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Pacific ocean News

Obama protects huge area of Pacific Ocean

U.S. President Barack Obama has exercised his authority to expand an existing marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean, making it the largest in the world.

Ancient volcano found hiding in Pacific Ocean

Hidden beneath the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, about 186 miles southeast of Jarvis Island and 3.2 miles beneath the surface, lies a massive mountain. The seamount rises up off the seafloor two-thirds of a mile high.

Op-Ed: What the world does not know about Fukushima could kill us

How big does a cover-up have to get, and how many children have to die before the world wakes up to the truth about the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. Almost from the onset of the earthquake and resulting tsunami, the world has not been told the truth.

Pacific nation evacuates to Fiji in response to rising sea levels

The land has been bought and preparations are being made. The island nation of Kiribati is slowly being drowned by rising sea levels and they are planning to escape shortly.

Colorado River returns to the sea in 'sacred reunion' of waters

In what is being described as a "sacred reunion," the Colorado River has once again reached the waters of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). The meeting of the sea and sediment-laden river is the result of a bi-national agreement years in the making.

Study finds half of Greenland's warming due to natural causes

The rapid warming of Greenland's glaciers has been documented for a number of years, but atmospheric scientists at the University of Washington estimate that up to half of the warming in Greenland and other areas may be from natural causes.

TEPCO plan to build 'ice wall' questioned by nuclear authorities

It has been more than three years since the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster, and the facility is still plagued with massive amounts of contaminated water. Repeated leaks and other mishaps have delayed decommissioning the plant.

California salmon start hitching rides to Pacific Ocean

Rio Vista - Millions of young Chinook salmon will be catching rides to the Pacific Ocean this year because a severe drought has left Northern California's extensive river system too dry for them to get there on their own.

Canadian warship adrift in Pacific after engine room fire

A fire originating in the engine room on the Canadian warship HMCS Protecteur has left the vessel adrift in the Pacific Ocean in heavy seas. The ship has no propulsion power and is waiting for a tugboat to arrive from Hawaii.

Link between Pacific Ocean temperatures and tornado locations

Columbia - A researcher at the University of Missouri (MU) has found a link between Pacific Ocean temperatures and the locations where tornadoes occur in the United States.

Preview: Chile documentary shows the wildlife of a long country

A team of adventurous filmmakers has made a documentary that shows the opportunities to see wildlife along Chile, from the arid regions of the Atacama Desert to the Patagonia and Antarctica, and from the high Andes to the Pacific Ocean.

Japanese racing pigeon flies from Hokkaido, Japan, to BC, Canada

Comox - A racing pigeon crossed the Pacific Ocean, flying from Japan to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, a distance of nearly 8,000 kilometers. The pigeon is recovering in Courtenay, BC, and will be assigned to breed long-distance racers.

President Obama continues pivot toward the Pacific

Brunei's Sultan, Hassanai Bolkiah, is shown on Tuesday meeting with Barack Obama at the White House. The President demonstrates his second-term pivot towards the Pacific is real. In October he will attend the ASEAN conference.

Satellite Aquarius shows images of the world's saltiest seas

New research data released by NASA shows a map of ocean salinity changes that are tracked by satellite Aquarius. The project will last three years and this is the first year of data being published.

UPDATE 5:35 a.m.: Tsunami warning issued for South Pacific

A tsunami warning has been issued for areas in the south western portion of the Pacific Ocean after a magnitude 8 earthquake struck near the Solomon Islands.

Fisherman found alive after drifting in Pacific for 106 days

A Kiribati fisherman has been rescued after drifting in the Pacific Ocean for 106 days on a 45-foot wooden boat. The first thing he asked for as he was rescued was a "smoke."

Photo Essay: Summer at Long Beach, Washington Special

Long Beach - While the rest of the United States shows temperatures in the 80s, 90s and 100s, the Pacific Northwest sports temps in the 60s. This, however, does not stop beachgoers at Washington's famed Long Beach.

