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Greece: Golden Dawn still in third place in polls

Athens - In spite of a government clamp down on Greece's far-right party Golden Dawn and legal measures to define the party as a criminal organization, the party is still ranking third in political polls.

Greek MPs vote for no further investigation into Lagarde List

Athens - Most excellent news for the Greek elite who engaged in a spot of tax evasion, as MPs voted against any further investigation into the by now infamous Lagarde List.

Poll: Support for Golden Dawn surges to 13.5 percent

Support for Greece's traditional political parties is falling while support for the extreme-left and the far-right is rising. The coalition of the radical left, SYRIZA, now tops the polls with ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn polling third.

Golden Dawn rage, hurl insults, in Greek Parliament (video)

Athens - Golden Dawn MPs disrupted a session of Greek Parliament on Friday as they erupted in rage. The chrysafgites demanded the now infamous "Lagarde List", hurling insults at PASOK's Ioannis Maniatis, shouting "you're thieves and scammers, and you're bums."

Op-Ed: Evangelos Venizelos squirms over PASOK fallout from Lagarde List

Athens - Evangelos Venizelos, the former PASOK Minister of Finance, is in the political spotlight for losing the now infamous "Lagarde List." Squirming and visibly sweating, he deftly deflected criticism, claiming it was "no accident" PASOK was in the hot seat.

'Panic' at Harvard for Papandreou’s ‘Redesigning Europe’ Lectures

Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is about to lead the ‘Redesigning Europe’ study group at Harvard, that has organised a lottery to satisfy the high demand to attend the study group.

Op-Ed: Greek political parties can't manage their own finances

Athens - What hope is there for the Greek economy when the political parties in charge of the nation's finances are incapable of managing their own party funds and are millions of euros in debt.

Council of Europe's human rights body criticizes Greece

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), the human rights body of the Council of Europe, has criticized Greece for failing to tackle racist violence.

Op-Ed: Poll - Greece's Golden Dawn gains support as other parties fall

Athens - A new political poll published in Greece shows that support for each of the main political parties has fallen since the June 17 election. The only party to make a significant gain is Golden Dawn, increasing its share of the vote from 6.92 to 8.6 percent.

Op-Ed: Greek politicians confident a coalition government will be formed

Athens - New Democracy, the pro-bailout party which swept to a narrow victory in Sunday's Greek elections, has said it is confident that a coalition government will be formed on Tuesday.

Greek elections: New Democracy faces challenge to form coalition

Athens - The results of the second Greek election mirror those of the first, with New Democracy taking first place, SYRIZA second and PASOK third. Once again the challenge of forming a coalition government must be met.

Op-Ed: The Greek voting dilemma

Dictated to by the German press and terrorized by the Greek press, voters in Sunday's Greek elections are presented with a ballot offering a no win situation.

Greeks prepare to vote in May 6 elections

The Greek electorate is readying to vote in the May 6 elections, which are unlikely to return one political party to lead a majority government.

Greek elections: Poll shows lack of support for pro-EU parties

As the date of the May 6 Greek elections draw near it is apparent that support for the mainstream parties is at an all time low. A new poll shows that anti-bailout parties could dominate a coalition government.

Op-Ed: Greek parliament votes to give €29 million to political parties

Athens - As Greek taxpayers struggle against the increasing burden of austerity and soaring prices they now have a new bill to finance. Taxpayers will be handing over €29 million to fund political parties in the run up to the May election.

Greece: Opposition leader calls for elections

Athens - Antonis Samara, leader of the Greek opposition party New Democracy, has called for immediate elections in Greece, disregarding Prime Minister George Papandreou's call for a coalition government.

Greeks on the Greek economy Special

Kalamatas - What do Greek people really think about the Greek economy? I interviewed four local Greek men and was surprised that despite their different political views they each agreed the way forward was for Greece to remain in the euro.

Papandreou refuses to resign, drops referendum

Athens - Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has decided not to resign but to ask for a coalition government. Having dropped the idea of a referendum he still has to face a parliamentary vote of confidence on Friday which may result in his downfall.

Objections to new Greek property tax grow

There are growing objections to the hastily announced new property tax announced by the Greek government on Sept. 12. The Athens Bar Association is preparing to raise a legal challenge over the tax.

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