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Pain News

New technology addresses backpack strain issues

Backpacks are standard load carriers for people of all ages, such as school children and the military. A new research study has assessed the impact of different weights in different locations, in order to study the full impact on the spine.

Compound for chronic pain treatment without side effects

The brain’s cannabis receptors can be used to help manage chronic pain, in a way that does not trigger the side effects linked with opioid-based pain relievers or medical marijuana.

Opioids prolong chronic pain: Study

Opioids are regularly prescribed to deal with chronic pain. A new study casts some doubt over the effectiveness of this class of drugs and indicates they can sometimes make certain conditions worse.

Epilepsy and pain management drug connected with birth defects

A medical study says the drug pregabalin, designed to treat epilepsy as well as neuropathic pain, could be linked to an increased risk of birth defects.

New treatment for addressing chronic pain

Chronic pain can reach levels where it becomes unbearable for sufferers. A new process, using opioids, attempts to provide continuous relief.

Research suggests financial stress may lead to physical pain

People who are experiencing financial stress may feel more physical pain than people who are financially secure, according to new research.

How Gangnam Style can increase your pain threshold

It's the tune that most people around the world have heard and the video that has smashed the YouTube 'most watched' record. But did you know dancing the 'Gangnam Style' can help with pain management?

Man is stung in 25 places by bees, for science

A scientist has let bees sting him repeatedly in 25 different body locations. The idea was to map out the most sensitive areas of the body to bee stings.

Neurons for pain and itching discovered

Zurich - Which nerve cells are involved with pain and itching? Researchers have found that inhibitory nerve cells in the spinal cord stop the transmission of pain and itch signals in mice.

Crossing fingers confuses and stops brain's perception of pain

In a pain management breakthrough, researchers show that changing the spatial alignment of body parts — crossing fingers — alters pain sensation showing the brain recognizes spatial alignment over part-to-body alignment.

Men may feel more pain than women after major operations

A German study of over 10,000 people shows that several factors contribute to men possibly feeling more physical pain after a major operation than women might.

Does eliminating pain improve life expectancy?

A new study indicates that eliminating a pain receptor makes mice live longer and keeps their metabolisms young. Chronic pain appears to correlate with a shortened lifespan, whereas less pain is linked to living longer.

Why acupuncture can alleviate suffering for your pets Commissioned

Although it's long been used on humans to manage pain, acupuncture isn't commonly associated with pet health. But clinics and pet owners are seeing a growth in pet acupuncture so much so it's hard to deny the method's efficacy.

Centipede venom is more effective than morphine

Centipede venom has been shown to work even better than morphine to dampen pain in rodents. The finding could be important for analgesic development.

New safety warning for Tylenol

Due to safety risks, bottles of Tylenol sold in the U.S. will now bear red warnings. These warnings alert users to the potentially fatal risks of taking too much of the pain reliever.

Canadian man finds source of burning itch in back — a knife blade

Yellowknife - Ever had a really annoying itch? You know, the kind that you can't stop scratching? Well, this Yellowknife man finally got to the root of his problem, by finding a knife blade embedded in his back. It had been there for three years.

New needle-free vaccine is kick-started by the skin

Scientists have developed a needle free vaccine in a dry powder from that, when it comes into contact with skin cells, is triggered into action by the immune cells in the skin.

Doctor gives dildo to woman complaining of sore shoulder

A woman in central Sweden went to the doctor because she had a sore shoulder but instead of receiving care she ended up being invited to the doctor's home and was given a sex toy as a gift.

One in five Europeans suffers from chronic pain

Brussels - Newly compiled health data indicates that one in five Europeans suffers from pain that has been occurring regularly for three months or longer; one in eleven, suffers from pain daily. The research has implications for the planning of health services.

Laser developed to take the ‘ouch’ out of injections

A laser injection device has been developed to administer medicines with the idea that it will replace needles and make the jab process considerably less painful.

New trans-dermal cream promises pain relief without pills

Charlottetown - A new study suggests Canada is a country in pain. Forty-three percent of Canadians visited a doctor for pain issues and 90 percent purchased pain medication or treatments last year. But despite that, most say they don't like to take pills.

Migraines are painful but don't harm brain function

Boston - If you have ever suffered a migraine you know the excruciating pain that sometimes feels like your brain is about to explode. But now researchers have discovered that migraines don't appear to cause any impairment of cognitive abilities.

Chronic pain affects quality of life for most Canadian sufferers

A diagnosis for what causes chronic pain does not mean a treatment plan for many Canadians suffering daily. The Report on Pain released today found many wait up to two years to find out the cause of their pain and treatment is not always available.

Study: Nature scenes 'reduce pain' for cancer sufferers

Baltimore - Every day some cancer patients have to endure painful procedures, often excruciating. But now there may be something on hand to decrease the pain according to researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, U.S.

Girl, 5, dies after mistaking painkillers for jelly beans

A five-year old girl in the UK died after getting into a cupboard and taking her father’s pain killers, which she mistook for jelly beans, an inquest heard.

Controversy surrounds study where mice are made to suffer pain

Montreal - A lot of questions were raised after mice were purposely subjected to various methods of pain during a study at McGill University in Montreal. Researchers claim inducing pain on the animals is key to understanding pain responses.

New study: Fetus not yet conscious at 24 weeks

London - The UK-based Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has published a government commissioned scientific review and concluded that a fetus is not conscious at 24 weeks of age. It is also not able to feel pain.

Montel Williams lights up the Maine Medical Marijuana Conference

Portland - Montel Williams spoke at yesterday's medical marijuana conference in Maine. In tears as he shared his pain with the audience, he was encouraged by one attending Sheriff to take his medicine, prompting Montel to light up a joint and take a few puffs.

Study says acetaminophen may ease psychological pain

A research team from the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences has uncovered evidence indicating that acetaminophen may blunt social pain.

Scientists close to taking the pain out of animal suffering Special

Neuroscience and genetics research is working on knocking out pain in livestock animals. As contentious as it is to genetically modify animals to make them pain-free, a philosopher believes we have an ethical duty to "keep all options on the table."
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