Video: Great White shark circles fishing boat in Hawaii

Honolulu - A group of fisherman in Hawaii have an amazing story to tell after a day of fishing for marlin five miles off the coast of Yokohama Bay ended with a Great White shark circling their boat for nearly an hour looking for its next meal.

Castaways found and rescued after spending 33 days at sea

Two men, who have been lost for the past 33 days at sea, have been rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard. The two men, who live on the Pacific island of Kiribati, were found 300 miles north of their starting point, coming ashore on Namorik Atoll.

Photo Essay: Summer on the Pacific Ocean Special

The heat wave that is gripping most of the United States hasn't yet made its way to the northwest, including the Washington coast of the largest of all oceans: the Pacific.

Op-Ed: Excess Personal Wealth: Australia and Canada Second and Third?

The Pacific Basin – including China and Japan -- maintains a commanding presence among wealthy individuals/nations with Australia and Canada, following the United States, having the highest proportions of 'high-net-worth-individuals.'

Daiichi’s radioactive leak plugged, plant operator reports

Tokyo - The Daiichi nuclear facility’s troublesome leak of radioactive water into the ocean has been stopped, announced by the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), on Wednesday.

Tainted catch forces halt to fishing in Ibaraki prefecture

Tokyo - Japan's fifth-largest seafood producer, Ibaraki prefecture, has halted fishing operations after tainted fish were discovered south of the catastrophic Daiichi nuclear facility near Fukushima, where radioactive water is being dumped into the Pacific Ocean.

Japan has ‘another burden,’ now dumps radioactive water in ocean

Tokyo - Japanese officials on Monday began dumping massive amounts of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean in order to create space for additional highly radioactively contaminated water, an act the Daiichi nuclear plant operator calls “another burden.”

Teenage boy rescued at sea near Fiji describes his ordeal

Etueni Nasau – one of the three teenage boys who was rescued after 50 days adrift at sea – has spoken about their ordeal.

Plastic debris clogs the North Pacific Gyre, worrying scientists

The North Pacific Gyre - a stretch of ocean 1,000 miles from the California coast - serves as the earth's natural digestion chamber, grinding up terrestrial debris. Scientists now confirm that it is clogged with plastic.

Study Says Acidification of Pacific Ocean’s Continental Shelf Increasing

An international team of scientists surveying the waters of the continental shelf off the West Coast of North America has discovered for the first time high levels of acidified ocean water within 20 miles of the shoreline.

Russian Bomber Buzzes USS Nimitz On Saturday

In a scene that could have come from the movie Top Gun, a Russian bomber buzzed by the USS Nimitz on Saturday. This Pacific Ocean fly-by was only 2,000 feet over the deck of the U.S. aircraft carrier.

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Pacific ocean Image

NASA image of tsunami debris in Pacific Ocean in April 2012.
NASA image of tsunami debris in Pacific Ocean in April 2012.
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
January 2011  California
January 2011, California
Greenery on Pacific Ocean. California. January 2011.
Greenery on Pacific Ocean. California. January 2011.
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
The newly “discovered” volcano is approximately a thousand miles east of Japan  and is called Ta...
The newly “discovered” volcano is approximately a thousand miles east of Japan, and is called Tamu Massif.
James Fenner
My dad and I at the Pacific Ocean near Westport  Washington
My dad and I at the Pacific Ocean near Westport, Washington
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Tsunami warning sign off of the Pacific Ocean
Tsunami warning sign off of the Pacific Ocean
IPRC model tracking the tsunami debris across the Pacific
IPRC model tracking the tsunami debris across the Pacific
Screen Capture
Debris from the 2011 Japan tsunami floats along the Pacific Ocean.
Debris from the 2011 Japan tsunami floats along the Pacific Ocean.
United States Navy
The World War Ii memorial that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
The World War Ii memorial that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
A small island republic located in the vast Pacific Ocean
A small island republic located in the vast Pacific Ocean
Courtesy of
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
The Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain on an Elevation World Map  location of Tamu Masslf.
The Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain on an Elevation World Map, location of Tamu Masslf.
Seattle Skier


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