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Orjan Nilsen discusses new album 'Prism,' Axwell, inspirations Special

Norwegian trance DJ and producer Orjan Nilsen chatted with Digital Journal about his new studio album "Prism," and the digital transformation of electronic music.

Review: Orjan Nilsen will blow you away with 'Prism' album Special

Norwegian trance sensation Orjan Nilsen has released his new electronic album "Prism," via the record label, Armada Music.

U.S. administration refuses information about spying on Americans

Washington - A group of lawmakers from both parties are unhappy that they are being asked to reauthorize two key surveillance programs without the Obama executive branch answering how much data is being gathered on innocent Americans.

Snowden: Govts can monitor users via secret spyware in iPhones

Moscow - Tucked inside the iPhone is secret spyware that lets governments spy on unsuspecting users, Edward Snowden said recently. Snowden's lawyer says this is why the NSA whistleblower doesn't use these phones, which can be remotely activated to watch users.

Op-Ed: ACLU lawsuit enlightens shadowy NSA surveillance justification

Documents received by the American Civil Liberties Union in response to a lawsuit enlighten us to the deceptive language and tortured logic surrounding a secretive Executive Order being used by the NSA to justify illegally spying on every American.

Review: Katy Perry is a revelation in new music video for 'Birthday' Special

Pop mega-star Katy Perry released the music video for her latest single "Birthday" on April 24, via her YouTube channel.

Op-Ed: Google vs. privacy? New Gmail terms say ‘we analyze your emails’

Sydney - Google claimed in a recent court hearing that a case against the company shouldn’t be heard because their terms of use gave implied consent to scanning of emails. The court didn’t agree. Now Google’s put it in writing.

Op-Ed: Batman prophesized NSA spying

Remember that scene in the second Christian Bale Batman movie, “The Dark Knight,” when the vigilante reveals to Lucius Fox a machine capable of accessing every cell phone throughout Gotham city? Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Op-Ed: Enough debate — Is NSA spying constitutional or not?

Anyone who has followed the Snowden revelations or has even the most basic knowledge of the Constitution will find the answer to this question a resounding no.

Seattle police install NSA-worthy spying apparatus

Despite the recent Snowden revelations and the massive response thereof, the Seattle Police Department, in accordance with and funded by the Department of Homeland Security, has seen fit to pepper the city with devices capable of NSA-level spying.

Is Katy Perry’s new CD hazardous to Canadian fans?

While critics may be tripping over themselves reporting on the toxicity of Katy Perry’s latest outing, the jury’s still out over any potential hazards the record may have on fans in Canada.

Op-Ed: The top 10 NSA-PRISM supplier deniers

These are the top 10 supplier denials to PRISM, the secret NSA program responsible for collecting the stored Internet communications of virtually everyone on the planet. The lies are real, and so are the reputations and profits at stake.

Gamers still distrustful of Xbox One privacy policy

Microsoft has released an update of its privacy policy for the Xbox One in hopes to address concerns that the system could be used as a spying tool.

Review: Pop star Katy Perry excels on new studio album 'Prism' Special

Pop mega-star Katy Perry released her latest studio album "Prism" on October 22, via her record label, Capitol Records. She co-wrote all 13 tracks on the album.

The Snowden case: U.S. data and security industries weakened

United - Information security and data warehousing industries in the US are now viewed with suspicion by Europeans. These American companies face billions of dollars in lost contracts.

Browser extension intentionally triggers NSA spying as protest

Civil disobedience takes a new and somewhat lighthearted turn with the introduction of Jeff Lyon’s new browser extension Flagger. The extension intentionally inserts NSA keywords into URL addresses in hopes of triggering false alarms.

Katy Perry's new single 'roars' into the top spot on Billboard

Pop music superstar Katy Perry has finally dethroned Robin Thicke's No. 1 "Blurred Lines" with her latest single "Roar."

Op-Ed: Analyzing the US Black Budget with red herrings

Sydney - New numbers from the Snowden documents indicate that the US is conducting high value cyber operations, including offensive operations. The classification of “offensive” is debatable to a degree which makes this information very interesting indeed.

Review: Katy Perry releases empowering new single 'Roar' Special

On August 12, pop music superstar Katy Perry released her latest radio single “Roar,” via her record label, Capitol Records.

Pop star Katy Perry surpasses Lady Gaga on Twitter

Katy Perry and her fans have an additional reason to be proud. The “California Girls” singer recently surpassed Lady Gaga in Twitter followers and she is now the most followed woman in the world.

Thousands of German protesters demonstrate against NSA program

Thousands of German protesters took to the streets across Germany today to demonstrate against the NSA's massive PRISM surveillance program.

U.S. government won't seek death penalty for Snowden

The U.S. government will not seek the death penalty on Edward Snowden for leaking classified NSA programs according to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Op-Ed: Washington Post slides reveal two types of NSA programs

There has been much discussion recently of the way in which US technology companies, such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft provide data to the NSA. However, a classified slide posted by the Washington Post indicates two streams of data collection.

Maine, Montana, and VoIP — The new frontier of phone privacy?

As fallout from PRISM continues, Maine joined Montana this week in passing a new law that bans warrant-less cell phone record seizures. For callers outside of Maine and Montana, VoIP technology is the last means of call privacy.

Edward Snowden reveals Microsoft collaboration with the NSA

A new series of files provided by Edward Snowden show that Microsoft collaborated closely with the National Security Agency to give the agency access to Microsoft's encrypted data.

French rights groups take NSA to court

Two French rights groups, the International Federation of Human Rights and the French League of Human Rights, have filed a complaint against the NSA's PRISM program in court.

Russia says leaker Edward Snowden accepts Venezuelan asylum

American Edward Snowden, who leaked spying secrets from his country's NSA program, may have found a new home. Believed to be living in the transit zone of a Moscow airport since June 23, a Russian minister's tweet says he'll be leaving for Venezuela.

George Bush defends NSA, PRISM: Obama will deal with Snowden (Vd)

In an interview on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer," former US president George W. Bush spoke in defense of the NSA's PRISM program which began under his administration but was greatly expanded under the administration of President Obama.

Der Spiegel: NSA bugged EU offices, hacked computer networks

The German magazine Der Spiegel is reporting that it has seen "top secret" documents obtained by the former NSA contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden, that show that the NSA spy network targeted European Union offices in Washington and New York.

Op-Ed: The US is a national security, surveillance, and snitch state

Washington - The US is constantly concerned about security so much so that it is sometimes called a national security state. To achieve this security there is pervasive surveillance. Finally to ensure classified information is not leaked snitching is also encouraged.
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National Security Agency headquarters  Fort Meade  Maryland
National Security Agency headquarters, Fort Meade, Maryland
Demonstration against PRISM in Berlin  during US president Barack Obama s visit  organised by the Pi...
Demonstration against PRISM in Berlin, during US president Barack Obama's visit, organised by the Pirate Party - June 19, 2013.
Mike Herbst
This image was released by The Guardian as evidence of the intelligence gathering methods of PRISM. ...
This image was released by The Guardian as evidence of the intelligence gathering methods of PRISM. It's part of a slideshow.
The Guardian
National Security Agency
PRISM slides
PRISM slides
PRISM slides
PRISM slides

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