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Painting News

Restoring medieval Tibetan shrines in Nepal's Himalayas

Deep in the heart of a medieval monastery in Nepal's remote Upper Mustang region, the battle to restore sacred murals and preserve traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture is in full swing.

Adobe has built 3D digital paint that feels like the real thing

Adobe Research has collaborated with NVIDIA to build the world's first 3D Oil Painting Simulator. The goal of the project, known as "Wetbrush," is to create 3D digital paint that behaves like the real thing down to the feel of it on the virtual canvas.

Masterpieces lost in Italy museum heist recovered in Ukraine

Rome - Paintings including masterpieces by Rubens and Tintoretto that were stolen from a Verona museum last year have been found in Ukraine, Italy's culture minister said Wednesday."It is a great day," the minister, Dario Franceschini, said in a statement.

American painter Sherri Aldawood revels in her love of beauty Special

When it comes to creating her masterpieces, this Phoenix-based artist is especially attracted to light and colour. She talked life and fine art with Digital Journal.

Dutch painter Liseth Visser on what motivates and inspires her Special

Veghel - This talented lady from the southern Netherlands is renowned for her beautiful, thought-provoking and deeply striking portraits. She agreed to answer some questions put to her by Digital Journal.

Gallery of fake paintings opens in Argentina

Buenos Aires - The paintings in Buenos Aires' newest gallery may look like the work of great artists, but they are actually rip-offs -- and the exhibition's organizers want you to know it.

Caravaggio found in attic is 'original' say some experts

Paris - A painting discovered in the attic of a house in France is an "authentic" work by Italian Renaissance master Caravaggio that could be worth up to 120 million euros, two experts said Tuesday.But others still have doubts over the spectacular canvas.

'Picasso' painting seized in Turkey dismissed as fake

Paris - A painting seized by Turkish authorities that was reported to be a stolen Picasso is a fake, the Picasso Administration, charged with managing the artist's estate, said on Monday.

Turkey police recover stolen Picasso in Istanbul: Report

Ankara - Turkish police have recovered an original painting by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso in an undercover operation in Istanbul, state-run Anatolia news agency reported on Saturday.

Russians break door at top museum as record crowds rush to art show

Moscow - A top Russian museum struggled to control record crowds on Friday as thousands rushed to see a 19th-century art exhibition, queing for hours in the snow and even breaking a door.

S. African women protest against Zuma 'sex act' painting

Johanesburg - Female supporters of South African President Jacob Zuma on Friday marched through the capital Pretoria to defend him against attacks including a satirical painting depicting him engaged in a sex act.

Sotheby's to auction Picasso's 'La Gommeuse'

London - A rare Pablo Picasso painting from the collection of US tycoon Bill Koch that will be sold on November 5 was shown in London for the first time on Friday.

Forgotten Whistler canvas found in Dutch museum

Den Haag - Forgotten for two decades, a dusty old canvas hidden in a corner of a small Dutch museum has been revealed as a painting by American artist James Whistler.

France willing to pay 80 mn euros for Rembrandt painting

Paris - France said Thursday it was willing to pay 80 million euros ($90 million) to acquire one of two Rembrandt paintings on sale by the Rothschild family for the Louvre museum.

Archaeologists find bone fragments in hunt for 'real' Mona Lisa

Florence - Italian archaeologists trying to solve the mystery behind one of the world's most famous paintings said Wednesday they had found bits of bone that could have belonged to the 'real' Mona Lisa.

World's oldest multicolor printed book has been digitalized

Cambridge - Cambridge University has a book in its massive collection that was once considered so old and fragile, it was forbidden to be opened. But the book was opened for the first time and digitized, revealing to the world its amazing and colorful pages.

Interview: Horace Panter of The Specials discusses music and art Special

The bass player with the ska/2 Tone legends is also an accomplished artist who has exhibited his paintings all over the world. He gave an exclusive interview to Digital Journal.

Karachi artists reclaim city walls from hate graffiti

Karachi - For years Karachi's walls have been spattered with the bloodstains of murder victims and scrawled with graffiti touting everything from sectarian hatred to quack cures for erectile dysfunction.

Chinese librarian replaced artworks with own fakes

Bejing - A Chinese librarian stole 143 artworks from his own gallery and replaced them with his own fakes, he told a court -- only to find his works being substituted by other fraudsters.

Paris probes theft of painting from Picasso's step-daughter

Paris - A French art dealer has been taken into custody after Picasso's step-daughter accused him of stealing some of the artist's works, a judicial source said Wednesday.

Russia's Tretyakov gallery targeted in art scam probe

Moscow - Russian investigators are carrying out a probe into art valuations by experts at one of the country's top museums, Moscow's Tretyakov Gallery, a gallery spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Looted Nazi painting returned to heir of owner in New York

New York - A 17th century painting stolen by the Nazis from a Jewish German art curator in Paris who was later murdered at Auschwitz was returned to the late owner's daughter at a ceremony in New York on Tuesday.

