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Panasonic News

Panasonic revolutionizes agri-tech in growing vegetables

Electronics giant Panasonic is well-known for televisions and home theater systems. But Singaporeans got a surprise last week when a unit of the corporation started selling fresh radishes and lettuce to a chain of Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

Japan's Panasonic to give China expats 'pollution pay'

Tokyo - Japanese electronics giant Panasonic said Thursday it would give employees sent to China a wage premium to account for the country's hazardous air pollution, in a possible first for an international company.The move was part of a wider deal reached in ...

Japan's Panasonic to give China expats 'pollution pay'

Tokyo - Japanese electronics giant Panasonic said Thursday it would give employees sent to China a wage premium to compensate for the country's hazardous air pollution, in a possible first for an international company.The move was part of a wider deal reached ...

Panasonic plans battery mega factory with Tesla: report

Tokyo - Japan's Panasonic and California-based electric-vehicle venture Tesla Motors are in talks to build a $1 billion automotive battery plant in the United States, a report said Wednesday.The electronic giant is inviting several other Japanese materials mak...

Panasonic jumps more than 6 percent on report of Tesla battery plan

Shares in Panasonic Corp jumped more than 6 percent to a three-week high of 1,271 yen on Wednesday after the Nikkei newspaper said the firm is inviting a number of Japanese suppliers to join it in investing in a U.S.

Panasonic returns to smartphone arena with Toughpad handset for corporate clients

Japanese electronics supplier Panasonic Corp said it will make a partial return to the smartphone market with two high-cost models, marketed at business customers as counterparts to its ha...

Panasonic fined C$4.7 million in Canada for auto parts bid-rigging

Panasonic Corp <6752.T> has been fined C$4.7 million ($4.25 million) for rigging bids to supply equipment for Toyota Motor Corp <7203.T> cars made in Canada, the country's Competition Bureau said on Thursday.

IOC extends sponsor deal with Panasonic to 2024

The International Olympic Committee has extended its sponsorship deal with Panasonic for another eight years to 2024, making it the first sponsor to do so, the IOC announced on Thursday.

Panasonic shares soar 19% after return to profit

Tokyo - Panasonic shares rocketed 19 percent on Wednesday after the struggling Japanese electronics giant said it swung into the black with a $2.4 billion profit in the nine months to December.

Sony and Panasonic to make Blu-ray successor

Tech giants Sony and Panasonic have announced plans for a successor to Blu-ray discs. The discs will be for a new generation of ultra-high-definition movies.

Op-Ed: Lighting the way with any spare batteries lying around

Don't you just hate managing several different types of batteries at once? Your flashlight uses one type of batteries, and something else will use another type of batteries. It can be a pain and inconvenience to keep track of them all, until today!

The ‘perfect’ Taiwanese Margaret Thatcher-lookalike ad

Move over Meryl Streep, there's a contender in town for impersonating the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher – and he's "perfect."

Panasonic forecasts worst ever loss of $10 billion

Electronics company Panasonic has significantly downgraded its profit forecast for the year ending 31 March 2012, after reporting poor quarterly results.

United Continental selects Panasonic to install Wi-Fi on flights

Chicago - United Continental Holdings has chosen Panasonic to install Wi-Fi on more than 300 United Airlines and Continental Airlines aircraft starting in the middle of 2012 and conclude by 2015. Passengers will be able to stream videos on its wireless system.

Op-Ed: The hottest tech of the year: Part 3 Special

Cameras: The biggest technological advances in cameras this year were where you least expected them — under the hood, where you can’t see them. But they have been making the art of taking good pictures easier.

Op-Ed: The hottest tech of the year: Part 1 Special

Televisions: This was supposed to be the year of 3D TV. It turns out that everyone was wrong -- now that the new 3D TVs are here, who wants them?

Panasonic purchases 50.2% stake in Sanyo for $4.6 billion

It has been announced that Panasonic has majority ownership over electronics rival Sanyo. Panasonic, one of the largest electronics corporations, now designates the Japanese firm as a subsidiary.

Panasonic Orders Staff To Buy Panasonic

Panasonic has come up with a way to beat slumping sales -- order their staff to buy £1,000 of Panasonic products. It's expected that corporate Japan will latch onto this ideal.

Canon Profits Crash, Sony and Panasonic Jolted By Shaky Economy

Even though gadgets are expected to be a hot item this holiday season, electronics manufacturers are getting gloomy on their next quarter. As profits sink, tech leaders are wondering when they'll rebound.

Panasonic will launch world's smallest SLR camera with Lumix-G1

Japan's Panasonic will soon launch the world’s smallest digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera that will weigh slightly more than a regular can of beer. The camera body and lens is expected to sell for $839.

A DVD camcorder from Panasonic Avilable for $170

Circuit City is selling a Panasonic DVD camcorder for only $170 including shipping. It has some basic features and is good for first-time buyers.

Panasonic unveils Atom-based Handheld Computer

Panasonic Canada Inc. unveils its new handheld full-function PC, which is all set to change the way people work in challenging and pleasant environments alike.

New Panasonic Waterproof 3G Phone

Another launch for just another phone. Right? Wrong! This particular phone comes with an unusual, although not unheard of, capability. Its waterproof! That's right, a new 3G phone launched by Panasonic which is certain to woo the ladies!

Panasonic Set To Unveil Two New Camcorders

Panasonic has announced the unveiling of two new camcorders, the HDC- SD100 and HDC-HS100, which are probably the first of their kind to have AVCHD technology.

Car navigator from Panasonic remotely manages home

A new car navigation system from Panasonic enables the drivers in Japan to turn on lights in their homes, lock their doors and control air conditioning all from their car's driver seat.

The World's Largest TV and Other TV Trends

Television companies are constantly competing to make the best television, but what makes the best television? If size is your pick, Panasonic just came out with an 150-inch television.

Massage chairs recalled after fires

Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. said it would recall thousands of massage chairs for free tests and repairs, saying the chairs could catch fire.

Panasonic says that its 100GB Blu-ray discs will last a century

Panasonic says that its new 4-layer 100GB Blu-ray discs are so durable that you'll be able to retrieve the data in 100 years' time

Panasonic DMP-BD10 Blu-ray player reviewed

The $1,300 price tag makes this a rich mans toy.

Panasonic Boom: Electronics Giant Unveils 2006 Product Lineup

Digital Journal – Walking into the 2006 Panasonic Canada Consumers Electronics Show at the Toronto Congress Centre, your eyes are bombarded by the stunning visuals on display. It's almost too much at first: a pillar of plasma TVs straight ahead, with a.
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Panasonic Image

The Panasonic Lumix G2 has a lens made by the legendary Leica people  with a smaller sensor; but tha...
The Panasonic Lumix G2 has a lens made by the legendary Leica people, with a smaller sensor; but that is the price paid for a smaller, more manageable size of camera.
Panasonic’s BF-BM10 LED flashlight powered by any battery
Panasonic’s BF-BM10 LED flashlight powered by any battery
Using the latest in farming technologies  Panasonic Corp. is revolutionizing agriculture.
Using the latest in farming technologies, Panasonic Corp. is revolutionizing agriculture.
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