blacks in the music industry.

Singer Ray J mocks Kanye West's altercation with the paparazzi

Los Angeles - While rapper Kanye West has well documented issues with the paparazzi, singer Ray J was welcoming of a photographer in a video posted on TMZ.

Op-Ed: Drones as aerial paparazzi, stupidity, privacy invasion and more

Sydney - Just when you think drones are a curse, they get worse. The new “smart” form of journalistic photography is drone-based. That’s very bad news for the public and for privacy in many ways, although there are some uses in real journalism.

Op-Ed: French magazine publishes topless photos of Kate Middleton

Last month, Prince Harry was caught with his trousers down, literally. Now, the gutter press has gone one step further publishing topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Did Princess Diana's death change the paparazzi?

Fifteen years after the death of Princess Diana, which many blamed on the paparazzi, celebrities still complain of harassment and out and out bullying by the paparazzi. However, Diana's death did change the way some paparazzi conduct themselves.

Justin Bieber-chasing paparazzo turns out to be repeat offender

Los Angeles - There is surely no source better at chasing down info on Justin Bieber than TMZ. It's as if they have a reporter stationed at the L.A. law courts to do research related to the guy. Last week, they got the goods on a Bieber-chasing paparazzo.

Russell Brand charged for smashing photographer's cellphone

New Orleans - Actor-comedian Russell Brand will be charged for throwing a paparazzi's iPhone through a glass window in New Orleans in March, TMZ reports. Brand will be charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to property.

Megan Fox and husband being sued for assault

Brian Austin Green, along with wife, Megan Fox, are being sued by a paparazzi photographer after he claimed the former roughed him up and Fox kept egging on to do it.

Justin Bieber bodyguard punches pesky paparazzi at LAX

If you're gonna stand right in the way of Justin Bieber's car at an airport and snap photos, refusing to get out of the way despite repeated honks, well, someone isn't gonna take too kindly to it. And, it seems, you might get punched and then arrested.

Op-Ed: The science of lousy photography and Chikipedia’s Top 100

Sydney - Is there some law that says photographers of female celebrities have to leave their guide dogs at home on a shoot? I’ve just been looking at a menagerie of dismal efforts on Chikipedia’s Top 100, and it’s horrifying.

Russell Brand not to be charged for paparazzi attack

Los Angeles - Actor Russell Brand allegedly attacked a photographer last month who was snapping photos of his fiance Katy Perry at Los Angeles International Airport.

Op-Ed: Toronto film fest guerrilla guide to celebrity stalking Special

Toronto - After five years of celebrity hunting at the Toronto International Film Festival, a now "retired" celebrity stalker/blogger shares her wisdom to those hopeful to catch a sighting. TIFF begins Sept. 9, 2010 in downtown Toronto.

Op-Ed: Polanski has fun in the sun while he can

Gstaad - Paparazzi from an outfit called Xposure Photos have captured images of a laughing and apparently rather relaxed Roman Polanski in his comfortable Swiss chalet where he is presently detained - as they say - until US and Swiss authorities put an end to it.

One hospitalized, one arrested when paparazzi duke it out at LAX

Jockeying for position at Los Angeles International Airport, two paparazzi got into a donnybrook over a good camera position.

Paparazzi can be best paid friend on birthday for aspiring actor

An aspiring actor in Los Angeles decided to make the paparazzi his best friends for one night to celebrate his 27th birthday and make a big news splash to help launch his acting career.

Hugh Grant kicks paparazzi photographer

The "Love Actually" star lashed out at a photographer in New York City outside a popular restaurant. The whole incident was captured on video by the paparazzi.

Paparazzi banned from Amy Whinehouse's home

A British newspaper says singer Amy Winehouse has won a court order banning the paparazzi from pursuing her outside her London home.

Stars Strike Back At Paparazzi In Ashton Kutcher's new Reality Show

What do you do when you’re a star wanting to get back at the paparazzi? You victimize them! It’s what Ashton Kutcher is doing in a new reality show called Pop Fiction. The show is designed to ‘exploit the media.'

One Celebrity Photographer says no more

The antics of the paparazzi are nothing new but it is rare for one with that distinction to stop pursuing a particular celebrity. Nick Stern is concerned for Britney Spears’ safety and will no longer take part in the media assault against her.

Paparazzi Just Got Younger

Imagine owning a Porsche 911 Turbo but being too young to drive it. That's the case for Blaine Hewison. At fifteen he earns his pocket change snapping pictures of the rich and famous.

Lindsay Lohan Admits She Likes the Paparazzi

This Mean Girl is dreading the day that no one wants her photo.

Papparazzi Blackmail probe

Italian prosecutors claim to have evidence that top politicians, sports personalities and other celebrities have paid huge sums of money to stop photos of them appearing in the press.

Lindsay Lohan Paparazzi Chase: Hits Photographer With Car

Lindsay Lohan's dad was released from prison just hours after the actress had her own run in with the law after hitting a photographer with her car.

Paparazzi video held for Kate Middleton

Photographers snapping Prince William's girlfriend found themselves the focus of attention Monday after her lawyers said they have collected video of them ahead of any possible harassment claims.

Paris Hilton, A Bentley, No Gas, and Paparazzi!

Paris Hilton runs out of gas and camera man helps her out

Prince William's Lawyers to Test Law Curbing Power of Paparazzi

Lawyers for the royal prince are preparing a case to test the powers of the paparazzi, hoping to prevent harassment of Kate Middleton...

Paparazzi Sues Celeb Blogger For $7.6M

X17 Inc, a Los Angeles photo agency known for its images of stars in personal or embarrasing moments, has filed a $7.6 million federal copyright infringement lawsuit against Perez Hilton

Paparazzi agree to leave Beckham's son alone.

Photographers have pledged to stop taking pictures of former spice girl Victoria Beckham's son Romeo, because camera flashes could trigger an epileptic fit.

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