The color principle that drives up used car value

Selecting your car from a certain subset of colors may be the key to getting a great value later on according to one major driving site.

Hidden paintings found at Angkor Wat

Long-lost paintings that are almost 500 years old have been re-discovered on the walls of the ancient Angkor Wat in Cambodia by a researcher from the Australian National University (ANU).

Canadian artist infuses florals with emotion Special

Toronto - Artist Bobbie Burgers is one of Canada's most celebrated and popular working artists. Known for her lush, large-scale floral depictions, she's had sold out shows for over 10 years. Her latest exhibition explores emotion and the fleeting nature of beauty.

Hong Kong police search landfill for $3.7 mln painting

Hong Kong - Hong Kong police on Wednesday searched for a valuable painting mistakenly dumped in a landfill after it sold for $3.7 million at auction, reports said.

Review: Francis Bacon And Henry Moore Together In Terror And Beauty Special

Toronto - The work of two wildly different artists is paired for a new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario. While it's ambitious, Francis Bacon and Henry Moore: Terror and Beauty disappoints with a false sense of connection between the artists.

George W. Bush releases his 'inner Rembrandt' with new exhibit

Dallas - Former U.S. president-turned-painter George W. Bush has announced an art exhibit featuring his latest creations set to debut Saturday at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Lowry collection nets £15 million at London sale

London - A collection of works by LS Lowry sold for £15.2 million ($25 million, 18.2 million euros)at a London auction, with a painting of Piccadilly Circus topping the night's bidding at £5.1 million.

Stolen Rembrandt found after 15 years

Some 15 years after it was stolen, a 17th Century painting by the renowned Dutch master Rembrandt has been recovered in France.
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Painting Image

Project Wetbrush  the world s most advanced 3D Oil Painting Simulator
Project Wetbrush, the world's most advanced 3D Oil Painting Simulator
 It s Well With My Soul
"It's Well With My Soul"
Dana Idlet
Cornelis le Mair
Cornelis le Mair
Alex Timmermans
Oil paintings The sunflowers by Champin de Lyon
Oil paintings The sunflowers by Champin de Lyon
Bobbie Burgers says the works in her latest exhibition are  about desire  fleeting beauty  and the o...
Bobbie Burgers says the works in her latest exhibition are "about desire, fleeting beauty, and the overwhelming intensity of wanting something that you cannot hold onto, whether it is a feeling, an object, or a person. Due to the very nature of euphoria, no one can ever hold on to it. It exists in brief and unexpected moments, layered in with a host of other emotions. Euphoria cannot exist without pain, heartbreak, desire, and it is this heightened state of realism that I am trying to freeze int
Billy Wishloff
Painting of fishing boats for sale at First Saturday on the River and Kiss-a-Pig Campaign kick-off a...
Painting of fishing boats for sale at First Saturday on the River and Kiss-a-Pig Campaign kick-off at Savannah's river front. Savannah, Ga. 3/2/13
This painting inside the art gallery shows beloved wives and children
This painting inside the art gallery shows beloved wives and children
The title  Two Worlds  recognizing the original settlers of Australia  a painting easily seen along ...
The title 'Two Worlds' recognizing the original settlers of Australia, a painting easily seen along a major business district street.
Mila Robles
The Nightmare (1781)
The Nightmare (1781)
Henry Fuseli
 Field of Daisies
"Field of Daisies"
Dana Idlet
 Love is Everything   Acrylic. Bobbie Burgers  latest show   Lovely Fugitive   is on at the Bau-Xi G...
"Love is Everything", Acrylic. Bobbie Burgers' latest show, "Lovely Fugitive", is on at the Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto now through June 24th.
Knot PR
 Assault on the Tuileries  on Aug 10  1792  during the French Revolution  painting at the Musée du ...
'Assault on the Tuileries' on Aug 10, 1792, during the French Revolution, painting at the Musée du chateau de Versailles
Jean Duplessis-Bertaux (1747–1819)
Oil paintings The sunflowers by Champin de Lyon
Oil paintings The sunflowers by Champin de Lyon
LS Lowry standing in front of an easel
LS Lowry standing in front of an easel
File photo
Cattleya Orchid  Two Hummingbirds and a Beetle  ca. 1875-1890 oil on canvas by Martin Johnson Heade....
Cattleya Orchid, Two Hummingbirds and a Beetle, ca. 1875-1890 oil on canvas by Martin Johnson Heade. On loan to Philbrook Museum of Art from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. May 28, 2011
 Coming home
"Coming home"
 Still life with peonies  - a possible Van Gogh masterpiece.
"Still life with peonies" - a possible Van Gogh masterpiece.
Screen capture
rapper notorious big
rapper notorious big
Flickr Creative Commons
Painting by Adolf Hitler
Painting by Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler painting/Mullock's Auctions
A painting of Queen Nefertiti playing a game
A painting of Queen Nefertiti playing a game