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Pollution abatement technology extended to Asia Pacific

Ship & Shore Environmental Inc., the U.S. environmental, pollution abatement and energy solutions company has initiated projects in Asia aimed at reducing environmental pollution from shipping.

Dealing with barnacle damage through new paints

Barnacles cause considerable damage to ships. One way barnacles are attracted to the hulls of ships is through protein attraction. Understanding this interaction could help with new solutions, like special paints, to reduce the damage.

What can be learned from watching paint dry?

New research has revealed the physical forces at play that separate particles according to their size during the drying of wet coatings. The finding should lead to an improvement with everything from paint to sunscreen.

Video: Nissan's 'nano-paint' guards your car from bird poop

Nissan has introduced a type of paint which causes liquids to fall off of your car. Rain, dirt and even poop slide off of your vehicle due to the protective layer this paint forms.

X-rays discover secret behind Rembrandt painting

Lead paint under the surface of a painting by Rembrandt gives away artist’s indecisiveness. This was shown by directing a powerful new X-ray at the prized artwork.

Artist snorts paint, and then he creates art by crying

Leandro Granato, an artist from Argentina, snorts water-based paint and then squeezes the paint out of his eyes to create works of art onto a canvas.

Op-Ed: The struggle against lead poisoning, young children most at risk

While lead in paint has been banned in Europe and the US for years, certain companies still produce lead paint and sell it abroad. There, yet also at home, young children still suffer the consequences: lower IQ, slowed body growth, failure at school.

Capturing Nova Scotia through art Special

Truro - Members of the Truro Art Society are celebrating Nova Scotia through art, and a new show is made up of images created through a variety of mediums.

Women paint street pink for breast cancer awareness

Dursley - A street in Dursley, England, has been painted pink to promote breast cancer awareness. The campaign was ran by a group of local women.

Dana Idlet opens art exhibition at Fayetteville Underground

Fayetteville - In her studio space, Dana Idlet was painting something extraordinary. As she listened to music and moved her hand across the canvas with minimal effort and easy grace, her brush strokes looked inspired.

Man dumps paint over himself to avoid Taser

Cheyenne - When police went to the home of a Wyoming man he tried to stop them from using a Taser on him by dumping paint over his body.

Workmen paint around dead badger on road rather than remove it

Workmen painting white lines on a road left a gap when they came across a dead badger in their path. They painted up to near where the badger lay, then moved around it and continued painting.

Anti-Wireless Paint to Keep Neighbors off Wi-Fi

Researchers at the University of Tokyo claim to have developed a special paint to prevent wireless signals from being broadcast.

Don't Scream At Me!

Israel Podolsky of New Port Richey, Florida sits in jail tonight after shoving his 94 year old live-in girlfriend. The spry senior painted their house with the wrong paint according to his girl. When she loudly let her opinion be known he shoved her.

Bird droppings damage car paint

Parking your car under a tree in summer can really damage the vehicle's paintwork as the excrement from birds, bees and plant-louses leave visible marks after just one or two days, according to Germany's technical testing authority DEKRA.


30 different people that influenced my life were painted one on top of another on my torso. I either painted a picture of the person or an object that represents the person.

Chinese workers paint mountain green

Villagers in southwestern China are scratching their heads over the county government's decision to paint an entire barren mountainside green.

Butt Painting Teacher Terminated (Update)

He created controversy when the local school board discovered what he did during his off-hours.

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Paint Image

 Love is Everything   Acrylic. Bobbie Burgers  latest show   Lovely Fugitive   is on at the Bau-Xi G...
"Love is Everything", Acrylic. Bobbie Burgers' latest show, "Lovely Fugitive", is on at the Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto now through June 24th.
Knot PR
 Grandness Of the Minutia   Acrylic.  I have parents who never questioned individual creative expres...
"Grandness Of the Minutia", Acrylic. "I have parents who never questioned individual creative expression, and, instead, encouraged it, "Burgers explains. "From the time I was young, the most exciting activity for me was the process of figuring out what to do with a material and just playing with it. Maintaining this curiosity allowed me to become an artist."
Knot PR
Bobbie Burgers says the works in her latest exhibition are  about desire  fleeting beauty  and the o...
Bobbie Burgers says the works in her latest exhibition are "about desire, fleeting beauty, and the overwhelming intensity of wanting something that you cannot hold onto, whether it is a feeling, an object, or a person. Due to the very nature of euphoria, no one can ever hold on to it. It exists in brief and unexpected moments, layered in with a host of other emotions. Euphoria cannot exist without pain, heartbreak, desire, and it is this heightened state of realism that I am trying to freeze int
Billy Wishloff
Users will think they are having fun with a painting program  but their private information is being...
Users will think they are having fun with a painting program, but their private information is being stolen.
Karen Graham
Ai Weiwei (Chinese  born 1957) Neolithic Vase with Coca-Cola Logo 2010 Paint on Neolithic vase (5000...
Ai Weiwei (Chinese, born 1957) Neolithic Vase with Coca-Cola Logo 2010 Paint on Neolithic vase (5000–3000 BC) 9 3/4 x 9 3/4 x 9 3/4 in. (24.8 x 24.8 x 24.8 cm) Mary Boone, New York.
Mary Boone Gallery, New York
Bobbie Burgers  latest exhibition explores the roles of memory and longing  using the context of flo...
Bobbie Burgers' latest exhibition explores the roles of memory and longing, using the context of florals as a means for expression.
Billy Wishloff

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