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Pandemic News

Bondi Beach virus testing targets backpackers

Sydney - Australian health officials set up a coronavirus testing clinic on Sydney's Bondi Beach Wednesday, as concern grew that COVID-19 was spreading among backpackers in the popular tourist destination.

Kiwis cheesed off at surging cauliflower costs

Wellington - The coronavirus pandemic has upended life for billions, but New Zealanders tolerating strict lockdown laws have drawn the line at surging cauliflower prices and are demanding the government act.

Study shows middle-age COVID-19 mortality risk

Paris - Middle-aged people, and not just the elderly, have a dramatically higher risk of dying or developing serious illness from COVID-19, new research from Britain showed Tuesday.

Global oil benchmark Brent crude dips below $20 per barrel

US crude oil prices fell below $20 a barrel on Monday, close to their lowest level in 18 years, as traders bet production would have to shut to cope with the collapse in demand from the coronavirus pandemic.

Police site crashes as Kiwis turn into shutdown snitches

Wellington - New Zealanders have become so keen to report their neighbours for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules that police on Monday said a website dedicated to addressing the issue crashed soon after going live.

Canada's Trudeau remains in isolation after wife recovers from virus

Montr - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday that he would remain in self-imposed isolation even though his wife, who had contracted the coronavirus, has recovered.

'Merkel is back': virus crisis boosts Germany's centre-right

Berlin - Angela Merkel's long-struggling conservatives have rebounded in the polls thanks to the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis and widespread faith in the outgoing German chancellor's ability to manage the upheaval.

Vedder Gabriel streams shows online during Coronavirus pandemic

Young rocker Vedder Gabriel is streaming shows online on his social media pages during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Digital Journal has the scoop.

David Salidor talks about PR shifts during Coronavirus pandemic Special

Esteemed entertainment publicist David Salidor of dis COMPANY chatted with Digital Journal about being a press representative during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and how this pandemic has affected his line of work.

Why Italy? The factors behind a coronavirus disaster

Rome - Why Italy?Loads of people have been wondering why the beautiful Mediterranean country has become the new epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic.

Big variation across U.S. states over coronavirus response

While the U.S. has responded at a federal level to the coronavirus pandemic (albeit slower than many other countries), at state level the response has varied considerably, as new data indicates.

China's first case of coronavirus traced back to November 2019

The first case of the COVID-19 virus in China has been traced back to November 17, 2019, nearly four weeks earlier than Chinese health authorities have said, according to unpublished Chinese government data.

Social distancing really does work — But what is it?

In the wake of the World Health Organization classifying the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic, some health officials have begun suggesting “social distancing” as a means for limiting virus transmission. What does this mean?

Op-Ed: Coronavirus pandemic — Now is not the time to point fingers

White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien on Wednesday criticized China’s response to the coronavirus as a cover-up and said that Beijing cost the global community two months to respond to the outbreak.

Where will the next major infectious disease outbreak occur?

Copenhage - Macroecologists are altering the health and medical community over a serious lack of data on the worldwide distribution of disease-causing organisms. This paucity of information will happen responses to the next global epidemic.

Where is the next global health threat going to come from?

New York - So long Ebola; sans Chagas disease; goodbye Zika... where will the next major heath threat come from? South America is a hotbed of potential viruses, according to a new study.

China to vaccinate poultry against H7N9 bird flu virus next month

With researchers warning that mutations in the H7N9 bird flu virus could lead to a "pandemic," authorities in China have decided to begin vaccinating poultry flocks for the deadly virus, beginning next month.

WHO on 'high alert' over spread of bird flu to humans

The World Health Organization (WHO) is on "high alert" over the number of outbreaks of avian influenza in birds and poultry worldwide. There is real concern the virus could spread to humans, signaling the start of a flu pandemic.

Damascus water shortage risks pandemic

Damascus - The lack of water and price gouging of commercially available water is forcing a large proportion of the Syrian population to drink substandard water, according to a leading aid organization.

Italian graveyard's 1000 year perspective on human health

Altopascio - The cemetery of an ancient church in Tuscany, Italy may provide key information concerning the deadly bacterium that causes cholera.

How likely is a flu pandemic?

London - A leading scientist argues that because our ability to detect flu pandemics has increased, society should not become complacent to the risks that flu pandemics pose.

Op-Ed: Have we learned anything about global disease epidemics?

The headlines read the disease is taking a toll on health care workers. People are avoiding travel and crowded shopping centers. Lawmakers are calling for a ban on foreigners from infected countries entering the U.S. Everyone is afraid of catching it.

Op-Ed: U.S. must create quarantine procedures to avoid confusion, chaos

ABC News reports that a Nigerian diplomat fled from Ebola quarantine in Lagos to Port Harcourt. Does the U.S. have a plan in place for putting its citizens in mandatory quarantine in the event of exposure to a lethal virus? It needs to!

Nigerian doctor claims Ebola virus is 'germ warfare'

Calling the Ebola virus a threat to national security, Dr. Ona Ekhomu, President of the Association of Industrial Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria (AIS­SON), called on the government to appoint a military head to take over Nigeria's response.

Americans infected with Ebola evacuating to Atlanta for treatment

Atlanta - A letter to the community was sent out from Emory University Hospital yesterday, outlining the plan to admit two patients with the Ebola virus to their main campus in Atlanta.

Op-Ed: Ebola patients returning to U.S. should spark pandemic planning

Though there is virtually no chance of infection from the two American Ebola patients returning to the U.S., it does raise questions as to how prepared our nation is for a deadly viral pandemic.

First U.S. case of deadly MERS virus confirmed - CDC

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is working to educate and not alarm the public amid the first confirmed case of MERS in the United States.

History’s most virulent flu pandemics analyzed

A research team has studied the 1918, 1957 and 1968 flu pandemics, as well as more recent 2009 novel H1N1 pandemic, to look for similar trends.

Flu pandemic of 1918 came from birds

The strain of influenza that caused the 1918 flu pandemic (Spanish flu) probably came from birds, according to a new study.

Pandemic flu risk returns, reminiscent of 1950s strain

The strain of flu that caused a pandemic during the 1950s remains a risk to human populations today, according to a new research report. The virus is said to be residing in bird populations.
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Spanish flu victims being buried. North River  Labrador  Canada  1918
Spanish flu victims being buried. North River, Labrador, Canada, 1918
Milan  5 February 2020 - Civil protection volunteers engaged in health checks at the  Milano Malpens...
Milan, 5 February 2020 - Civil protection volunteers engaged in health checks at the "Milano Malpensa" airport.
Dipartimento Protezione Civile (CC BY 2.0)

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