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Oxygen News

New South Wales pumps oxygen into rivers as fish die in heatwave

With a second heatwave sweeping across Australia this week, New South Wales - in the clutches of severe drought - is going to extreme measures after close to a million fish have turned up dead.

Using oxygen to kill pathogenic bacteria

Scientists have turned to an unusual source in order to tackle the problem of pathogenic bacteria – oxygen. This is in relation to MRSA, which is associated with hospital derive infections, in particular.

World's largest dead zone in Gulf of Oman is the size of Florida

Researchers studying a massive "dead zone" in the Arabian Sea now reveal the zone of oxygen-starved waters has now expanded far more than expected, raising serious concerns about the future of local fisheries and ecosystems

'Dead zones' becoming more common as Oceans lose their oxygen

As plastic waste pollutes the oceans and fish stocks decline, unseen below the surface another problem grows - deoxygenation. And it is occurring in both the open ocean and in coastal waters.

Fighting pathogens now involves waking them up

Many pathogenic bacteria are hard to kill because they are resistant to antibiotics. Other bacteria are resistant because they enter into a state of dormancy. Waking microbes up is key to killing them, researchers argue.

Explosions rock U.S. military base near South Korea's capital

Waegwan - No casualties have been reported so far after a series of oxygen tank explosions blew apart buildings at a U.S. military base in South Korea.

Could Mars once have supported life?

Houston - NASA’s Curiosity rover has collected data from Mars that scientists are interpreting as indicating that the red planet once had an oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Doomsday revisited: Will warming deprive us of oxygen?

Paris - Global warming has triggered an array of apocalyptic scenarios for future generations, from worsening drought, storms and floods to melted icesheets and rising seas.

Oyster infection rates increase at night

Oysters that reside in shallow waters around the world are prone to a parasitic disease. This is because nutrient pollution there runs high and oxygen levels invariably plummet to zero at night.

Alien life may exist without conditions like Earth

A group of scientists are proposing that alien life forms may not need conditions similar to Earth to survive and that we should not exclude the possibility of other “exotic” types of life existing in the Universe.

To die on Mars is not an option despite MIT's study

There has been a lot of media attention over the Mars One mission to colonize Mars in 2025 using known and available technology. That very technology may very well prove to be the undoing of the project.

Researchers: New crystalline material absorbs, stores oxygen

Odense - Danish researchers have developed a synthesized crystalline materials capable of absorbing, storing and later releasing oxygen whenever needed.

Man dies after e-cigarette 'explodes' due to 'unbranded' charger

Ringwood - According to reports from firefighters a 62-year-old man was attempting to charge an e-cigarette when it exploded, igniting some nearby oxygen equipment

Urban Algae Canopy produces a forest's worth of oxygen

London - A London based architecture firm is combining algae with their buildings to produce more oxygen. It is a combination of architecture, biology, and technology that will be unveiled at Expo 2015.

Tissue engineering helps fix damaged hearts

Engineering new heart tissue in the laboratory that could eventually be implanted into patients could help patients to recover from heart attacks, a new report suggests.

Staten Island smoker dies when cigarette ignites oxygen tank

Staten Island - On Sunday afternoon, a man in Staten Island suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease burned to death in his home when his cigarette lit his oxygen tank on fire.

Review: Country singer Shanna Henderson releases new single 'A Well' Special

Country music songstress Shanna Henderson released her newest single "A Well" on all digital outlets this week. She appeared on the Oxygen series "The Glee Project 2," which is the reality companion to the television series "Glee."

'Extremely Large Telescopes' could detect oxygen on exoplanets

New telescopes such as the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) soon to come into use will be able to hunt for life by determining whether the atmospheres of small terrestrial exoplanets contain oxygen or other biomarker gases.

Scientific breakthrough helps people live without breathing

Boston - It sounds like science fiction or magic, like when Harry Potter discovered he could breathe underwater with Gillyweed. But now scientists have developed microparticles injected into the bloodstream that can keep a person alive without breathing.

Op-Ed: Rising heat affects homeless in Baker City Special

Baker City - On the evening of July 2, as I was walking behind the Baker County Public Library in Baker City, Oregon, I noticed a police officer talking to two homeless men who were sitting on the grass in Geiser-Pollman Park.

Daring Dachshund becomes world's first scuba diving K-9

Vladivostok - A Russian diving enthusiast has developed a scuba-diving dry suit complete with helmet, breathing mask and oxygen source for his K-9 companion Boniface, the daring diving dachshund. The first experimental dive was declared a success.

Over 326 lbs lighter, Ruben & his Dance Your Ass Off pals reunite Special

After ten long weeks of dancing, exercising & eating less, Ruben ended up richer, thinner & the winner. Now, creator/judge Lisa Ann Walter join the Dance Your Ass Off! contestants as they show off their hot, trimmer bods in a jaw-dropping Reunion Show.

Oxygen Depletion: A New Form of Ocean Habitat Loss

Scientists confirm computer model predictions that oxygen-depleted zones in tropical oceans are expanding, possibly because of climate change

Where did all the oxygen go?

It has long been assumed that oxygen-producing cyanobacteria were responsible for the appearance of oxygen in the earth's atmosphere. If that theory is correct, then how is it possible that they appeared at least 200 million years before the oxygen?

Are Oxygen Bars Key to a Sharp Mind and Physical Stamina?

Resorts, spas, and kiosks in the mall are profiting from the popularity of oxygen-on-demand, but is all the hype really a bunch of hot air?

Somtimes, All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe And The Ball

At one of the world's highest stadiums, even the best teams feel faint

Brand new substance created from water

Water can do alot of interesting things and now here's another...

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Oxygen Image

From the diagram  it is easy to see the complicated systems needed to reprocess everything  from car...
From the diagram, it is easy to see the complicated systems needed to reprocess everything, from carbon dioxide, to oxygen and even urine.
Thorn the bearded dragon revived with oxygen after being rescued from fire
Thorn the bearded dragon revived with oxygen after being rescued from fire
Simple chart showing the carbon cycle on earth.
Simple chart showing the carbon cycle on earth.

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