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Q&A: Why companies are weak on business continuity planning Special

Most business continuity plans have the same procedures in place regardless of the kind of disaster a company experiences. This means neglecting things like a rise in measles cases as a consequence of the growth of the anti-vaccination movement.

It wasn't rats but gerbils that caused the Black Plague

A new study looking at the climatic conditions that prevailed during outbreaks of bubonic plague in Europe has concluded that it isn't rats, but gerbils that caused the pandemics.

Italian graveyard's 1000 year perspective on human health

Altopascio - The cemetery of an ancient church in Tuscany, Italy may provide key information concerning the deadly bacterium that causes cholera.

Op-Ed: A hideous conspiracy theory — The 'no cures for anything' racket

Sydney - There’s a very ugly conspiracy theory going around- Medical research is deliberately not finding cures for major diseases. Sound disgusting? It is, extremely. The trouble is that it may have some basis in fact.

Study says short-term school closures may worsen flu pandemics

University of Pittsburgh researchers say closing schools for less than two weeks during a flu pandemic may increase infection rates and extend an epidemic.

H1N1 Professional Help: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are hard at work identifying, tracking, and trying control the H1N1 virus. This emergency infrastructure has encyclopedic assistance and information about multiple life-threatening emergencies.

10 critical questions and answers about Swine Flu

A quick list of answers, do's, and dont's about Swine Flu. Perhaps most importantly, the best way to protect yourself turns out to be like all influenza's: frequent hand washing and stay far away from coughing and sneezing people.

Virologists, rejoice! Effective antibodies treatment for avian flu success

The avian flu has been taxing medicine, both literally and as a subject for research. All strains of the virus have shown some nasty abilities, but the H5N1 strain is the one most commonly lethal.

Swept Under the Rug: Climate Change and Population

Will our children or grandchildren live in a world where "Soylent Green is people"? Or in the world of Logan's Run, where turning thirty is your non-refuseable invitation to Carousel, the deadly psychedelic solution for overpopulation?

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An ancient Italian burial grounds is providing  a thousand-year history  into human health
An ancient Italian burial grounds is providing 'a thousand-year history' into human health
Field School in Medieval Archaeology and Bioarchaeology at Badia Pozzeveri

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