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Pandas News

US zoo to return beloved giant pandas to China

Los Angeles - Two giant pandas that have been a star attraction at the San Diego Zoo for decades will soon be returned home to China, officials announced.

Panda mania hits Germany as China's cuddly envoys arrive

Berlin - Germany had its first taste of panda mania on Saturday as two furry ambassadors arrived from China to begin a new life as stars of Berlin's premier zoo.

Why pandas are black and white revealed in new study

Ever wondered why pandas are black and white? A new zoological study has unraveled the answers. The giant panda's distinct black-and-white markings have two functions: camouflage and communication.

Chinese zoo sees 'miracle' birth of panda triplets

Guangdong - Officials at Guangzhou's Chimelong Safari Park have reported the birth of three pandas from mother Juxiao. Both the mother and cubs are healthy.

Giant Pandas are strong at adapting to environment change

Giant pandas are better at adapting to environmental stress than scientists had previously thought, and the Giant Panda is one of the toughest animals in dealing with changing conditions.

Giant panda gives birth to cub at National Zoo

Washington - Last night a giant panda at the National Zoo in Washington gave birth to a cub. The mother panda's chances of conceiving a cub had previously been estimated to be slim, so has created lots of excitement.

Pandas ready to mate, says experts

Edinburgh - Official experts have predicted that Tian Tian, one of the giant pandas at Edinburgh zoo will be ready to mate next week, BBC News reports.

Two pandas arrive in Scotland ahead of life at Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh - Following a 12-hour flight from China's Sichuan province, two giant pandas have successfully arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland.

China to release pregnant pandas back to wilderness

Researchers in China are planning to send captivity-bred pregnant pandas into a semi-wilderness in order to introduce their cubs to a natural environment.

Chinese Researchers Try To Use 'Panda Sex Tape' To Get Pandas To Mate

Two pandas named Qing Qing and Ha Lei tangle and do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel in a new video made by the Chengdu Research Base in China. This panda sex tape was designed for pandas to mate and reproduce.

Chinese police dog may teach pandas to fight in the wild

Artificially bred pandas are unable to cope with predators in the wild and are getting killed, defeating the main purpose of increasing their population. Now, Chinese scientists are planning to use police dogs to teach pandas how to fight.

Porn is not successful in encouraging pandas sex life

Authorities at the Chiang Mai Zoo are now using porn to encourage the pandas to mate. The attempts, however, have been unsuccessful.

A New Scoop on How to Make Paper

'Stoop and Scoop' gets a new meaning as Chinese researchers make paper from panda poop.

Pandas sent to kindergarten

As we all know, pandas fall on the list of the endangered animals. However, there are good news. The species got a boost on Saturday. 18 panda cubs left their mothers to learn to cope by themselves in China.

Panda Lives in Terror After Release in Wild Area

A panda released into the wild in China is terrorized by the residents of his new abode...

Pandas get new playground at U.S. National Zoo

New enclosure has waterfalls, shade trees and a water-cooled cave designed with input from the pandas themselves.

Berlin Panda Again Involved In Possible Pregnancy Saga

BERLIN (dpa) - She's lovable, but a trifle coy is Jan Jan, the popular female Panda in the Berlin Zoo. For years now zoo officials have been hoping she might, with a little assistance from Bau Bau, her somewhat grumpy male Panda companion, finally beco...

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