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Pandora News

Listen up: Pandora Premium is here to take on Spotify

Pandora, one of the first online music providers, has announced its own on-demand subscription service to rival Spotify and Apple Music. Using technology it acquired from Rdio, the internet radio provider aims to "change the way" you consume music.

Uber teams up with Pandora

For free and without advertisements, Uber drivers in the United States, Australia and New Zealand can now tune in to Pandora stations while driving.

iTunes Radio free streaming to end as it folds into Apple Music

Apple has announced it will be folding iTunes Radio into Apple Music from the end of January, discontinuing free streaming and requiring users buy an Apple Music subscription to keep listening. The company will continue its free Beats 1 service.

Online radio royalty rates set to increase in the New Year

A panel of copyright judges have ruled Pandora and other Internet radio companies will have to fork over more to the artists and labels whose music they share.

Rdio is shutting down and selling itself to Pandora

On-demand music provider Rdio has confirmed it is shutting down and filing for bankruptcy. Several of its "key assets" will be sold to streaming provider Pandora, making it the third music service to die in the past week.

Pandora buys Ticketmaster competitor Ticketfly for $450 million

Pandora Media, the largest internet radio company, is moving into the ticketing business. Pandora has decided to buy Ticketfly, an independent firm that competes with Ticketmaster.

Apple Music probed by two U.S. states over antitrust concerns

Apple's all-new subscription music streaming service announced just two days ago is under investigation by two US states over concerns that the technology giant may have colluded with the music industry to make life harder for its established rivals.

With sale looking likely, Vevo keeps growing brand

Can Vevo survive life after YouTube? Will it be sold to the highest bidder? The company is hoping for both, and moving swiftly in the new-media sphere to hedge its bets.

Op-Ed: Could Pandora's deal with Merlin open door for major labels?

Pandora, the web's largest streaming music provider, is set to get even bigger after partnering directly with indie digital rights group Merlin. Will the major labels follow their independent counterpart?

Pandora pushes 'promoted stations' via collaborative marketing

Most music lovers would not peg industry giants such as Kleenex, Skechers, or Taco Bell as being experts in music making. Yet, Pandora is teaming up with such brand makers to promote uniquely targeted stations on their streaming radio service.

Internet radio giant Pandora sued over usage of oldies

The giant Internet radio provider Pandora, used daily by thousands of people, is being sued by a selection of well-known major record labels over alleged copyright infringement related to the usage of old songs without paying due fees.

US judge hands Pandora a partial victory on royalties

New York - A US judge handed Internet radio company Pandora Media a partial victory in a royalties dispute with music publishers and songwriters in a decision released Wednesday.The decision, closely watched for its impact on the fast-growing online radio industr...

Pandora raises fee for ad-free music service by $1 a month

Pandora Media Inc will increase fees for its ad-free service by $1 a month to almost $5 a month in May, a move to cover the rising cost of licensing tunes that may annoy some longtime fans of the popular music-streaming servic...

U.S. judge will not change Pandora's songwriters licensing rate

A federal judge has left stable the rate U.S. Internet radio service Pandora Media Inc must pay songwriters to license their music, a performing rights organization said Friday.

James Cameron to make three 'Avatar' sequels simultaneously

NEW YORK – If you can't get enough “Avatar”, then break out the unobtainium: this is your lucky day. Sigourney Weaver has confirmed that director James Cameron is planning to film no less than three sequels to the blockbuster – at the same time.

Director James Cameron prepares the 'Avatar' DVD/BD for Earth Day Special

With 'Avatar' having become the highest-grossing film in motion picture history, filmmaker James Cameron is using its DVD/BD release to help shed some light on Earth Day. Released this week: Pirate Radio, Apollo 13, Stoic, Tenure, Dallas & Sharpe's Peril.

Op-Ed: James Cameron Wins Avatar Wars at the Box Office

Since Avatar's release, the film has been mired in controversy. Conservatives condemned the film as anti-American. The Marine Times even called Avatar "a disservice to the Corps." But where it counts, it is James Cameron who has won the Pandora Wars.

How Congress Wants to Kill Online Radio Stars

New royalty payment laws for Net radio companies go live on Monday, but there’s no need to freak out yet. In an interview with Tim Westergren of Pandora, a Net radio leader, Digital Journal learned the scenario might not be so bleak after all.

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Pandora Radio, as seen on a television
Lauren Michell Rabaino
Uber drivers in the United States  Australia and New Zealand can now tune in to Pandora stations whi...
Uber drivers in the United States, Australia and New Zealand can now tune in to Pandora stations while they drive.

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