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Paleontologists discover dinosaur as long as 3 city buses

New York - At 122 feet long, this enormous dinosaur is the largest ever discovered. It's so big, in fact, that it doesn't completely fit inside the gallery at the American Museum of Natural History.

Clues to a mass extinction found behind New Jersey shopping mall

Mantua - It looks like a typical rock quarry behind a shopping mall just 15 miles away from Philadelphia, but it contains a trove of 66-million-year-old fossils that may provide evidence that the dinosaurs became extinct as a result of a massive meteor strike.

Scientists: Strange lizard-like reptile is earliest known turtle

Scientists have now solved an important piece of the turtle evolution puzzle. Recent fossil evidence has helped paleontologists prove that turtles share a recent common ancestor with birds, lizards, and crocodiles.

Size matters: Evolution helps sea creatures, land animals get big

Stanford - A recent study suggests that sea creatures may follow a hypothesis known as "Cope's rule," and this rule states that in a lineage, animals grow larger in the passage of time.

Canadian paleontologists find rare pachyrhinosaur dinosaur skull

The skull of a horned dinosaur has been found in the badlands of Alberta, Canada, an area rich in dinosaur finds. Carbon dating reveals the skull, found by paleontologists at the University of Calgary, to be some 70 million years old.

Paleontologists find abandoned nests of dinosaur eggshells

Paleontologists working in Portugal have found a nest of abandoned dinosaur eggshells. The remains are estimated to be about 150 million years old.

Paleontologists find four-winged fossil birds in China

Paleontologists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have discovered fossils of four-winged birds in Liaoning, northeastern China. The researchers say that contrary what is believed, the fossils suggest that the first birds used four wings for flight.

Paleontologists: Triceratops dinosaur skeleton a major discovery

The finding of a nearly complete skeleton of a triceratops dinosaur near Drumheller, Alberta in Canada is a major discovery, say scientists from a paleontology museum. A few bones were first seen by an alert former museum employee on a hill near a road.

Paleontologists Discover New Mammal from Mesozoic Era

An international team of American and Chinese paleontologists have discovered a new species of a mammal that lived about 125 million years ago during the Me sozoic Era.

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Two microraptors sitting on a branch looking for lunch
Two microraptors sitting on a branch looking for lunch
Jason Brougham / University of Texas; Mick Ellison (inset)

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